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(HEEL, FACE & TWEENER) # - Indicates that a bio has been done and has been posted in the Bio thread.

#Darius - Vandarius
#Usain Kingston - Shaz
#Orion Slayde - Zero
#Israel Pamich - CricketTragic
#Vince Omega - OMB
#Jack Phoenix - CG Bigman
#Tommy Thunder - Tommy Thunder
#Mike Muir - EHC (Yet to debut)
#Alixx Gates - Krysys (Yet to debut)
#Kyojin- No_1eddiefan
Jman- Jman (Yet to debut)

#Shaz - Shaz

#Andre Lamar - THBK
#The Hardcore King - CG Bigman
#Hayden Coel - Samders
#N. Swisher - Chunky
#Nate Washington - Tai Knight
#Torture - Grind_Bastard
#Mike Hawk - WF
#Corwin Bane - TTE
Mr. Smyth - BennyTheBall

Tag Teams/Factions:

#Two of a Kind (Kid Wonder & Paul Conrad) - CricketTragic
#Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - G.G.G
#The Knights (Gillz - Leader. Jason Cade & Cable) - CG Bigman
#The Empire (Nate Washington - Leader, TJ Bell & Clay) - Tai Knight
Ano Doom & Graves (Yet to debut as a team)
World Class Club (N - Leader. Ken Brandon & Scott Nash) - Chunkynutzz

Mike Muir, April Snow & Sasha Panzer - Friends & Couple (Snow & Muir)
Alixx Gates & Emma Sage - Married.

April Snow - EHC (Mike Muir)
Freya Rayne - AshleyPunk (Doom & Graves)

Women Wrestlers:
#Akira Tajiri - THBK
#Skylar Knox - Zero
#Rain - Tai Knight
#April Snow - EHC (Yet to debut)
#Sasha Panzer - EHC (Yet to debut)
#Emma Sage/Sage-Gates - Krysys (Yet to debut)
#Te'Yanna - Shaz (Yet to debut)
#Juno Mercury - Ashley Punk (Yet to debut)

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