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1disORDER - Show Script Empty disORDER - Show Script on Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:08 pm

No talking in here- Use the future plans & idea's thread for discussion of disORDER. This will be used to showcase the script. It will be changed and edited weekly as the shows go on.


N & Tommy Thunder Segment- N brags about defeating Tommy Thunder, only for Tommy to come out and reveal that after having words with Dave Ryan- their real match will take place at Retaliation! Stipulation of N being fired if he screws about?


Commentary segment.

Match 1. Jack Phoenix vs. Graves- Graves is out for the match, but Jack Phoenix isn't. Phoenix's music hits twice- but he's nowhere to be seen. Olivia Curtis announces that due to the brutal attack Pheonix took last week- he isn't fit enough to compete in the tournament- therefore, he's been stripped out of his spot. His replacement? Andre Lamar. The match goes on- but that's until Phoenix comes out to a big pop. Phoenix comes out with a mic- and talks about how he never lost his spot, and he isn't leaving until he's put into this match. Ryan comes out this time- and restarts the match, but this time- it'll be a Triple Threat. The match finishes with Phoenix & Lamar draping a hand over Graves.

This leads to some confusion over who won- but it's announced by Olivia Curtis that Phoenix & Lamar have both advanced to the finals!

Backstage segment: Alixx Gates is with Emma Gates. Alixx is asked about his huge win over The Hardcore King, and the fact that he advanced to the Semis. He's also asked about his match against Israel Pamich. Alixx vows to beat Israel tonight to advance to the finals.


Graves is making his way backstage and he's flipping out. He then enters his locker room and there's another note there, saying again, "I can help.. Call me." He makes the call.

Commentary segment.

Match 2. Hardcore King vs. Nate Washington

After this- The Knights & The Empire will have their long awaited brawl.

Emily Rose segment backstage with all the Women. She announces that at Retaliation- there will be a Womens Battle Royal to determine the NEW Womens Champion! She says that the title will be presented at Retaliation. She announces that she has signed April Snow to a contract- and she has also signed another diva who will debut at the PPV.


Backstage Segment: Israel Pamich cuts a promo talking about Alixx Gates- and how he made an impact on his debut against The Hardcore King- but that will not change the fact that Israel will defeat him to advance to the finals.

Commentary segment.

Match 3. Akira, Sasha & Gates vs Knox, Rain & Lilleth

After the match, there's a huge womens brawl- with divas eliminating each other, but it's Lilleth who stands tall. After this, she cuts a promo talking about how she's going to win the Womens battle royal and become the FIRST womens champion.


Match 4. Alixx Gates vs. Israel Pamich- Best promo decides who will win.

Backstage segment with Hayden Coel & Vince Omega. Omega talks about how the match is official for Retaliation- and he's going to put an end to the troubles that Coel has put him through. Coel interrupts- and reminds Omega that this is only the beginning. He tells Omega to keep his eye out on the main event, because he teams up with Torture- and what he does to Extremely Lethal is only a dose of what he does to Omega. At Retaliation- he won't beat Omega, he'll destroy him.


Mr. Torture Promo- talking about how we are only a week away from seeing the End of The Lone Wolf. He also talks about how he'll be teaming up with Hayden Coel to take on Extremely Lethal.

Match 5. Mr. Torture & Hayden Coel vs. Extremely Lethal- Extremely Lethal win after Vince Omega distracts Coel leading to EL picking up the win.

After the match, Shaz comes out- and he attacks Torture from behind. He grabs a mic- and replies to Torture's promo earlier on. He vows to take the WHC away from Torture.


Kyojin & Darius Contract Signing- their first ever showdown in PWR. This segment ends in a stareoff.

Each Segment will be color coded to establish who writes each Segment or Match.
THBK - Red
ZERO - Blue
SHAZ - Green

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2disORDER - Show Script Empty Re: disORDER - Show Script on Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:04 pm



Graves/ The Hardcore King and Mike Hawk opener. Graves promo can rely on him being the wildcard in the tourney and how everyone is looking down on him but when he wins tonight he will secure his place in the Chamber and bring the crazy to PWR when he becomes champion. HK interrupts saying it' been proven Graves is a joke and the King of PWR wi enter the Chamber to claim his rightful prize, the PWR WHC. Cue Hawk who'll say last week he proved he's still in this race and will go on to win in the EC after he wins.

Triple threat. HK and Hawk win off a pinfall submission scenario involving Graves

Backstage segment with Ryan and The Knights and The Empire. Confirming their match at NE before saying they will have to put those differences aside because they would team up to face TOAK vs EL in an 8 man tag match later tonight.

Knox vignette

Phoenix is backstage chilling with Usain who tries to convince to some weed before Dre enters the scene and says he didn't expect anything less from Usain. Rather than prepare to face him he wastes time and smokes weed and even worse tries to get others to be like him causing Phoenix to leave since he doesn't want to be involved. Usain can reply and finish smoking weed in Dre's face leading to a brawl between them.

TOAK/EL pre match promo. Talk about they look to win because they can actually trust each other vs their opponents and so on.

8 man tag match. TOAK/EL vs Empire/Knights. Winner TBD

Coel vignette

Darius and T promo talking about teaming against Punk and Slayde

Darius and T vs Punk and Slayde. Darius and T win.

Akira vignette

Punk and Slayde backstage blaming each other for the loss before Ryan tells them about the Last Chance F4W at

Eclipse pre match promo. Eclipse talks about how he might have lost to Orion Slayde- but this isn't going to stop him from stealing the points tonight. He trashes Shaz.

Main Event. Shaz v Eclipse. Shaz wins.

Shaz victory promo. Shaz will call out the winners of the night and say they dont matter cause The Lone Wolf will be the PWR WHC. The rest of the guys that qualified can head to the ring to brawl with Shaz because of his words.

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