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Scars & Stripes 2015

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1Scars & Stripes 2015  Empty Scars & Stripes 2015 on Wed Apr 29, 2015 6:46 am

Right, so after Retaliation is finished, Scars & Stripes will follow. So, this thread will be used to plan idea's for the show.


Start with the basics, if this is going to be used as 1 of the big 4 shows for us, we should make it as a special as we possibly can. So, first, let's decide where it will take place. As it will be American/GAB themed, I'm thinking somewhere that really screams America, maybe Washington DC?

Verizon Center, Washington DC - 15000 to 20000
Patriot Center, Washington DC - 5000 to 10000

Other options:

American Airlines Center, Texas - 10000 to 19000
Allstate Arena, Illinois - 16000 to 18000
XL Center, Connecticut - 10000 to 16000

Next up, we need a theme. I'm thinking it may make sense to go with a live performance of the American anthem?


Possible matches & idea's:

So we know a couple of matches that are 100% locked. They are:

Shaz vs Jman - (I was thinking about what you said, with Jman appearing at the end of the show. I think we could make this work that way. Here's an idea, if we do go with the Beat the Clock challenge and Shaz is not included, this could lead to more frustration after a close fought battle between him and Torture at Retaliation. I'm thinking the talk could be of how well Shaz done and how unlucky he was. End of the show then, Shaz comes out to a good cheer from the crowd for respect of his performance. Then Shaz will go nuts, maybe saying how he does not need there applause or them and in fact, he won there respect at No Escape and Retaliation and what's it done? Nothing, he's lost twice. Maybe even blame them and say it's time the baddest Mo'fo returned and then go all out on the Philly crowd, running them down when there Hero, Jman, will return.)

Kyojin vs Darius - (This is already set, but I've got to say, I'm not sure about the idea of having Kyo win twice in a row, I feel like the traditional 1-1 and final decider would have worked fine. However, I guess the foot under the rope thing works and if that's what they want to do, then okay.)

Now the potential matches:

Torture World Title Match - (Okay, so we have spoke about this and sadly with a few big names tied up and others not yet ready to challenge.. It seems a Beat the Clock challenge is the best idea to go with as you said. So, who could win the challenge. I'd go with.. Hayden Coel, N', Thunder or Mike Muir - It's a hard choice because I have doubts with all four but realistically, there the four that stand out too me. Here's why, Hayden and N' will be coming off two big wins and have perhaps been the most impressive from the new crop of people. While Tommy and Muir are the remaining big names and can be relied upon to deliver, hard choice though.)

Women's Title Match - (It's hard to plan this as we don't even know who's yet going to win. I think the hottest feud would be too put the new champ, against the returning challenger in Juno. However, if the Champ to retain, that would be huge, winning the Battle Royal and then beating Juno. A possibility here, could be to have the Champ, drop the title, Juno continues her reign as the top Women, then when she's beating, it's huge for the next person - I would only go this route if Tey or Akira was going to win the BR, or, the former Champ was going to win back the title down the line from Juno.)

BO Title Match - (So assuming we are going with Pamich, I would either go with him facing Jack Phoenix, makes sense with them being the last 2/3 in the final match or the other option, maybe going with a multiple man match so we keep others involved and really highlight the division. People like Alixx Gates, Omega, Mike Muir, Hayden Coel and so on.)

Tag Team Title Match - (Again, assuming we are going to introduce the titles soon, my choice would be to go with a three way tag feud between Extremely Lethal, Graves & Doom and Two of a Kind.)

Usain vs Lamar - (This makes sense really, continuation of the feud that's been built well. Continue with the antics from Usain and maybe end it with this match, being the chance for Usain to win back his PWR Contract?)

Akira vs Te'yanna - (I think it's cool we get the chance too finally do this feud. It will be a good light on the Women's division aside from the Women's title Match. I maybe think this could work best as a TV feud, if even at first, then taking it too the next PPv, possibly.)

Empire vs Knights - (This could indeed go again, I can't help but feel it's been overshadowed and perhaps people have lost a little interest in the feud. However, it could work once more if we wanted to go down that route, just need to freshen it up a little perhaps.)

KJ's Return - (I've spoke with KJ, he said he would like to remain Face and then turn down the line. So, I'm not really sure what to suggest, the "test promo" seemed to indicate a heel too me, someone who kept mentioning time.. So I suggested maybe having him work with Tommy, perhaps claiming that Tommy's time is up, having lost to N' and then going from there as a Heel. As for Face, I suggested maybe having him become a Sting like Vigilante character, in which case I proposed him maybe taking aim at the darker characters in fed, someone like Hayden Coel for his actions with Omega. What do you think?)

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2Scars & Stripes 2015  Empty Re: Scars & Stripes 2015 on Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:43 am


Firstly, I'm happy with Stars & Stripes taking place in Washington. I think the Patriot Center works as a location.

As for a theme- I can't think of anything to be honest mate. I think the national anthem works as well, simple but effective.

So firstly- the Shaz & Jman thing. I really like that bro. Me & Jman were discussing like way back when the feud was originally meant to start, and we agreed on how in that same segment- Jman should challenge Shaz to a match on the spot in his reply- and instead of Shaz bailing, he takes off his jacket- and the two men look set for action as the fans are going absolutely nuts, but Dave Ryan interrupts- and says that because this is a marquee match, he'll make it for the PPV.

As for Torture- I'm cool with the idea of Thunder, N & Coel being in there- but I'm not too sure about Muir. I think EHC's quality, but Muir's only just debuted. I think we may need to though, as I can't really think of anybody else.. apart from THK.

As for the Womens- I'm trying to think long term, and now that you've said that.. I'm having mixed feelings about this Womens match. I'm not too keen on having somebody win the title, and drop it straight away. BUT- I do like the idea of Juno winning- and then going nuts on the division Brock Lesnar style- and then the women who wins from her, as you said will be huge. I've gone over it a little, and I think Juno should maybe debut and win the title?

Pamich vs. Phoenix is a good idea- Phoenix has a decent reason for wanting to be in this match too, as he isn't the man who was pinned.

KJ feuding with Tommy Thunder sounds like a decent idea- but I too think that KJ's gimmick works best as a heel. I'm not too keen on having KJ compete for the world title- but we could have him return as a face, challenge Torture for the title- and then have him lose, leading to his heel turn.
Kinda like what we had planned for Hawk, but different alignments.

I do as well think that Empire vs. Knights will have lost it's steam by the second match- and I think that the only way we could do a third match with people being interested, is if we put the tag team
titles in the mix.

Usain & Lamar sounds cool, Akira/Te sounds cool too. I'm fine with the 3 way dance for the tag team titles.

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