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Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:

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1Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Tue Jan 27, 2015 7:56 am

So, "No Escape" is done and I think we all did well, it's looks to be a good show. Now, our attention will turn to..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  10934170_10205908089961050_1255422378_n

So this thread will be used to jot down some idea's and plans for the next PPv.


So let's start with the basic's, that being a place where "Retaliation" will take place. We have disORDER (NY) & No Escape (Philly) so here's some options:

Hara Arena, Dayton Ohio - Holds about 7000
Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada - 5000 to 9500(Max)
Prospera Place, British Columbia, Canada - 6000 - 8000(Max)
SunDome, Tampa, Florida - Holds about 1000
Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, California - 1000(Max)

Next up, we need a theme. Any idea's, should we continue with a live performance?


Possible Matches & Idea's:

The Empire vs the Knights - I think this makes sense and it's something we have all talked about. With THK now being out of the title picture, for the time being at least, I think going with the 3 on 3 and making it about a "turf war" is a good way to go. Unless Tai' impresses, I would go with The Knights winning this match as it suits the "Retaliation" theme. Could go with a stip on this one, maybe street fight? Have it an elimination match too possibly.

Women's Match - Not sure what the plan will be, but assuming some kind of match will take place, there's many ways we can go about this. I was thinking possible multiple Women's match, maybe even a Battle Royal- With the Title on the line? I had an idea that the winner would be standing there, celebrating, then.. debut of Juno, shows up on the stage, possibly with the Bombshell Title still around her waist. Follow it up in the coming weeks with how Juno represented the best of the Women's wrestlers around the world and the title she has.. Proves it. Then go with Champion vs Champion, who's the best kind of idea.

Vince Omega vs Hayden Coel - Again, makes sense. Go with the build where Hayden dislikes how he's never been accepted for who he is.. Always been teased and bullied, he's suffered because of his sexuality and yet a man with one leg, is accepted and welcomed. Have Coel come across really dark, gritty and jealous while Omega will be the hero, battling the odds. Winner who impresses more, I'm thinking.

World Title Match: Torture vs ?? - So this is open from what I understand, I know we have mentioned Slayde, but nothing is certain, right? As I see it, I think Slayde could be an option. It seems to me like a good first defense match with Torture retaining the title.

Hawk vs Shaz - Again, we have mentioned this and it's being built already with what happened before and inside the Chamber match. I think this could be a great, great feud if both men are on there game. Winner, who impresses more I would say.

Kyojin vs Darius - As we all agree, this feud would be awesome. It should and likely will make Vand bring his A game, knowing Eddie will 100% bring his for sure. Go with the idea that Eddie suggested, using the IWA history and the match is set. Likely best of three feud with Darius going over unless Kyo deserves it and does not leave for a short time (legends contract).

Usain Kingston vs Andre Lamar/Midcard match/Title Match - This one, I'm not sure about. I can't remember what me and Shaz decided would be best either. We all know the story behind this, so it's already set in motion, just depends on for how long we wish to drag it out, really. Could even tie this in with another mid card feud or possible introduction of the IC title. Have Lamar look like he's about to win when the anti-hero comes out, causes the distraction and leads to Andre losing. Then go with Usain/Lamar at the next PPv perhaps.

Tommy Thunder vs ?? - It's weird but too me, no feud stands out right away or is available for Thunder. The only one that makes sense right away would be, to continue the feud with N'. I'm thinking N' could come out on disORDER, bragging how not even Tommy Thunder could beat him, by pin. Basically play up his World Class beater gimmick with Tommy responding and eventually a match will be made, where Tommy will this time beat N' before he moves on. Could even have N' mock Tommy by facing Lenny Lightning(I'm sure that was a character, right?) calling him Tommy and acting like he's defeated him. Or, Possibly have N' beat other "Names" within feddin' and go with this World Class Talent Killer gimmick, leading to the match with Tommy.


So, yeah, there's a couple of idea's I thought about. Obviously there's more then Five matches there, so they all won't happen and hopefully it inspires healthy competition from people.

Thoughts? Smile Any idea's of your own, lads?

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2Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:02 am


Knights vs Empire; 3 vs 3; Elimination is the way I'd go.

Womens title being introduced is fine as long as we see the debut of the other women (minus Juno) in the upcoming weeks to the PPV. Would be a good way to expose female talents to the readers and have their input along with our impressions as to who might deserve to be the first Womens champ.

Coel/Omega is fine. PPV worthy? Not sure. We built Omega up this time since it benefited the debut of Coel in a big stage. However I think they need to prove promo wise they deserve their feud on a PPV.omb still needs work promo and aside from video we've yet to really see what Samders can do.

Slayde can work but it interferes in the Eclipse feud. Though with Darius feuding with Kyo and Hawk with Shaz, we are lacking Main Event faces so I see why Slayde would seem as the best option. Maybe Ecilpse meddle in Slayde's affairs. Getting inside his head (something rare for a character like Orion) so he is not on his A game when facing T and loses would be the best way I can think of tying the Eclipse feud with Slayde challenging T. Perhaps even include Eclipse to make it a triple threat?

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3Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Tue Jan 27, 2015 9:10 am


Cool. Agree with whoever impresses more being the winner. If both prove to be on even ground up to PPV extending the feud could be an option.

I think after NE we could introduce the IC title. I think a small 8 man tourney could be done with Lamar going to the finals vs another midcard star. Usain could be on the PPV as a fan and provide to be enough of a distraction to cost Lamar the title?

The idea of Thunder vs N continuing is not as bad as it sounds. Given the events of NE I can see this working but only for a month. 2 tops. Keeping Tommy away from feuding with other stars that long would be bad for his characters and the fed as a whole.

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4Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:07 am


1. Torture over Shaz.

2. Kyo over Darius.

3. Judging from promos, I've gotta say Coel over Omega.

4. THK & Knights/Empire

I think THK & The Knights have been better than The Empire- but if Jack Phoenix manages to cut the best promo in the podium segment, should we give the nod to The Empire?

5.Womens Battle Royal- Options:

Best promo decides the winner, with a victory promo.

One of us will win- if the others don't step up.

Juno debuts, and wins the title.

6. Best promo decides winner of BO tournament match.

7. Tommy Thunder & N- Options:

N winning- star is created, Thunder has nothing to lose.

'The way the feud has clicked with the fans, I would extend to Scars and Stripes. N can bitch about Tommy thinking he's World Class by beating him but it was a fluke and so on and challenges him (in a turn of events) to a match where we can now have Tommy refuse and N use Lenny Lightning to get under his skin.'

'Unless we have Tommy with some controversy. Lie a 3 count with N's foot on the rope, would give Tommy the win but N can say Tommy still neve really beat him and the two say this charade of who's World Class has to end and what better place than their next PPV.'

'That Scars and Stripes match would have to be the feud ender though. One big bang. Winner
takes it all. Maybe even a shot at the BO or World title.'

'I would do a match that let no room for controversy or ways for N to cheat. My pick is an Last Man Standing Match. No pins. No submission, countouts or DQ's. You have to beat your opponent so bad he cannot answer a 10 count. If N beats Thunder in that match no one will question N is a star. If we feel Tommy deserves the W more he at least gets to take down in a huge way.'

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5Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Thu Apr 30, 2015 6:38 pm


Retaliation (Location - Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Voice Intro - (Hyping up Retaliation)

Intro - (Live performance of the National anthem from Olivia Curtis. Show welcome and run down of the Retaliation card)

Match One: The Knights vs The Empire - Three on Three Elimination Match (Knights win when THK gets the final pinfall by pinning Nate)

Tommy Thunder Promo - (Tommy will be interviewed backstage. Will be asked on his thoughts tonight of finally being able to get his hands on N' and shut him up, knowing that he won't be able to run away because of the Bull Rope. Tommy will be asked about what happened on disORDER, him being mocked via Lenny Lightening and if N's mind games have got too him. Tommy will say no, then will claim the games stop tonight when he beats him.)

Commentary Segment - (Play up the win from the Knights, talk how they indeed got Retaliation after there loss at No Escape, by winning tonight. Hype up the match to come later on, from Tommy and N. Introduce the next match.)

Match Two: Vince Omega vs Hayden Coel - Singles Match. (Hayden wins clean.)

Backstage Lamar Segment - (Andre will be shown leaving GM- Dave Ryan's office with a smile on his face. Hinting that he will receive help in his BO Title match?)

& (The camera will then switch)

Backstage N' Segment - (N' will be shown, Bull Rope in hand, seemingly making plans with his goons, the World Class Club, Brandon and Nash. N' will then see the camera and tell them to leave.)

Commentary Segment - (Speculation on both Andre and N' reasons for there respective segments. Accuse of making plans of underhanded tactics. Hype up the next match)

Match Three: Jack Phoenix vs Andre Lamar vs Israel Pamich - BreakOut Title, Triple Threat Match. (Israel wins. The finish comes where Lamar is outside the ring- and Phoenix goes for a Suicide Dive- but Lamar moves out of the way as he hits the ground- leading to a Curb Stomp from Lamar. This leads to Lamar taunting the crowd, and he taunts a fan in a Jamaican mask. This causes the man to take off his mask, and reveal that he's Usain- and he attacks Lamar leading to a brawl between the two men but it's broken up when Usain is escorted out. Lamar heads back to the ring- he wrestles Pamich for a bit, and Pamich will finally get the win.)

Commentary Segment - (Hype up Israel winning the BO Title. Team will talk up the surprise of Usain Kingston returning and costing Andre the match. Pope will be furious saying he shouldn't be here, he's been fired, while Nikki will play up that he's a paying member, he has a ticket and how the crowd popped hard to see Usain return and cost Andre. Both will then say there being told there's a commotion going on backstage and where about to go there live)

Usain & Ryan Backstage Segment - (Usain will be shown being escorted out of the building by orders of David Ryan. Usain will once again show he has a ticket. Ryan will rip it up, continue to bark orders at his security team. Usain will then speak back, cutting a short promo- basically telling Ryan that he told him so. Usain is then escorted out of the building.)

& (Camera will again switch)

Darius Interview Promo - (Darius will be interviewed by Gavin Williams. He will be asked on his thoughts for his huge match tonight against Kyojin. Gavin will say how this is a dream match, yet what does Darius think of the talk that Darius is not in the same league as Kyojin and that it took for the legend to challenge him, to bring some fight back to Darius. Darius will then answer how you feels right, before stating that while this is a dream match, it's more too him then that.. This is personal, it's time too see who's the better.)

Match Four: N 'w/World Class Club vs Tommy Thunder - Texas Bull Rope Match. (N' will win. N' will throw everything at Tommy, including his goons getting involved. Tommy will keep battling but eventually fall to defeat from Nolan Swisher)

Commentary Segment - (Pope will lead the celebrations, saying how it's a massive win for N and he's said all along how he would beat Tommy and no one would listen. Foster will say how Tommy battled against the odds but in the end, N won. Pope will say how this night will be for ever remembered as N became a star, the Greatest of all time.)

Scars & Stripes Segment - (Poster reveal and hype for the next PPv.)

Kyojin Interview Promo - (Kyo will too be interviewed by Gavin Williams and asked about his match tonight with Darius. Kyo will be asked if he's feeling the pressure of returning to action in such a high profile match, a dream match. Kyo will also be asked on his thoughts that Darius was lacking fire and passion before he came and challenged him. He will be asked if he's worried that he might have lit a fire that he can't put out tonight.)

Match Four: Women's Battle Royal - Women's Title Match. (Couple things to consider for this match.. if we go with a Te/Gates feud- we have Gates shockingly eliminate Te, and then Te eliminates Gates later on. Another thing would be- to maybe have Lillith or Rain dominate by getting most eliminations. Could also have everybody- eliminate Lillith, like in WWE with Big Show. Either way though, Akira gets the win in a moment that's hyped up as very feel good and deserved.)

Akira Promo Segment - (Maybe have Gavin Williams join Akira in the ring- congralate her? Akira talks about how this is the greatest night of her life. She's had all her struggles leading up to this title- and they've finally payed off as tonight- she not only cements herself as the face of the PWR womens division- but as PWR's women champion! Anything else Akira wants to talk about, and the promo will be ended with the words.. "This shows that I am the Women to beat and I welcome all competition.." Akira drops the mic, soaks in the applause a little more, until...)

Juno Mercury Promo - (Huge pop as Juno will debut. Juno will talk about the winner and her promo. She will say that while that Women's title may suggest she's the best in the company, everyone knows that there's only one true best in the world and that's the female superstar of the year, Juno Mercury. Juno will say that it's good that ?? welcomes competition, because you are looking at PWR newest signing and she's coming for that title. Juno & Akira stare at each other from the stage & ring respectivly, and the fans are going absolutely ape-shit!)

Commentary Segment - (Hype up the debut of Juno and the promo exchange from the new Champ and Juno. Hype up the next match that's too come.. The dream match between Kyojin and Darius.)

Match Five: Kyojin vs Darius - Dream Match. (Kyo will win after an epic match. After the match, Kyo shakes Darius' hands as the fans cheer very loudly. Kyo leaves Darius in the ring so Darius can soak in the applause- as he does so.. however- he slides out of the ring, and begins to panic a little bit in disbelief that he lost. Make it a huge deal on commentary- how THIS could possibly be the start of Darius getting more unstable.)

Torture Promo - (Torture will be shown backstage. He will talk about his first official title defense and his feud with Shaz thus far. He will say that Shaz has been fighting through the pain but that tonight, the pain will be too much.. It will be.. Torture. Torture vows to end the fighting spirit of Shaz with a victory tonight.)

Commentary Segment - (Run down of the show thus far, saying how good it's been with the various surprises and victory's. The team will then talk about the Torture promo before hyping up the World Title ME too come. They will announce that Gavin is standing by alongside the challenger, Shaz.)

Shaz Interview Promo - (Shaz will reflect on the words of Torture. He will say how everyone seems to be expecting him too come here tonight and roll over because of the minor injury he's carrying. Shaz will say it's not going to happen, he's been fighting all his life and he's not stopping now. He will say he's going there to take Torture's title and become PWR World Champion.)

Main Event: Torture vs Shaz - World Title Match. (Another epic match. Torture focuses on Shaz' ribs a lot. Torture will win. Shaz will come close, having battled through the pain barrier. Show will end with Torture standing tall in the ring with his title. Hype up on commentary how Shaz put up a great fight, but it was Torture who came out on top.)

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6Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Fri May 01, 2015 7:56 pm


Pope: So not only do we have a NEW Womens Champion in Akira Tajiri- but we had another huge moment as Juno Mercury debuted in the PWR! Does this mean that Juno was behind the mystery vignettes?

Foster: I'm not entirely sure, as she didn't exactly confirm it- but if it is Juno, I'm sure she will mention it. But on another note, did you hear the fans going crazy for the exchange between the two women? It was absolutely great!

Pope: I don't think I've ever heard those wretched people scream loudly for the Women in a while! Forget about the divas, forget about the Knockouts- the real cream of the crop, is OUR PWR Womens division! This is the kind of injection that the division needs- and if this exchange between the two, leads to an Akira vs. Juno match for the title in the future? You can bet that tickets will be sold!

Foster: Moving on, we have another match- that is one of the most anticipated matches on our PPV. It isn't just a normal match.. no.. this is what you call a DREAM match. We have 'The Reaper' Darius taking on Kyojin!

Pope: As much as I dislike these two men- even I can't deny that this feud has had me hooked from the start. This rivalry is as personal as it gets, and the history dates back all the way to 2012 during the ICW days. It has been based on two things- as Kyojin called out Darius for not having that fire, for being a shell of his former self. Kyojin has wanted to bring back that spark, and  Darius has wanted to get revenge for Kyo's harsh words! This should be a match for the ages.

Foster: There is so much bad blood between the two- and they are both ticking time bombs, waiting to explode. Ladies and gentleman, Darius will take on Kyojin- and that match is up next!

The cameras cut to the ring as we see Olivia Curtis with a mic.

Curtis: The following contest is scheduled for one fall- and it is a Dream Match! Introducing first, from Saratoga Springs, New York.. Darius!

The entire arena erupts as Darius' music blasts on the PA system! You can hear a mixed reaction with Darius fans making their voices heard- but at the same time, the ones who aren't rooting for Darius aren't afraid of making noise either. Darius finally comes out, and everybody is fired up- including The Reaper himself! He makes his way to the ring, and he looks set for action.

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  WWE-Edge-Entrance-Photo

Pope: Darius looks absolutely fired up- and everybody is going mental. I've got a feeling that while we're going to see a great wrestling match, things aren't going to be so pretty.

Foster: This is the first time that the two men wrestle each other in singles action- as every match they have been in, it's always been with more than two men. They finally get each other to themselves!

Curtis: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois.. Kyojin!

Kyojin's music blasts as everybody goes insane once again! The reaction is the same as Darius'- except that the Kyojin fans are cheering Kyojin as expected, with the Darius fans booing Kyojin as intensely as they can. Kyojin makes his way to the ring- eyeing Darius as he eventually gets in.

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  C090b4d3ed78ba1a6f161d6a6885fbc3

Pope: Just look at Kyojin's eyes. This doesn't look like the face of somebody who's taking this lightly, you can tell that Kyojin knows what he got himself into- and he looks ready to take Darius out.

Foster: And despite the fact that everybody else is loud, both Kyojin & Darius seem very silent- but I think this is due to the fact that they are more focused then they have ever been. This is going to tear the house down!

The camera cuts to the ring- as we have Kyojin on one side, and Darius on the other. Kyojin & Darius look at each other, and the two men begin to go face to face as the fans are going insane!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  WM28_Photo_334

Pope: The atmosphere is astonishing!

The fans begin a chorus of chants for each men as this is as intense as it gets!

Let's go Kyo!
Let's go Darius!
Let's go Kyo!
Let's go Darius!

The two men look set to beat each other up before the match has even begun, but the referee manages to split them up as he gets into the middle, and he calls for the bell- as the bell finally rings, and the match is ON!

Match 6. Dream Match: Kyojin vs. Darius
Skip at 9:32
Kyo/Kenta & Darius/Bryan

Darius has Kyo on the ground, and he begins to kick him down as Kyo begins to scream in pain- but Darius doesn't seem to care, as he doesn't hold back. He picks Kyo up, before going for an Irish Whip as Kyo is thrown to the apron. Kyo bounces off the apron, and runs back to Darius, and Darius goes to kick him in the gut..

Kyo grabs hold of Darius' as Kyo has a 'oh no you don't' look on his face with the fans screaming 'oooohhhh!' This leads to Kyo dropping Darius' leg, before nailing a shocked Darius with a Roundhouse Kick of his own as the vicious move sends Darius straight to the ground!

Darius grabs the ropes for leverage to pick himself back up- but Kyo isn't having any of it! He grabs a handful of Darius' hair, and gets him to his feet- before having him in position for a DDT. He goes to nail it, but Darius tries his best to twist out of it. Kyo is trying his hardest to execute the move, but Darius finally breaks out of it- and he rubs it in Kyo's face by pushing him! The fans are going nuts as they scream 'ooohhh!'

Pope: Look into Kyo's eyes! He doesn't look too impressed.

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Tumblr_n14s0vuXk11r971nbo9_500

Kyo begins to get angry as Darius screams 'come on then!' Kyo charges at Darius with repeated shots to the face, before he runs from one side to another to strike with an athletic Clothesline- however Darius ducks! Kyo manages to stay on his feet, and he turns around- but Darius is quick to give Kyo an elbow shot to the face!

Darius grabs Kyo by the hair, and he goes for an Irish Whip as he pulls Kyo over to the ropes as hard as he can. Darius begins to strike with quick headbutts to the body of Kyo as he shows no remorse. Darius gets Kyo's hand, and walks him over to the centre of the ring before nailing him with a Spinebuster as Kyo lands flat on his back- and Darius goes for the cover..



Foster: Kyojin kicks out!

Darius is visibly annoyed due to Kyo breaking out of the pin- but he doesn't let that consume him as he's back on the offense. He begins to rapidly throw shots to Kyo's temple- however he gets so aggressive, that the referee is forced to hold him back. He warns Darius, and tells him to calm down- as Darius nods in agreement.

The Reaper walks back to Kyo, and goes to pick him up- but Kyo kicks Darius in the kneecap, and quickly gets back up to his feet before nailing Darius with a Dropkick straight to the temple as Darius goes flying over the top rope! Kyo lets out with a huge roar- as his fans cheer him, with Darius fans booing him of course. Kyo notices Darius slowly getting up outside the ring, and he runs from one side to another before jumping out of the ring..


Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  FJwBG

Kyo executes the dive perfectly as he lands on Darius! The referee begins to count, as the fans scream 'This is awesome!' as loud as they can. Kyo picks himself back up as he's not in as much pain as Darius, and he picks Darius up too- before going for an Irish Whip as he throws Darius over the steel steps!

The effect of that nasty looking throw could be heard as Kyo walks over to Darius, and picks him up for rolling him back into the ring. Kyo gets behind the ropes- and he jumps off the springboard to strike with a Crossbody- but as Kyo is seconds away from hitting Darius, Darius manages to roll away just in time for Kyo to crash on the canvas!

The two men are shattered, as the fans erupt with another 'Let's go Kyo! Let's go Darius' chant as they are absolutely fired up, and they show no signs of calming down. On the other hand, the camera cuts to Darius as we can see him trying to claw his way onto Kyo- and he manages to drape an arm over The Noble Warrior as the referee counts..




Pope: I don't understand! What has Darius gotta do to pin Kyojin?!

The fans erupt with cheers and boos as Kyo manages to keep himself alive. Darius has a face full of shock as he can't believe that Kyo's kicked out. Darius begins to punch the ring in frustration, before turning back to Kyo. He takes a step back, and he motions for the move that will get everybody excited. The crowd begin a 'Spear!' chant as Kyo is slowly getting up! Kyo eventually does so, and he turns around...

Foster: SPE-

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  DDT_display_image


The fans are going nuts for the reversal of Darius' Spear into a Snap DDT from Kyo! Kyo picks himself back up, and he walks over to the turnbuckle before getting up on the top. He motions for the Rising Sun- but just as he's about to launch, Darius slowly makes his way back to his feet. Kyo stalks Darius- before he launches as he goes for a Flying Clothesline instead- but Darius manages to duck as Kyo misses!

The two men turn around, which leads to Darius going for a Big Boot- but Kyo dodges it! Darius gives everything he can, and he throws a punch to the face of Kyo- but Kyo grabs his hand..


Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Tumblr_m6oslwLTRb1qce9ifo1_500

The adrenaline starts to kick in again as Kyo has locked Darius in the devious Submission hold! Darius can be heard screaming, as he tries everything in his power to break out of this submission- but along with that, Kyo tries everything to make sure Darius doesn't escape from his grasp!

Darius makes an attempt to crawl over to the ropes, but each time he does so- Kyo can't help but tighten the hold as he increases the pressure. Darius continues to scream as he suffers at the hands of The Noble Warrior- but Darius is just one leap away from grabbing the ropes. The faces of both men have gone crimson red as neither men look set to give in- but Darius finally clings onto the ropes as Kyo can't believe it!

Pope: This match just continues to get even more intense!

Kyo is forced to break the hold as he does so, and he takes a couple of steps back as he waits for Darius to get up. Darius eventually does so, and he looks relieved that he's broken out of Kyo's Crossface- but he looks over into Kyo's eyes. The two men, glare at each as coldy as possible. Darius charges at Kyo, and throws a kick to Kyo's face but it's not enough to keep Kyo down. Kyo does the same thing, and the crowd can't help but scream 'YES!' after each kick.


Darius goes for another kick but Kyo avoids it by taking a step back- and Kyo strikes with a Dropkick from out of nowhere as Darius doesn't anticipate it, which leads to Darius landing back first onto the canvas. Kyo picks Darius up and puts him in a front facelock as Darius tries his hardest to break out of Kyo's hands.

Foster: OH NO! Look- Kyo's going for a Brainbuster!


Kyo smashes Darius on the canvas with a HUGE Brainbuster as Darius is out! Kyo decides to try and finish Darius off, and he jumps up the top of the turnbuckle in the corner. He points to the sky, before launching..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  5520579


Pope: Can he do it?!

The crowd go absolutely nuts as Kyojin crashes onto Darius- and he goes for the cover as the refeee begins to count..




Curtis: And your winner is... KYOJIN!

Foster: HE'S DONE IT!

Pope: Kyojin proves that he's better than Darius!

The fans are exploding with mixed reactions as Kyo has picked up the win. The referee helps Kyo back up to his feet, and Kyo is bruised and battered as you would expect. The referee raises Kyo's hand in victory as Kyo is clearly chuffed with his victory- but at the same time, you can't tell as he's in huge pain.

Foster: Kyojin stands tall in the ring, and rightfully so! Both men put their all into this match- and you can guarantee that Darius' spark was brought back- but unfortunately for The Reaper, that spark just wasn't enough as Kyojin got the victory.

Kyo gets up on the turnbuckle, and raises his hands as the fans reply with mixed reactions- but there are mostly cheers for the Japanese star. He jumps off, and looks at Darius. Darius is clearly devastated with the loss, as he can't seem to comprehend the fact that he came up short. The cold eyes that we saw from Kyo earlier have disappeared, as he seems to feel sympathetic towards Darius- and he walks over to The Reaper.

Pope: What do you think Kyojin is gonna do?

Foster: Kyojin looks like he feels sorry for Darius!

Kyojin puts his hand out, as the fans begin to cheer loudly. Darius, who's visibly upset- looks Kyo in the eye, before looking at the hand. At first, he's hesistant to shake it as he knows he lost- but he eventually grabs Kyo's hand, and Kyo helps him back up to his feet. The two men embrace as the fans cheer very loudly. Kyo applauds Darius, as the fans do the same thing- before Kyo exits the ring, to let Darius have his spotlight.

Kyo eventually walks to the back, leaving just Darius in the ring. Darius soaks in all the applause, but there's not even a smile on his face to show for it. He's simply too sad over the fact that he couldn't get the job done. He slides out of the ring, and that frustration from the loss slowly builds up into panic as Darius begins to breathe heavily.

Darius begins to scream 'Nooooo!' as he's still in disbelief. Most of the arena is silent, as some of the crowd are still cheering for him- but Darius just can't believe it as he's still too shocked and shaken.

Pope: Look at Darius- he's not in the right state of mind right now!

Foster: This could possibly be the start of Darius getting more and more unstable. The fact that he didn't win has clearly rocked him to the point where he's just panicking right now.

Darius sits on the ramp, with his face still in disbelief. He looks over to the ring, and the fans begin a Darius chant in an attempt to console him- but the fans aren't on his mind. The only thing on his mind, is the fact that he lost tonight. Darius puts his hands over his head, before punching the ramp.

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  20120417_Article_Cena_Ramp

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7Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Sun May 03, 2015 5:25 pm


Pope: That was an absolutely impressive match between The Empire & The Knights- but unfortunately for The Empire, it was The Knights who got their win! They indeed got their Retaliation after there loss at No Escape by winning tonight- and The Hardcore King was the man who stood tall in the ring.

Foster: I have to say- everybody put on a great perfomance, but the man who stood out to me- was The Hardcore King. He's got a bright future ahead of him- but I wonder what's next for both trios? Will they continue to be at each other's throats, considering they've got one win each- or will they move on to bigger and better things? I guess we'll find out in the next episode of disORDER.

Pope: As for Tommy Thunder's backstage promo- honestly, the man doesn't know what is talking about. If I had one word to describe him.. it'd be delusional. Just like the PWR Universe. Why does everybody struggle to see that N Swisher.. IS a World Class Athlete?

Foster: Sorry Pope, but there's a difference between saying something- and proving it. N hasn't proved that he is on that level. However.. tonight- he has the chance to rectify that. Will he get the win over Tommy Thunder? I don't think so, but we'll have to see.

Pope: Moving on, up next- we have a Grudge match as one of PWR's underdogs will go head to head with someone who has been making waves in the PWR. Ladies and gentlemen, Vince Omega goes one on one with Hayden Coel!

Foster: This should be an epic match- as there has been an epic build to it. We had Coel air vignettes of himself being this flamboyant individual- only it turned out that he was the complete opposite, and he targeted Vince Omega due to his jealousy over the fact that Omega was accepted due to being one legged- but Coel wasn't accepted about the fact that he was gay. Both men have been on the warpath ever since. This match is up next, and it's going to be a great one!

The camera cuts to the ring.

Olivia Curtis: This grudge match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada.. he is Hayden Coel!

The crowd begin to boo as Hayden Coel comes out to the stage. He makes his way to the ring- ignoring the fans jeers as he looks focused.

Pope: Look at Coel! If you take a look at that man, and don't get intimidated- there must be something wrong with you. Everything about him seems dangerous.

Foster: He's got the look, he's got the abillity- he's going to be huge in the future. But this is the present, and he's going to have to get through Vince Omega- and I don't see Omega backing down.

Curtis: And his opponent- also from Las Vegas. Weighing in at 175 pounds.. Vince Omega!

There is an eruption of cheers for Vince Omega as he comes out to stage to a huge pop. He raises his hands, and he makes his way to the ring. Coel gives him an evil stare- and Omega goes to walk up to him, but the referee manages to get in his away.

The referee tells Omega to back up, as he does so. He calls for the bell to be rung, as the match is on!

Match 2. Vince Omega vs. Hayden Coel

Skip at 7:03
Omega/Gowen & Coel/Lesnar

Omega is currently on the ground, as Coel has been very aggressive towards him as you would expect. Coel kicks Omega's prostetic leg as the fans boo- before running from one side to another to strike with a Leg Drop- on Omega's prostetic leg as Omega screams! Coel picks Omega up as he pulls him by the hair.

Coel has Omega set up for a Powerbomb, but Omega manages to wriggle out of it as he crawls through Coel's legs and grabs hold of the ropes- as he uses them to get himself up. He gets up, and he turns around as Coel charges at him with a Clothesline but Omega ducks and runs from one side- and he hits Coel with a Dropkick!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  151857523_l

Omega begins to hype the crowd, as they cheer him. Omega heads up the top rope, as he looks at down at Coel- but unfortunately for Omega, Coel is slowly getting back up to his feet. Omega uses this to his advantage, and he goes for a Flying Clothesline but Coel manages to duck.

Omega turns around, but Coel grabs him by the hair- and goes for a Russian Legsweep as he focuses on the prostetic leg. Coel rolls Omega over, and goes for the cover- but Omega is quick to cling onto the ropes as Coel is unable to make the pin.

Foster: Clever thinking from Omega!

Coel is furious, but he wastes no time- and he begins to kick down Omega's prostetic leg again, as he looks to inflict as much damage as possible. He picks Omega back up, and he goes to nail Omega with a Neckbreaker, but Omega twists out of it- and Omega nails Coel with a DDT of his own! Omega picks Coel up again, and this time- he goes for a Pele Kick which connects! He goes for the cover..



Pope: But Coel kicks out! YES Coel!

Coel manages to kick out, as the frustration starts to appear on the face of Omega. Omega walks to the ropes, and goes behind them- as he looks set to jump. He launches..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  HBK-Superkick



Omega jumped off the springboard only for Coel to nail him with a Superkick as the fans went nuts- despite clearly hating Coel. Coel gets up, and notices that Omega is slowly getting up- and Coel uses this to his advantage to go for his finisher, The Killing Curse (Shining Wizard.) He runs from one side- and soon as he's about to hit it, Omega puts his head down as Coel misses!

Omega gets up, as Coel turns around- but Omega pulls him to the ropes. Omega charges at Coel and strikes with a Stinger Splash as Coel is in pain. Omega picks Coel up, and he sits him on the top rope as the fans wonder what he's about to do. Omega gets up the rope himself.. Omega screams as he's fired up..

Pope: This is insanity! What is Omega up to?!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT7QgYNMQjPWW5LpmwpTVpnVYICjDdJe0iMRg1Jf1t6JBQbfDd77g


He sends Coel to the ground with a HUGE Frankensteiner, as the fans are going nuts! The two men are down, as they clearly knackered- but Omega manages to cover Coel as the referee counts..



Pope: Coel kicks out!

Foster: What has Omega gotta do to pin Coel?!

Omega can't believe it- and he begins to argue with the referee as he clutches at straws.. he thought that he had that in the bag. He looks back at Coel- and notices that Coel is slowly getting up. Omega turns to the ropes, and he runs before jumping off them to go for a Social Distortion (Springboard RKO) but as he goes to hit it.. Coel takes lots of steps back as Omega hits the floor!

Coel sees this as the perfect opportunity as he stalks Omega.. Omega is slowly getting up- and he begins to pick himself up as he's kneeling down.. and Coel nails him with a Low Superkick! Coel begins to taunt the fans, as they boo him loudly. He turns back to Coel, and he puts his thumbs down.

Pope: Coel's motioning that Omega is going down!

Omega refuses to stay down, and he goes to pick himself back up. The crowd begin an Omega chant, as they cheer his determination. Omega turns around as he's kneeling on the
ground still, and clearly the determination isn't enough as Coel nails him with The Killing Curse!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Tumblr_mkm583ytQO1qhjbxeo1_400

Coel goes for the cover..




Curtis: And your winner is via pinfall.. Hayden Coel!

Foster: Coel has done it. He proved that he was the better man tonight, and he might not be the one who I wanted to win- but even I can admit that he outwrestled Omega.

Pope: I'M GLAD to see you admit it. Coel is going to be huge around here- what a win for him! Now things are starting to look up for Coel, things are going sour for Omega- and rightfully so. The dude doesn't even deserve to be on the roster, let alone competing on PPV's.

Foster: That's a bit harsh isn't it? Omega might been outwrestled, but he still put on a good performance. You can't deny that Omega didn't give Coel a challenge, because if he didn't- then this match wouldn't have gone on for longer than it did.

Pope: So what? Life is harsh. Everybody has been harsh to Hayden Coel all his life, and they never accepted him for who he is. Justice was served tonight- and good defeated evil. Hayden Coel is the good by the way, because Omega is evil- only difference is, everybody refuses to see that because Omega is your so called 'underdog.' Pfft.

Coel picks himself up, and the referee raises his hand- but he shoves the referee as he wants to celebrate on his own. He raises both of his hands up, and screams "I won!" as the fans boo him as loudly as they can. A smirk appears on the face of Coel as he looks chuffed with his victory- and the cameras head backstage.

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8Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Mon May 04, 2015 10:57 am


The camera then cuts back from backstage where the Kyojin promo has finished and heads back to ringside as the focus is on the commentary duo of James Pope and Nikki Foster.

Foster: I still get goosebumps everytime I hear Kyo speak here on Pro Wrestling Rebellion, James. Our first legends contract signing and he's ready for tonight, strong words from the Japanese former superstar of the year, partner.

Pope: Oh there's no doubt he's ready and the same can be said for his opponent, Darius. This match, this feud, it means so much to both of them and just imagine what a win could do for each of them, Nikki. Kyo is already a legend, that much is true.. but if he was to beat Darius tonight it would show that there's still a lot left in the tank of Kyojin and who knows, more awards, possible titles in the future to add too his accomplishment list?

Foster: That's true, James. I guess on the flip side for Darius, he's accomplished so much too and if he could beat Kyojin tonight, well, that could set him on his way to indeed becoming a legend in wrestling! I don't think this match can be underestimated at all for what a win could do for both men here tonight. I'm excited James, I can't wait too see it unfold later tonight.

Pope: I know Nikki. Folks, that's too come later, however, you know what makes me excited Miss Foster?

Foster: What's that, James?

Pope: Ladies! Pope, loves the ladies Nikki! The Battle Royal is up next and I'm excited too get this match underway. Who's your pick?

Foster: Indeed it is, the Women's Title will be decided tonight fans, Eight Women will go to war, will battle it out to be crowned the new and first ever, PWR, Women's Champion! As for my pick, I honestly don't know. We still don't know who that final Women entering will be, do we? I'm going to go with many people's favorite, Akira Tajiri. I think it's her time. I wouldn't rule out the impressive Emma-Gates either though, something about that women just screams never say die, a born fighter too me.

Pope: Interesting, Nikki. Well, I've been doing my research and I'm going with the unknown, Lilleth! Not only did she clear the women out of the ring on her debut, but she's the tallest at 6ft tall.. That's impressive. I mean, who's going to be able to eliminate her? If not Lilleth.. I'm going to say April Snow, her experience will prove crucial in a match like this.

Foster: Well, that's our opinions fans, who's yours? You can follow us and let us know your opinion on right now, or have your say by using the hash tag #WomensBattleRoyal. Here we go though James, it's time!

Olivia Curtis: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, PWR Owner and head of female talent relations, Emily Rose!

The Vegas crowd give a nice small pop for Emily Rose as she steps out onto the stage. She's being flanked by a man who is smartly dressed and carrying a suitcase as both make there way down the ramp. Emily stopping to greet the fans and share a few words with the young kids in the crowd before her and the man carrying the case make there way over, nearby the commentary table.

Emily then signals for the man to place the case on a small table that's been placed at ringside. Emily Rose then opens the briefcase and perhaps as many had expected, reveals the PWR Women's Championship to the Vegas crowd as they pop.

> Insert Title <

Foster: Well there it is fans! Being presented by the Owner and perhaps the biggest supporter of Women's wrestling here in PWR, Emily Rose.

Pope: That title is sweet, Nikki. Credit too Krysys who is indeed the man behind these works of art. Good job man!

Emily Rose then takes a seat near the now presented Women's Title and with a smile on her face, awaits for the match to begin as the Vegas crowd are not chanting and cheering for there favorite female wrestlers.

Olivia Curtis: Wrestling fans, it's time for our next match of the night! This match will be contested under the Battle Royal rules and in order to eliminate your opponent, they must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must touch the ground. The winner and new PWR Women's Champion will be the last female standing!

Introducing first! Hailing from Santa Monica, California! Emma Sage-Gates!

> Insert Theme <

The crowd give a nice pop as the very likable Emma steps out from behind the curtain and true to form, she's not alone as Alixx Gates, her husband trails behind her. Both the couple embrace on the stage as Alixx appears to offer some last minute words of encouragement to Emma as both members of the Gates family make there way down the ramp.

Foster: A huge moment in the young career of Emma Sage-Gates and having her husband at ringside could be a huge upside and a great source of encouragement for the Cali girl.

Pope: It could Nikki, on the flip side, could it not be more pressure, more expectation? I guess we will have too see.

Olivia Curits: Next, hailing from New York, April Snow!

A slightly bigger pop is heard from the fans for the more known, April Snow. April poses at the top of the stage, not afraid to spark the crowd into a frenzy with a flaunt of her body. April then appears to in the mode, her face turns too one of a serious nature as he makes her way down the ramp, headed to the ring.

Pope: More then a pretty face, that's April Snow! How ready does she look for this match, Nikki?

Foster: Oh she's ready James, she's very ready. Unlike many in this match, April is no stranger to the big stage and as you said, her experience could become a huge asset in this match.

Olivia Curtis: And there opponent, hailing from Tokyo, Japan! Akira Tajiri!

The arena setting goes dark, a light then shines down on the stage as Akira steps out from behind the curtain to crowd chant and cheers. Akira with her hands together in prayer then bows to each side of the crowd before making her way down the ramp, slapping hands with the crowd before entering the ring.

Foster: Many believe, like me, Akira to be the favorite James. This women has quite the story and after appearing to be so close during her time in IWA, how fitting would it be too see her win tonight?

Pope: Fitting maybe, but not everyone get's there happy ending or a good story, Nikki. This is wrestling and there's too much competition for sentiment in this business.

Olivia Curtis: Introducing next! Hailing from Seattle, Washington! Lilith!

Unlike previously for the other women, at the announcement of Lilith, there's very little response from the crowd, clearly she's the unknown in this match with very little known about her expect for that one albeit impressive appearance on disORDER recently. As Lileth enters the stage, the lights begin to flash Pink and Black, Black smoke rising up from the stage too as the crowd are almost watching on in awe at the 6ft Seattle born, Lileth.

Lileth then continues grabbing the attention of the crowd as she drops down, crawling on all fours from the bottom of the ramp, to the ropes. Lileth then bites at the camera before entering via the side of the ring with a Paige like primal scream and then stalking around the women in the ring as the crowd are still in awe.

Foster: Quite the entrance from Lileth, James.

Pope: Man, she grabbed my attention, that's for sure! She's my pick Nikki, that height is going to be a huge factor, you wait and see.

Olivia Curtis: Next, Sasha Panzer!

The crowd are instantly cheering for the bubbly and delightful, Sasha Panzer as she enters on to the stage with a smile on her face. She poses for the crowd before blowing them kisses and making her way down the ramp. She then enters the ring via the steps and immediately heads over to April Snow as the pair embrace and wish each other luck.

Pope: Representing the Panzer Family, Sasha Panzer! A beauty that's looking to get back to the best she can be, after her past troubles.

Foster: Indeed James. Under the watch of her friends, April and Mike, Sasha has already shown signs that she can have a bright future here in PWR.

Olivia Curtis: And there opponent, hailing from Seattle, Washington! Rain!

Boo's are heard immediately as the name, Rain, is sounded out towards the crowd. The noise goes up once Rain steps out from behind the curtain, onto the stage. As she does, a blue light showers down on her, giving the effect on rain fallen down from the sky while Rain stares at her opponents in the ring. She then makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring.

Foster: Our second female talent in this match from Seattle, James. We have seen a side of Rain that's quite sad, scary, yet you almost feel sorry for her, she's almost like a lost young lady in a cold world.

Pope: Yeah, I know what you are saying, Nikki. There's obviously something to the background and history of Rain but we know she's talented and she's a real danger to anyone that takes her lightly, no doubt.

Olivia Curtis: Next, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas! Skyler Knox!

A mixed response is greeted by theme of Knox. The crowd split 50/50 with cheers and boos. The younger members and the family's of the crowd, seem to be booing while the male members of the crowd are cheering, perhaps more so because of her beauty.

Knox struts out onto the stage and poses for the crowd as the wolf whistles are heard from the male fans. She begins making her way down the ramp and stops to kiss a young lad on the cheek who held a sign saying "Marry me, Skylar <3" before then continuing her strut and entering the ring.

Pope: Skylar Knox.. Wit woo! Sassy, Sexy and she knows it, Nikki.

Foster: She certainly does, James. Always confident and driven by the thrill of the chase and the need for that adrenaline rush. Well, what a rush it would be if she could capture the PWR Women's title tonight here at Retaliation!

Pope: Well that's all the women who we know that's in this match, however, who's the debut?! Who's the final women in this match?!

Foster: All eyes are on the stage. I think we are about to find out!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Bdb52e3a9a58d964dabd7c4a5e5636b6

Foster: No! It's can't be?!

Pope: Is that who I think it is.. Nikki?!

Foster: IT'S TE'YANNA! Te'yanna has joined PWR and is the final women in this match.

Pope: What a coup, that's just changed the whole dynamic of this match.. Can I change my pick? I'm going with Tey!

The crowd instantly begin cheering the arrival of Te'Yanna, more so because of the excitement of seeing her in Pro Wrestling Rebellion then there like for her. Te'Yanna seems to smile at the cheers from the crowd before soon flipping it around...

Olivia Curtis: And the final women in this match.. PWR's newest female signing, hailing from London, England! Te'Yanna!

..With the announcement of her name, Te'Yanna then goes right back into "queen bee" mode. Wearing a top that reads "Bae" and small blue mini jeans she begins to waving away the crowd cheers, flicking her hair in there direction like there not even there and the crowd quickly respond by booing the London born female before she stops in front of the ring.

The camera then pans to the women in the ring who are looking around, not sure what to expect from the "Bae of PWR". However, one women steps forward and seems to know her very, very well. Akira steps out from behind the crowd of women and Sasha then enters the ring and there's a huge IWA chant circulating around the arena as both women face off. Tey' can be heard exchanging words with her old rival as Akira seems to be responding. Just when it looks certain to kick off though.. the bell sounds and both women are blindsided from everyone else.

Lileth, Rain & Skylar all begin beating down on Akira while April, Emma & Sasha begin attacking Te'Yanna as the crowd are on there feet with excitement as the match has started with a bang.

Foster: Here we go fans! It's an all out brawl, this match has started with seemingly the two former IWA Vanities, against all.

Pope: Well this aint IWA, Nikki, This is PWR and it's about the now, and the now only. It don't matter what's happened before, it's all about that Women's Championship and winning this Battle Royal match tonight!

Suddenly, there's a big pop from the crowd as it comes via Akira and Te'Yanna fighting back, somehow managing to land some shots, knocking back there opponents and gaining some space. Both Akira and Tey then bump backs into each other and spin around ready to fight until they see the other and the words continue on.. Out of nowhere though comes Lileth, the 6ft Seattle born charges from the ropes and smashes into both women with huge clotheslines knocking both ladies down, sending them rolling to the edge of the apron.

Pope: Boom! Now that's an impact from Lileth!

Foster: No time to celebrate, she had better watch out, James!

As Lileth was posing after knocking down both Akira and Tey', behind her were Sasha and April, teaming up and ready to strike. As Lileth turned back around, she was greeted by a double drop kick from Sasha and April as the crowd cheered the show of skill from the drop kick, knocking down Lileth. It's then the turn of Sasha and April to pose together, taunting along with the crowd. However this proves a downfall as Emma Sage-Gates has taking up a position on top of the turnbuckle.. With her Husband, Alixx, shouting encouragement, Emma leaped from the top rope and came tumbling down on top of April and Sasha with a cross body, knocking them both down.

Emma then would quickly pop back up but before she could even plan her next move, in came Skyler and Rain with a double side kick, kicking Emma in the stomach. Both then went under an arm each of Emma and grabbed her tights before flipping her over with a double team suplex as Emma hits and bounces of the canvas hard with a real whip from the force. Skyler and Rain then got up off the mat and began trading blows as the crowd continued watching on, with excitement and wondering what's going to happen next.


Foster: Both women are trading shot after shot and neither is backing down!

Pope: Akira and Te'Yanna are rising back up though Nikki, here they come.

As James finishes speaking, Akira and Tey are back up and with Akira attacking Rain, Tey begins beating on Skyler. Akira begins landing chops to the chest of Rain, lighting up the chest of the Seattle born female, each one knocking her back that little bit more. Akira then corners Rain and continues throwing the shots. On the other side, Tey begins releasing some real hard shots, each one also knocking back Knox. Te'Yanna then looks over to Akira and Akira seems to respond with with a nod of her head.

Pope: What's going on?! Are they going to work together?

Foster: I'm not sure, I guess anything could happen in this Battle Royal match, James.

Akira then pushed Rain back into the turnbuckle and on the other side, Tey grabs Knox and irish whips her into the direction of Rain as both clatter against the other inside of the corner. Akira then steps forward and the unthinkable does actually happen, both Akira and Tey team up as Tey' whips Akira into the direction of both women trapped in the corner and Akira leaps with a stinger splash, catching both women. Both Knox and Rain then begin dizzyly stumbling out from the corner and Tey then strikes with a super kick, hitting Knox in the jaw, knocking her down. Akira then begins stalking Rain and then too strikes, Akira also knocking Rain down with a super kick of her own as the crowd pop for both women.

Suddenly, everyone else remains out of sight and it's back to Akira and Te'Yanna as the go face to face one more as the crowd are pumped up for the exchange.

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Rs_500x280-140531120041-TD_211_18
(Imagine Akira & Te'Yanna)

With the crowd expecting a fight between the two women, neither disappoints and begging going at it, hammer and tongs with strikes. Left and Rights being thrown from both women with neither wanting too come off worse.


With both women go all out with punches and starting to fade because of the burst of energy, back comes the biggest women in the match, Lileth. She throws an elbow to the temple of Te'Yanna first knocking her back before then knocking down Akira with a big heatbutt shot that takes the Japanese star down, holding her head on the canvas. Lileth then runs at Te'Yanna and takes her down with a big clothesline and lets out another primeval scream as the crowd begging booing.

Lileth then sees Akira trying to get back up, using the ropes for leverage and Lileth then begins stalking Akira Tajiri. As Akira looks to stand, Lileth charges and nails Akira back down, turning her inside out with her signature clothesline from hell.

Pope: Till Death do us part! That clothesline from hell by Lileth, impressive!

Foster: Lileth is the dominant force in this match thus far, but here comes the numbers game with Sasha and April Snow.

With Lileth standing tall over Akira after knocking her down. April and Sasha continue to team up, both attacking Lileth from behind with big strikes to the back of the bigger women. Sasha and April then take turns with punches before dragging Lileth closer to the ropes as they attempt to hook over the ropes with team work. It fails though as Lileth begins fighting back, she rakes the eyes of Sasha before kicking April in the stomach and knocking her back with another elbow to face.

As Lileth then tries to move away from the ropes, Emma Gates comes seemingly out of nowhere with a big shoulder barge, knocking Lileth back first into one of the six sided turnbuckles and then continues driving the shoulder into her opponent. With the crowd then cheering Emma on, she begins scaling the second turnbuckle and then with the crowd counting along, begins punching Lileth with big right hand strikes..


Emma then poses after the ten count is reached and the crowd respond by chanting her name "EMMA-GATES! EMMA-GATES!" repeatedly as her husband Alixx calls for more noise from them in support. Suddenly, Lileth looks to spoil the party and punches Emma in the stomach, she then grabs Emma by the legs and flips her over herself and the turnbuckle as Emma goes flying through the air, seemingly going to crash down hard onto the outside, facing certain elimination from the Battle Royal match..

Pope: Woah! Watch out!


Just when it looks like Emma is going to land hard on the outside, Alixx Gates from out of nowhere, almost like a super hero catches Emma and plucks her from there air as the crowd pop hard and begin chanting the name of Alixx Gates.

Foster: AMAZING! Alixx has just saved Emma from certain elimination!

Pope: That's not fair, Emma would have been eliminated from this match!

As the crowd continue cheering the name of Alixx, both husband and wife embrace in a kiss before Alixx places Emma onto the ring apron and she rolls back into safety underneath the second rope into the ring. Lileth though looks furious, knowing that without Alixx, Emma would have been eliminated. Emma see's the face of Lileth and responds by staring back, almost saying bring it on with her taunt..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Tumblr_ngwo4vNPRD1si9kpgo2_250

Foster: Love this attitude from Emma-Gates, James. She's telling Lileth to bring it on!

Pope: She better be careful what she ask's for, Nikki. It's on, here we go!

With Emma and Lileth colliding and going at it on the one side of the ring, focus remains on the other side where Knox and Sasha Panzer are fighting, edging closer to the ropes. Knox is getting the better of the offense and then picks up Sasha in a slam position and begins draping Sasha over the ropes as the first elimination of the match looks likely. With Sasha seemingly about to tumble over the ropes, April is on hand to help her friend and nails Knox in the back with a forearm strike. April then kicks Knox in the stomach and drags her too the center of the ring where she brings her down with a body slam to the canvas as the crowd cheer..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Daffneyhamada_crop_north

..April then gets back up and looks to check on her friend Sasha, before she can though, she's rushed from behind by Rain. Rain begins beating down on April and then in a show of real aggression, launches April into the ring post shoulder first and as April comes bouncing back off, wincing and holding that now injured shoulder, Rain strikes again, this time nailing her finisher on April in the middle of the ring.

Pope: Downpour! Rain with the Downpour, April is out!

Foster: Rain with that double underhook piledriver and April Snow has not moved since, but James, this match ain't about pinfall, Rain now needs to throw April Snow over that top rope and score with the first elimination of the match.

Pope: Well, look's like she heard you Nikki, She's about to try too!

Rain drags up a motionless April Snow by the hair and with real trouble, eventually is able to throw her opponent over the top rope. However, it's not enough force to avoid the ring apron and April lands on the side of the ring, clutching onto the bottom rope as Rain begins kicking and stomping away. April is in real danger and just when elimination looks certain.. Sasha came to the rescue, returning the favor as she nails Rain from behind with a forearm smash before leaning down and grabbing the feet of Rain, throwing her over the top rope. As the crowd began cheering and Sasha turned away, assuming Rain would be eliminated, Rain clutched the top rope and tried to elevate herself back up.. It was not too be though as now with both April and Rain on the cusp of exiting this match, April began kicking Rain in the midsection, trying to get Rain to release the hold of the top rope.

One more big kick and it's enough, Rain loses her grip but is able to fall on the ring apron, then clutching on to the nearby turnbuckle. After a few seconds and with the crowd watching on, expecting one women too fall.. both got up, stood on the ring apron and began trading strikes, each one with more venom hoping there opponent would fall..


Pope: Man, these strikes are hitting hard, both women are gassing, who's going to fall first, Nikki?

Foster: Both are scrapping here, James, neither obviously wanting to be eliminated, but both in a very precarious position on the ring apron.

Sasha turns back around and once more see's April in danger, she then goes back over and looks to strike Rain, Rain though reacts first and gauges Sasha in the eyes with her fingers, however April then throws a punch, but Rain is also able to block it, she then kicks April in the knee and it causes April to slip, one foot hitting the floor as April has the other still draped on the ring apron holding the bottom rope for leverage. April tries hooking herself back up but it's not too be as Rain uses the second ropes and jumps forward, nailing April in the face with a drop kick like kick as April is nailed in the face and falls to the floor for the first elimination of the match.

Foster: April has gone, April Snow has been eliminated!

Pope: Rain just struck and it's a wash out for the chances of April winning this match!

Foster: I don't think Rain has time to gloat though James, watch out for Sash-

Rain was now standing on the ring apron and was looking back at the falling April Snow with a smile on her face. As she then turned, about to enter the ring, Sasha was back again and like a flash, smashed Rain in the face with a kick..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  72733418a2586196933b5028471l

Foster: Chick Kick! Sasha Panzer with the Chick Kick!

Pope: No! There goes Rain. With two eliminations we are just down Six women remaining!

Sasha's name is cheered by the crowd as the replay of the devastating Chick Kick and Rain falling from the ring apron to the floor is shown via replay on the Titantron. Sasha then leans in one of the corners, getting her breath back as the focus of the match heads elsewhere. Emma and Lileth continue battling in the one corner, Knox still remains down, staying clear from the action. However, the focus returns back to Akira and Te'Yanna who are on another side of the ring, fighting it out. Tey has Akira positioned where she wants and is taking control, hitting Akira with chops and slaps as the crowd boo heavily.

Foster: Te'Yanna disrespecting Akira with slaps here, James.

Pope: Te'Yanna is the bae of PWR, Nikki. She can do as she pleases.

With Akira down, slumped on the bottom rope and feeling the wrath of Tey' boots as Te'Yanna begins stomping away, Knox see's a chance and looks to take it. She runs at Te'Yanna from behind, grabbing her jean shorts and looking throw Tey' over the top rope, Tey' though holds on for life and is literally kicking and screaming, doing everything to stop herself from going over as the crowd are cheering, hoping she does. Knox though is not able to manage it and is forced to release the bae of PWR, Te'Yanna. Knox then steps back and looks for a clothesline, Tey' though see's it coming and kicks Knox in the stomach and then presses her up against the ropes and begins lifting her over the top and successfully does. Skylar Knox is now on the edge, having been flipped over and begins tetering on the ring apron. Te'Yanna then steps back, presumably to knock Knox off with force.. However back comes Akira and spins Te'Yanna around, Akira then looks to smash Tey' with a back spinning heel kick, but Tey' moves and it hits Knox in the jaw, sending her flying from the ring apron and catching the crowd guard rail pretty badly on the outside as the crowd "Ohh" and gasp at the fall..

Akira, though you can't see her face, pauses and throws up her arms, clearly devasted that she eliminated Knox when she was aiming for Akira and secondly, at the fall from Knox caused by the kick from Akira Tajiri. With Akira seemingly watching on, still in shock at the collision, queen bae has no emotion at all and from behind, drills Akira with a forearm to the back of the head and Akira goes tumbling over as the crowd are stunned..

Pope: Akira has gone! AKIRA HAS BEEN ELIMI-


Just like the Rumble moment with BullDog and HBK all them years ago, similar has happened here. Te'Yanna truly believing that she's eliminated Akira turns her back and is all smiles as she taunts and poses to annoy the crowd. However there all cheering and it makes Te'Yanna question why, Tey' then spins around and see's Akira "skin the cat" with the ropes and enter back in the ring as the crowd pop. However they cheers don't last for long as Te'Yanna super kicks Akira to the face as the masked women springs back off the ropes and falls forward, as she does, Te'Yanna catches her and nails her with the..

Pope: I believe, if my information is correct, that's called.. Turn the lights off! That future shock DDT from Te'Yanna, spiking Akira on the top of her head, driving it down into the canvas with real aggression.

Foster: These two go way back, James. You are seeing that in this match, there's a real underlying feud between both women that stems back from there IWA Vanity's divison days.

Pope: There are five women remaining in this match, who's going to become the first ever PWR's Women's Champion?

Foster: All these women want it so bad, James. This match has been going on for a while and yet they continue fighting.. The hunger and desire is remarkable folks.

Akira is motionless on the canvas and PWR's bae see's the chance to gloat and taunt her rival and does not let it slip away..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Tumblr_nikduvgbvg1tt2jjyo1_500

Pope: I love the attitude from Te'Yanna, Nikki. I think she's going to be a fantastic edition to Pro Wrestling Rebellion.

Foster: Oh she has attitude alright James, she has plenty of that.. but.. it's- Lileth! Here she comes!

As Te'Yanna continued mocking Akira, Lileth would come out of nowhere and drag Te'Yanna up by her hair, with Te'Yanna kicking and screaming once more, trying to escape, Lileth then brought her up before slamming her back down with a chokeslam as the crowd marvelled at the strength from Lileth. However, she was not done there and Emma-Gates came once again to fight.. Only this time, Lileth would strike first, spotting Emma coming and delivering another chokeslam before letting out a roar as the crowd responded with mixed chants, a few more boo's but with some of the crowd clearly impressed.

Foster: Dominant! That's the only way to subscribe Lileth, James.

Pope: Told you about the height being a factor, Nikki. Lileth has the edge and remember, she was my pick to win this match.

With Lileth standing tall, all around her are down.. Except one. Sasha who was resting up in the corner would come leaping out, jumping on the back of Lileth and cleverly looking to apply a sleeper hold as the crowd roared her on. Lileth would begin shaking and looking to throw off Sasha but couldn't, no matter what she tried.

Foster: I think she's fading James, Lileth is being put too sleep!

Pope: She can't shake Sasha off, Lileth could be in danger here, but still, if Lileth is put to sleep, what then? They still need to get her over the top rope and I don't think Sasha can.

Lileth is fading quickly and looks about to drop, she makes one last ditch attempt too throw Sasha over the ropes, plunging herself forward over the top rope and trying to shake the Panzer family member out of the ring.. It don't work and it's about to get worse for Lileth as three downed women of Akira, Emma and Te'Yanna begin coming around.. All three then see the chance that might not come again and all look at eachother before looking at Lileth. It then clicks and with the crowd cheering.. All three women dash over and begin lifting Lileth with the crowd cheering like mad. With Sasha still on top and unable to release the hold through fear of falling anyways, Akira, Emma and Te'Yanna are able to lift the bigger women of the top rope and falling to the ground as the crowd pop and Lileth and Sasha Panzer are announced as eliminated.


Pope: Emma, Akira or Te'Yanna. One of these is going to become the first ever PWR's Women's Champion!

With the crowd cheering, there's almost a big divide from the fans. Some are chanting "Let's go Emma!" while others are chanting.. "Akira! Akira!" with some even chanting "TE-YAN-NA!" as we are down to the final three. All three women allow the moment to sink in a little as they look around before all three step to the middle of the ring and it's on!


All three women are taking shots at each other as the strikes go round like a Meixcan wave and the crowd are on there feet, pumped. Suddenly, Emma and Akira both turn there attention to Te'Yanna and takes turns striking away as the crowd keep cheering.. Eventually it leads to Te'Yanna being cornered as Akira spin kicks Tey' into the ring corner and then the attention turns to Emma Gates. With her husband and the Vegas crowd cheering her on, Emma runs and nails Te'Yanna with the Helluva kick..

Te'Yanna then stumbles out of the corner and falls onto the ropes, shaken from the kick. To more crowd cheers, Akira then latches in the Tarantula submission as the crowd chant the name of "Tajiri" over and over. Akira then releases the hold and both her and Emma, begin teaming, picking up the legs of Te'Yanna and looking to flip her over the ropes. It looks like the elimination is coming before the screams of Tey' are followed by her kicking away, fighting with every last breath, Akira eventually loses her grip and is floored by a stray kick to the face as she attempted to grab it once more.. Tey' then kicks Emma in the stomach and then positions her in place for a suplex, Tey' then looks to suplex Emma over the ropes but Emma is able to escape, albeit landing on the ring apron. Emma then tries to strike but Tey' blocks it and punches Emma square in the jaw as Emma appears to be falling backwards..

Once more though, there's Alixx. He runs around and before Emma is about to fall, pushes her bum up and Emma is able to clinch onto the top rope with both hands. Emma then ducks another punch and drives her shoulder into the stomach of Te'Yanna. With Tey' holding her midsection, Emma begins posing and looks like she's about to use the ropes and spring into Te'Yanna with a high risk move. Emma then uses the second rope and attempts to jump onto the tope rope but as she does, Te'Yanna runs into Emma like a train and clatters the Cali girl from the top rope and flying off too the outside, this time, Alixx is unable to make the save as she comes falling down on top of him in an awkward landing as Emma is now eliminated.

Pope: Te'Yanna has just eliminated Emma Gates! We are down to two now!

Foster: Alixx did so twice, but was unable to save the impressive Emma Sage-Gates a third time. Te'Yanna or Akira Tajiri, one of these will become the first ever PWR Women's Champion!

There's a brief moment of silence as on opposing sides, stands the two remaining women- Akira and Te'Yanna. Both women then look over to the PWR Women's Title and both appear to gesture how much they want it. Akira nods in respect while Te'Yanna just seems to gesture, let's get it on. Both women then go forward and begin throwing a flurry on punches but unlike before, there's not much behind them, exhausture is clearly kicking in and it's becoming a real test for both these women. Akira gets the better, lighting up the chest of Te'Yanna with Japanese strong style shots, that leave Te'Yanna's chest a ligher shade of pink. Akira then goes for a round house kick that's blocked and pushed away, Te'Yanna then grabs Akira and switches positons with her, forcing Tajiri up against the ropes. Akira then lays into her with one last combo of punches before she then turns to Akira's mask and appears to be almost trying to pull it off, maybe trying to effect Akira's mentality.

Foster: What she doing, James?! Is she- SHE IS! She's trying to remove the mask of Akira Tajiri and expose those insecurites.

Pope: All's fair in love and war, Nikki. Go on, get her Te'Yanna!

Akira blocks the efforts of Te'Yanna trying too rip the mask away with multiple knee strikes to the gut. Akira then hooks her arm under the arm of Te'Yanna and lifts her over the rope with a variation of a hip toss as the crowd cheer. Te'Yanna though, survives again, this time landing on the ring apron and immediately clutching the top rope..

Akira then lines up.. Spins and throws the kick that's going to knock Te'Yanna off the ring apron and down to the floor..

Foster: Round house kick from Akira! Here it com-

Pope: Te'Yanna ducked! Te'Yanna survives again!

Foster: Back round comes Akira and...

Pope: No! THE MIST?!


The crowd go mental as Te'Yanna is sprayed in the face by the rest mist of Akira Tajiri and it's enough, Te'Yanna falls to the floor after trying to wipe away the mist from her eyes and the first ever PWR's Women's Champion has been decided..


Pope: That damn mist, The Red mist has cost Te'Yanna this match.

Olvia Curtis: AND YOUR WINNER AND NEW.. Pro Wrestling Rebellion's first ever WOMEN'S CHAMPION!! AKIRA!! TAJIRI!!

The crowd are in a frenzy with cheers and chants of her name. Akira is just in complete shock and can't quite believe it.. She's won the PWR Women's Title. Her life struggles with her family, the training and effort to reach America, It's all been worth it.. The girl with the big dream has won the Women's Championship!

Emily Rose enters the ring and holds the title high in the air as Akira watches on, can't quite believe she's accomplished her dream. Emily then hands Akira the title and shares a hug with the Champion before exiting the ring and allowing Akira to have her moment. Akira then holds the title tightly before falling down to her knees..

Akira then stands back up, holds the title high and begins beating her chest, mouthing the words.. "Thank you"

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  7GailTitle

Foster: What an amazing moment for this young women! Akira Tajiri has done it, she's become the Women's Champion and just listen to this Vegas crowd, show much respect shown too this lady by the fans at ringside.

Gavin Williams then comes down from the stage and enters the ring, with a smile on his face, he begins to speak.


Akira Tajiri Celebration Promo:

Williams: Akira Tajiri, You are the first ever PWR Women's Champion! How does that feel?

Akira pauses, looking towards the crowd and kisses the title, holding it up once more before speaking as Gavin holds out the microphone.

Akira: I-I-I... I can't believe it Gavin. The emotion, the occasion and what this means too me, I cannot express into words. All my life, this is all I dreamed about.. It's everything that I have ever wanted and I have done it... I'm the PWR Women's Champion. Wow, I can't believe it Gavin, I'm just so proud and I want to thank everyone who has helped me achieve this.. My master, Tajiri, My fans.. My wonderful fans and most importantly, every wrestling fan around the world.. This is why I do this.. I do this to entertain and wrestling has giving me a home, it's giving me my purpose and I promise to make you all proud.

Williams: Akira, clearly it's an emotional and well deserved moment, but I have to ask, what now?

Akira: Gavin, I just want to enjoy this moment.. I look at the Eight people I faced tonight and there some of the best female- No! There some of the best wrestlers in the world! I have respect for each of there ability's and make no mistake, they will be coming to take this away from me and I know that winning this.. won't be as hard as trying to defend it, but I will do so with immense pride and honor. People have tuned in to watch N' vs Thunder, to watch Kyojin vs Darius, Torture vs Shaz but us women have just proving that we can wrestle as good as any of them and that PWR, thanks to Emily Rose, is a place where Women's Wrestling will be allowed to shine and flourish brightly.

Though it's me that stands here as the Champion, every women in this match should be proud of what we have done tonight and the standard we have set in this ring.. Too all those women I say... I expect nothing from the best from each and everyone of you and you should not expect anything else from me.. This title is not mine.. But there's *points to the fans* and I'm defending it in there honor and too all who want to challenge me and prove they deserve to carry this title? I welcome the competition, because I want the best Women's wrestling division there could possibly be.

Thanks, Gavin.

Akira then nods her head and holds up the title once more as the crowd pop. Gavin the speaks one last time.

Williams: Let's hear it once again fans.. For the New, Pro Wrestling Rebellion's Women's Champion! Akira Taji-

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9Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Mon May 04, 2015 6:37 pm

Lamar & N Swisher Backstage Segments:

With the footage now showing a backstage setting, a long hall way with an office room door in the middle. The camera seems to be a security camera located on the wall above as it zooms in on the door and focuses on the sign to whom the office belongs too. It reads..

"General Manager - David Ryan"

As the camera then begins too zoom out a little, the door handle can be seen moving from the outside and the door then opens slightly. No audio is being picked up but the crowd watched on, intrigued to know what's going on. The door then opens completely and out steps the Compton born, Andre Lamar.

Foster: What's going on here? Andre stepping out of Dave Ryan's office and with a big grin on his face too, we all had to know this was coming. He's got a backup plan.

Pope: Now why are you going to jump to conclusions? Maybe.. Well.. Maybe he was delivering some coffee for Mr. Ryan who's a very busy man.

Foster: BS, James. We all knew this was going to happen, Andre and Ryan are together in this, Andre does not breath without passing it by our GM first, it's ridiculous.

Andre with the noticeable cocky grin on his face. Looks up to the camera, almost like he know's he's being watched and just winks. Dre' then begins swaggering his way out of the camera view as the focus switches to another area backstage.

This time, it appears to be a locker room. The door is at a jar and the camera crew who's controlling the camera, seems to be sneaking in, almost like access is off limits and it soon becomes clear as to why..

The locker room belongs to Nolan Swisher and his World Class Club, Ken Brandon and Scott Nash. Brandon and Nash are both wearing Team N Nike outfits as N is jumping rope with the bull rope.

Brandon has a clipboard writing stuff down and Nash is timing the pace as they are both motivating N, saying your the greatest of the great, best in the world right here, hard work,dedication,god body,there's no beating you Mr.Swisher.

Foster: Can you believe this, James? N is paying these clowns to fill his head up with hot air, there telling there boss what he wants to hear.

Pope: Actually Nikki, it sounds like they are telling the truth too me, in fact, I applaud there honesty and dedication to there boss, Mr. Swisher.

As N is working out breaking a sweat and stops to flex, looking into the mirror, he then notices the camera filming and sends his goons to get rid of the cameraman.

As they chase the cameraman guy and his team, the camera falls and get's left behind.

N shouts "your fired , your losing your job before the next hour guaranteed" then begins to mumble to himself and continue using the Bull Rope to jump as his team go right back into there motivational speech as the camera exits and heads back to ringside.

Commentary Segment:

Foster: Well that was strange.

Pope: Strange, why? Andre was spending time with our General Manager, perhaps discussing the recent boxing bout with Floyd won, fair and square, so all you haters, just quit running your mouth and N' was spending time, training with his boys, what's strange about that, Nikki?

Foster: Actually, I think Andre was scheming and I'm sure I'm going to be proved right when his BO Title match with Jack Phoenix and Israel Pamich takes place next and as for N, I think it's maybe starting to get into his head that this is real and he's getting in that ring with Tommy Thunder, with no place to run or hide.

Pope: Nonsense. Absolute nonsense, Nikki.

Foster: We will see James. Right now though fans, we are getting ourselves ready for the BO Title match and this one has recently got the wrestling world talking after there show stealing podium debate on this past PWR.Com show.

Pope: This really could steal the show partner. All three men want this so badly and it's going to make for a great match, no doubt.

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10Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Tue May 05, 2015 7:59 pm


As riled up Darius finishes speaking and there's big crowd cheer across the building, clearly they too are fired up from his words and can't wait too see the dream match finally happen tonight. The camera then heads back to ringside where James Pope and Nikki Foster are ready to speak once again.

Foster: This was supposed to be a dream match, but you've made this personal. That ladies and Gentleman was the words of the Reaper, Darius.

Pope: Man is he fired up or what? Though Gavin went about it a little novice like, the big question was asked. I'm one of those people that really though the Darius that came here.. Was not the Darius of before, in fact, he was lacking. However I think that's changed really and the old Darius is back, he looks fired up and that's going to make this clash of styles and men, that much better.

Foster: I think there's an argument to be made for both points. Do I think Darius was a little lacking.. Perhaps so. Did I ever doubt him though.. No. Darius is Darius, there's not many better around today and there's a reason why Kyo wanted this match, make no mistake, he know's that he's going to be facing the best Darius has to offer tonight and in turn, Darius is going to face the best Kyojin. It's a dream match for so many reasons and like you, and the crowd tonight, I can't wait to witness the action unfold.

Pope: Well I'm excited about that match.. However, there's one that stands out too me more then any other tonight. The time has come where N shows the whole world, that he is indeed, the World Class talent killer. Tonight.. N ends the wrestling reign of Tommy Thunder and shows the whole word that Thunder is finished.

Foster: I'll admit, if N can beat Tommy tonight and that's a massive IF.. I'll respect him. If he can do what he says he can and with no where to run, he beats Tommy tonight off his own skill and ability then you know what, fair play too him.

Pope: But.. Go on say it, I'm a expecting a but..

Foster: BUT! I don't think he can, I really don't. This is Tommy Thunder, James. A wrestling legend, perhaps the pinnacle for so many years and he's been caught in these games and antics by N for a while now, imagine all the frustration he has.. Tonight there's nowhere for N to run and I don't believe for one second, Tommy is going to waste this chance and leave with anything else other then beating Mr Swisher tonight. Retaliation is the name and I think that's exactly what we can expect from the Storm- Tommy Thunder!

Olivia Curtis: PWR fans! Our next match is set for one fall and will take place under the Texas Bull Rope rules! Both men will be hand tied together by the Bull Rope but pinfall's and submissions are the only way to score a victory!

Introducing first! Weighing 227 pounds, hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado! He is the must see MVP! The Storm- Tommy Thunder!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  50661

The crowd pop like mad as the sound of "Start movin'" blares from the speakers and Tommy Thunder steps out onto the stage. Tommy looks around at the Las Vegas crowd, soaking in the atmosphere as they chant and cheer his name repeatedly. Thunder then begins making his way down the ramp, only stopping every so often to take in the crowds applause and reaction as he smiles, clearly confident having been in a big match situation so many times before.

Foster: Man this crowd are going crazy, I can barely here myself think, James.

Pope: I think they know this is the last time they could see Tommy, especially after Mr Swisher is done with him partner.

With Tommy now having reached ringside, he enters the ring via the steps and then enters through the second rope. He taunts up the crowd as they give another large cheer before taking his place on the second rope and once more taunting along with the crowd. Tommy then drops down and appears to be going through some final preparations in the ring as all attention then turns to the stage, where they await Tommy's opponent.

Olivia Curtis: Annddd his opponent! Weighing 225 pounds, hailing from the United States of America! The self proclaimed Greatest of all time! Nolan Swisher- N!

From Tommy's pop and cheers, there's huge boo's and "diss" chants sounded from the crowd as Jay-Z's song, "You don't know" echo's around the arena. The theme of course belongs to Nolan Swisher yet there is no sight of the self proclaimed- Greatest of all time. After a few seconds, the boo's go up, the crowd seem to be sensing that N has bailed on the match and it does not go unnoticed with Tommy Thunder who's asking the referee, what's going on?

Foster: Well.. Where is he, James?

Pope: I don't know everything, Nikki. Maybe he's been called away on urgent business, maybe the White House need him?

Foster: The White House? Oh god.. That's even worse then the rest of the lies you and him have told. I think N' has bottled it.. He's not going to show up.

Just when he it looks like nobody is coming out.. Two people do, neither are Nolan Swisher. Instead, N's goons, the World Class Club step out onto the stage. N' theme then restarts once more and the crowd are confused, no one has a clue what's going on.. but clearly this was all planned as both Ken and Scott look up to the arena roof and begin clapping. Suddenly everyone in attendance looks up and it becomes clear..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Tumblr_muh5qjGs0p1sg31w3o3_250


Foster: Off course, more flash and arrogance from N, can we just get this match started and enough with the games and nonsense, please.

Pope: When you have the money that N does, you can do what you want Nikki and the Greatest of all time, is making the greatest PWR entrance of all time!

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  ShawnMichaelsWM12

From the other side of the arena, N zips down and despite a few cheers from the crowd, they continue booing him like crazy but N does not seem to care and begins to mock them from the air as he points to Tommy Thunder. N' then zips down, landing on the ramp and with the help of his goons, N exits the zip wire harness and the focus is on Tommy. N orders his goons to circle the ring as Tommy focuses on each man, before N' enters the ring.

Foster: Finally, the time has come.. The games are over. It's sink or swim time for Nolan Swisher.

Pope: He's a great swimmer, Nikki. It's Tommy that needs a life jacket, he may have been the man of the past, but he's looking at the man of the future!

The Referee official- Zak Castillo has the Bull Rope in hand and showcases it too the crowd as they cheer that the start of the match is drawing closer. The official then calls for Tommy and N to come closer as starts by attaching the Bull Rope to the hand of Tommy Thunder who allows it so, without any trouble. However it's a different story when it comes to N.. Who pulls his hand away and the crowd boo heavily.

N then throws his hands up in the air and begins yelling.. "I don't need this, I have nothing to prove" and begins trying to walk away. Tommy Thunder though steps right in front of N as they are both face to face. Tommy looks livid and exchanges words, the words are not picked up by the camera but it seems to fire up Mr Swisher too.. Swisher then steps back and holds out his hand as the the rope is attached by the official and the match is underway, as the ring bell is sounded..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  25_GAB_06272004_223

The crowd are cheering, there's general excitement too see this match get going. It starts rather tense though, both Tommy and N tugging and pulling the rope, trying to get themselves the best position, almost testing the other, seeing which one is going to strike first and it's not long before Tommy does.. He has had enough and just want's to fight. He runs at Swisher and lashes him with strikes, right handed flurry's each one being applauded by the crowd, as if each one of them were throwing the punch themselves.

N (Triple H) vs Tommy Thunder (Rock) - Texas Bull Rope Match.
Start at 3:22 stop at 7:36

Pope: Where's Thunder taking N' now?!

Foster: There on the stage, this fight has gone around the whole of ringside, in and out of the crowd and now Tommy has drove the head of Swisher into the stage set.

Pope: This match should be in the ring! Tommy's clearly worried that he will be out wrestled by the Greatest of all time!

Foster: I think Tommy is making sure that N pays for all his antics and talk, this is Retaliation and that's exactly what's happening.

N bounces of the stage set and the crowd cheer, chanting "one more time" as Tommy obliges. He steps back before this time with even more force, launching N into the stage as Swisher hits it hard, bouncing back off and right into a clothesline from Thunder as Tommy lands hard on the stage floor, his back rattling across the steel as a few welts immediately show.

Tommy then drags back up N and begins looking over the edge of the stage as the crowd cheer loudly once more. N' goons are watching on, from the bottom of the ramp and can be seen pleading with Tommy not do anything stupid. Tommy though just smiles and then Irish whips N, N though holds the rope, able to balance himself before he went tilting over, he then boots Tommy in the stomach and grabs the head of Thunder, he then returns the favor by throwing Tommy head first into the stage set and as Tommy comes bouncing back, N catches him and throws him over with a belly to belly suplex. Tommy hits the steel mesh flooring with a real thud, Thunder yells out in agony as the tables have turned.

N then poses, taunting and mocking Thunder as the crowd boo. Tommy then begins to stir, on all fours as he tries to crawl away and gain distance. N though grabs the Bull Rope and tightens it around his own arm before creating a loop and placing the loop around the throat of Thunder, N then sits on Tommy's back and begins to yank, throttling Thunder as some younger fans in the crowd turn away, too hard for them too view.

Pope: Throttle him! Yeah, come on Thunder, what now? What now?!

Foster: N' is squeezing the life out of Tommy Thunder, the man can't breathe!

Zak Castillo steps in and causes the break, N' eventually releases the Bull Rope from around the throat of Thunder before starting to whip him across the back with it.. Each strike causing severe pain and welts across the legends back as Tommy is kicked down ramp, rolling away after each whip of the Bull Rope.

Both men reach ringside once more, N' then continues mocking Tommy. It eventually proves his undoing though as he drags him up, but Tommy kicks him in the stomach before driving Swisher face first into the steel ring post. Tommy then stands back up and the camera catches a glimpse of his back, covered with welts, from the stage, ramp and Bull Rope strikes. Tommy though fights on, he climbs up the ring apron and without a thought, leaps off with a diving elbow drop, his elbow smashing into the chest of Swisher as the crowd cheer once again.

Tommy then takes a moment to catch his breath before picking up his rival off the floor and rolling him into the ring. In the ring- Tommy begins to get back up and on the other side of the rope, N uses the ropes to stand himself back up... Tommy then picks up the Cowbell that was in the middle and when N comes close...

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  20111207_gab_2007_bullrope

..BANG! Tommy drills the Cowbell into the head of N' and immediately Swisher falls down as the crowd pop at the sound of the bell, hitting the skull of Swisher. The camera then shows the face of N and it's a crimson mask, blood flowing from the head of Swisher as the crowd are into the match more then ever now.

Foster: SWISHER HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN! Tommy drilled N' with the Cowbell!

Pope: Barbaric, This is a disgrace. Thunder is nothing more then a damn animal.

Foster: Don't look now James, it's about to get worse!

Thunder watches N' squirm and try to stand back up, falling too his knee's as N begins pleading with Thunder that he's had enough. The crowd though.. want more and begin chanting the name of Thunder over and over. Tommy then uses his foot to kick down N who turns back and begins crawling to the ropes. Thunder then comes from behind and when N was looking to stand, repays what N did too him earlier and latches the Bull Rope around the throat of the World Class Club leader and begins yanking away, choking Swisher while the crowd watch on.

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  2h4xc1y

Pope: Release him! That's enough, release him Tommy!

Foster: Thunder is just returning the favor, James. I didn't see you caring as much when the roles reversed earlier on in the match.

Pope: This is dis-YES! GET IN THERE, GET HIM!

With Tommy still choking Swisher and with no sign of him escaping. In come Ken Brandon and Scott Nash- N's World Class Club members. They rush Tommy like a pack of wild dogs, dragging him off Swisher and then putting the boots too him as the crowd are furious but are forced to watch on. Brandon then drags up Thunder and holds him in position as Nash picks up the cowbell and at the sign of N' who's coughing and trying to catch his breath, he signals the thumbs down and the cowbell is drove into the cranium of Thunder who falls down instantly, seemingly out cold as the crowd continue heavily booing.

Brandon then rolls over a motionless Thunder as Scott Nash places there boss-Mr Swisher over Thunder as the match has dramatically turned and N' is about to pick up a huge win tonight.


Pope: Yes.. It's over, it's over Nikki. Here comes the pin!




The crowd go crazy with cheers, it's as if Tommy won the match. Clearly they were expecting N' to have been handed the victory and yet Tommy has kicked out. N though is in total shock as he stares at his boys and they just stare back. N' then wipes his face as blood now coveres his hand and it seems to make his furious. He demands that Brandon picks up Thunder and this time, Swisher picks up the cowbell himself. He then steps back before charging at Thunder. Tommy though, backheels Brandon with a low blow and then steps out of the way, Brandon gets nailed by Swisher with the bell as it chimes around the arena to a pop from the crowd. Thunder then nails Scott Nash with a clothesline and knocks him down. N in total shock, drops the cowbell and looks at his following man.

Tommy then spins N around, kicks him in the stomach and hits the side effect before going for the three count.

Foster: Storm Effect! Thunder with the Storm Effect!

Pope: This is bad.. this is real bad.




Just when it looked like the three count was coming. Scott Nash scrambled across the ring and pulled Tommy's legs, cancelling the pin attempt. Nash then latched onto Tommy and began firing away with punches.

Foster: This is ridiculous! Tommy's literally in a three on one situation!

Pope: He wanted this match, Nikki.

Nash drags up Tommy and looks to continue his attack, however it's not too be and with the crowd chanting and cheering the name of Tommy Thunder, it seems to spur him on. Tommy blocks one of the right hands and begins firing back with some of his own. Tommy then begins lashing Nash with kicks until he falls back down too one knee. Thunder then steps back and for how long the Bull Rope allows, runs at Nash and smashes him with the shining wizard, knocking him out.

Foster: Nash is out, Brandon is out.. This is Tommy's chance!

Pope: N is moving, N is starting to stir, Nikki.

The crowd are watching on. They have no idea what expect next. Both members of the World Class Club are down and out, it's just N and Tommy just like this match should be yet both remain down, both are clearly feeling the strain of the match. After what seems like an eternity, it's N making the most movement and he begins crawling over to Thunder as he see's him down, unsure what's happened. N then reaches Thunder and the crowd can see what's coming next.. N throws him arm up and drapes it over Thunder and the referee begins to count..



Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Innovated-anaconda-vise-sick-o


The crowd go insane as the ref brought down his arm, about to call out three, Thunder reversed it and slipped in the Anaconda Vice in the middle of the ring.. N has nowhere to go and panic begins to set in as he starts kicking and clawring trying to escape.

Foster: It's no use, that Anaconda Vice is locked in.. This could be it!

Pope: N's on his own, his boys are down and he's trapped in the middle of the ring!

The referee begins yelling at N, asking if he wishes to give up but the proclaimed Greatest of all time remains intent on trying to escape as his eyes begin getting heavy and he looks like he's about to fade. Just when the end looks near though.. N pulls a real heel trick out of the book and gauges the eye of Thunder who breaks the hold and rolls in pain.

N then rolls to the ropes slowly, clearly feeling the effects of the match and that Anaconda vice and begins clutching at the ropes, attempting to stand, on the other side of the ring, Tommy does the same as the Bull Rope is pretty much at full stretch. Tommy stands up first but is holding the eye, appearing to have blurred vision and it proves a huge downfall as N boots Tommy who was unable to see the kick in the stomach and then..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  IbbJoiZsK9EI6a


Foster: N' with the Pedigree... Now with the cover!





Foster: N has... N has won. N has beat Tommy Thunder.

Pope: You sound shocked?! I told you Nikki. N has showed what I've said all along, he's the Greatest of all time!

After the three count was scored, there was a massive round of boo's and chants of "Bullshit!", clearly the Vegas crowd were backing Thunder and feel like N's goons have played a massive part in this match. Now though, there's silence, they are stunned that N' has beat Tommy Thunder.

Olivia Curtis: Anddd your winner, the self proclaimed Greatest of all time! N Swisher!

Foster: I'm stunned folks. I don't know what to say.

Pope: How about a damn sorry? I told you, I told anyone that would listen, this outcome was coming and a star has been born! Everyone will remember tonight.. Retaliation! The night where Tommy's career was ended and N Swisher cemented himself a legacy!

Foster: It's not that quite cut and dry, James. Make no mistake, Tommy was winning this match, he had Swisher pleading with him to stop at one point and then N's goons got involved and changed the outcome of this match!

Pope: No! That Pedigree changed the outcome! Tommy's face being crushed into the canvas just like all his MVP's in the crowd, had there hearts crushed by Nolan Swisher tonight.

After a few minutes, N is carried away up the ramp by his goons- Ken Brandon and Scott Nash with his arms raised in victory. In the ring.. Tommy is just coming around and looks shocked, almost like a beaten man, almost embarrassed at the loss. However the crowd are on there feet and begin applauding the effort of Thunder.

Foster: Great respect from this crowd. They appreciate everything that Tommy did tonight and the effort shown. Thunder did everything but in the end, the numbers game changed this match and Nolan Swisher has got his victory.

Thunder then exits the ring and just looks around the arena, nodding his head in acceptance at the chants before making his way back up the ramp. The live footage then turns to the Titantron.

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11Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Thu May 07, 2015 3:48 pm



PWR Presents: Retaliation

Location - Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Narrator: The superstars must break out.

The staredown between Andre Lamar, Israel Pamich & Jack Pheonix is shown.

The women must prove themselves.

Images of Akira Tajiri, Emma Gates, Skyler Knox, April Snow, Sasha Panzer, Rain, Lillith are played.

True colours can be shown.

Hayden Coel is shown attacking Vince Omega.

But there is nowhere to run.

Clips of N constantly running from Tommy Thunder's challenges are shown.

As the battle for territory continues.

The Knights & The Empire are shown brawling.

You have heated rivalries.

Kyojin & Darius are shown having an intense staredown.

As it's time to determine who's the best.

We see Shaz with a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press off a pod in the Elimination Chamber match, before Mr. Torture is shown becoming the first PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

Tonight is all about showing no fear...

Because it's time for Retaliation.

The cameras cut to the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas as we see the live Vegas crowd showing their love as they chant PWR! The theme song of Retaliation which is Payback by Juicy J, Kevin Gates, Future & Sage the Gemini blasts around the arena as the camera cuts to the commentators.

James Pope: Ladies and gentlemen- we welcome the PWR Universe to Retaliation! Tonight is going to be a huge night, as we've got so much action with multiple world class wrestlers in store for all of you!

Nikki Foster: I don't think anybody can afford to keep their eyes closed at any moment during the PPV, because anything can happen! Pope, you're absolulely correct when you say that we've got plenty of action in store for everybody- I mean, who else is looking forward to three superstars being on the verge of breaking out?!

Pope: We have Andre Lamar facing Israel Pamich & Jack Phoenix in a Triple Threat Match to determine our FIRST ever Breakout Champion! This will be an epic match that you won't want to miss- because it features three men who are the future of this company!

Foster: Speaking of the future- what about the grudge match we have later on tonight- as Hayden Coel makes his PPV debut to take on Vince Omega! Two men who have gone through so much struggle in their lives, go one on one as they look to settle their differences.

Pope: More differences will be settled tonight- as The Empire take on The Knights in a Trios Elimination Match! This feud has gotten more personal over the last couple of weeks, and the two teams look set to determine who the top trios are in PWR!

Foster: That's going to be amazing; and we've also got a huge Womens Battle Royal to determine our FIRST ever Womens Champion! This is going to be a big night for the Women folks, as they all look set to steal the show- and I've got faith in all of them, that they will kill it.

Pope: I also see two superstars set to kill each other tonight- when 'The Reaper' Darius goes face to face with Kyojin in their first EVER singles match in professional wrestling! This match has been full of hype, and we're certain that the match will live up to it's expectations!

Foster: And so will the Texas Bull Rope Match- as we have a legend in Tommy Thunder facing one of PWR's rising stars in N Swisher! N has ran away from Thunder plenty of times- but tonight, when the two men are tied to each other? There will be no running!

Pope: But finally- we've also got a massive main event in store for everybody as we will see Mr. Torture defend his PWR World Heavyweight Championship to take on 'The Lone Wolf' Shaz! This should be interesting, and I wonder how things are going to go especially as this is Mr. Torture's first defense.

Foster: Don't forget about those ribs of Shaz- because Torture will most likely to everything he can to make sure Shaz goes down tonight. Moving on, we are getting word that the first match to kick off Retaliation will be our Trios Elimination Match as The Knights take on The Empire! That match.. begins right nowt!


Olivia Curtis: The following contest is a Trios Elimination Match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Beneath the Crown- Jason Cade & Cable.. they are The Knights!

The Knights come out to boos from the crowd. Cade & Cable stand on seperate sides, and they kneel down as they wait for their leader.

Curtis: And their leader, from The Valley of Kings.. he is The Hardcore King!

The Hardcore King comes out to boos as he joins his followers on the stage. He makes his way down the ramp as The Knights follow him. They slide into the ring as the fans continue to boo them.

Pope: Look at all three of these men. They look as confident as ever heading into this Trios Elimination Match.

Foster: I agree- but the best thing about this match, is that there is no clear favorite. This makes things much more unpredictable for us and the PWR Universe!

Curtis: And their opponents. They are from Atlantic City, New Jersey... The Empire!

The Empire come out in their latest Rolls Royce as the fans reply with mixed reactions. The car stops, as TJ Bell, Claw Law & Nate Washington exit the car- and make their way to the ring. They slide into the ring- as the two teams begin to stare at each other with the referee in the middle.

Pope: I can feel that animosity between the two teams. Both teams are staring each other out, and the hatred is unreal!

Foster: This will make way for a very heated match, and I can't wait to see which trio comes out on top!

The referee calls for the bell as the match begins!

Match 1. The Empire vs. The Knights - Trios Elimination Match

Skip at 10:00

Nate/Barrett, Clay/Henry & Otunga/Law - THK/Cena, Cable/Ryder, Cade/Big Show

Foster: What a Clothesline from Clay to The Hardcore King!

Pope: For those of you who are just tuning in- we're currently at 2-1 to The Empire in this Trios Elimination Match! Nate Washington eliminated Jason Cable, whereas Cade eliminated TJ Bell! Cade was also eliminated by Nate- as Nate has a total of 2 eliminations so far in this match.

Back to the action- Clay begins to taunt the crowd, as they boo him loudly. He turns back to THK and he picks him up. He goes for a Big Boot but THK grabs the boot, and drops it to the ground. THK then hits Clay with a huge Dropkick to the face however Clay doesn't go down due to his size- but you can tell that Clay is very dizzy.

THK runs from one side to another- and strikes with a Springboard Clothesline as that sends Clay to the canvas with the fans going wild! THK goes for the cover, but as soon as the referee is about to count- Nate Washington gets into the ring. The referee goes up to Nate to tell him to get back- as THK looks annoyed.

The referee has his eyes back on the price as Nate heads back behind the ropes- but THK crashes into Nate with an Enzuigiri as Nate is out of the ring! THK begins to shout at Nate in anger, Clay rolls him up from out of nowhere!



Foster: THK kicks out!

Pope: He's managed to save himself! That was very intense!

Clay can't believe it- but he refuses to let this hold him down as he picks himself back up. He waits for THK to get up as he motions for the Frank Train (Pounce)...

Foster: This really isn't going to end well for The Hardcore King if Clay connects with The Frank Train.

Pope: I have to agree with you here- The Frank Train is a devastating finisher.

An evil smirk appears on the face of Clay as he's set to finish THK off.. THK slowly gets up- not knowing what's about to come. He grabs hold of the ropes to stay up, and he turns around! Clay grabs his hand, and he sends him running from one side to another. Clay runs to the ropes, and bounces off them- as just as he's about to hit it..

Pope: The Hardcore King DUCKS!

THK has ducked as Clay has missed, and Clay is absolutely shocked! Both men turn around, but it's THK who strikes as he nails Clay with a Roundhouse Kick! Clay doesn't go down as the big man stays up, but THK nails him a kick to the kneecap which loosens Clay a little- and THK hits another HUGE Roundhouse Kick to the face as Clay goes down!

Clay is wincing on the canvas, and he crawls over to the ropes as THK lets him. He grabs the ropes, and goes to pick himself up as he's shattered- but THK grabs him, and gets Clay to his feet using the ropes for leverage. He turns Clay around, kicks him in the gut..


THK nails Clay with a Double Underhook DDT before going for the cover!




Pope: Clay is eliminated!

Clay begins to roll out of the ring, and THK assists him as he kicks him out. THK turns around, and he sees Nate Washington behind him. Nate & THK stare at each other for 5 seconds- before both men charge into each other! Nate goes for a shot but THK grabs his fist, and goes for an Arm Drag as Nate falls on the canvas.

THK gets up, and runs from one side to another before going for a Leg Drop but as he goes for it- Nate rolls out of the way as THK lands flat on his bottom. Nate picks himself up, and nails THK with a kick to the face THK goes flying! Nate grabs THK by the mask, and picks him up before choking him- but THK manages to counter into a Spinebuster!

The crowd cheer as they hear the effects, and...

Foster: THK has the Lockpicker locked in!

Pope: That is one dangerous Triangle Choke submission!

THK locks in the Lockpicker as he looks to choke Nate out! THK begins to increase the pressure, and as he holds tighter and tighter- Nate is so close to grabbing the ropes! THK screams 'tap the hell out!' as Nate is screaming in pain, but the submission is broken as Nate grabs the ropes!


Foster: And THK is absolutely shocked- and rightfully so!

THK can't believe it as Nate managed to get out of his grasp! THK gets up, and he picks Nate up, as he sets him up for a DDT- but Nate manages to get out of it, before nailing THK with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Nate goes for the cover- but THK grabs hold of the ropes! Nate can't believe it, and he punches the mat in frustration.

Nate waits for THK to get up, and he screams 'I'm gonna finish you!' as he picks THK up on his shoulders- ready to go for the ARB (A Real Backbreaker) but as he goes to run, THK grabs hold of the ropes as Nate is unable to hit it. Nate ends up dropping THK, but THK is still up on his feet using the ropes for leverage. Nate turns back to THK but THK kicks him in the gut..



The Hardcore King goes for the cover as the fans exploded with mixed reactions..




Curtis: The Hardcore King was the final man- therefore winners of this Trios Elimination Match are The Knights... and The Hardcore King!

The fans erupt with mixed reactions again as THK has done it for himself and his team! The referee helps THK up, and he raises his hand as THK begins to punch his chest in hype. He raises his hands up on his own once again in victory.

The cameras cut to the stage, as we see The Knights coming out- still feeling hurt as they got eliminated previously. They slide into the ring- as Cade gets on one side, and Cable gets on other. Both men kneel down, as THK is in the middle- and THK stands tall.

Pope: What a victory for The Hardcore King & The Knights! This means that they have a victory against each other, as do The Empire- so it's 1-1. Will we see a rubber match between the two trios?

Foster: I'm not sure- but if we do, then I'm all for it. Our opening match for tonight was fantastic- as we saw some great moments. Both The Hardcore King & Nate Washington got two eliminations each, and it just goes to show why they are the leaders of their respective trios.

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12Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Wed May 13, 2015 7:40 am


Foster: He's going to become the PWR World Heavyweight Champion- Those are the words from the challenger, Shaz. James, your thoughts?

Pope: Shaz has always been vocal, he's great on the mic, Nikki. He makes you almost believe him, however, we heard Torture say otherwise and I truly believe that Torture's title reign is just getting started and he will beat Shaz tonight!

Foster: It's a close call.. I'm going with Shaz though partner, my only concern- those injured ribs. Just how badly will it affect Shaz tonight. It's got to effect your breathing and it could very well take away Shaz's Ariel offence tonight.

Pope: Not just that Nikki, think about it mentally.. It's going to play on the mind of Shaz all match. Just imagine he goes to hit that Corkscrew Shooting Star Press, there's going to be a moment of doubt and that doubt will be crucial.. There can be no doubt when you are walking into a World Title match against someone like Torture.

Foster: Well fans, it's almost time for our Main Event but James, what a night it's been! We have crowned two new Champions in Akira Tajiri and Israel Pamich! We had the debut of JUNO MERCURY and we seen the Knights claim there turf, defeating the Empire.

Pope: We also seen the return of Kyo in the ring.. Beating Darius after a classic from both men. We seen Hayden Coel come out on top and show he's here to stay and he's making an impact here in Pro Wrestling Rebellion. However, the real talking point- N BEATING TOMMY THUNDER! THAT'S RIGHT, YOU HEARD ME, N... BEATING TOMMY THUNDER!

Foster: ALRIGHT! We get it James, jeez, could you scream it any louder? It really has been a great show fans but now it's time for our Main Event Match. The Champ- Torture will defend his World Title against the challenger- Shaz!

Attention then turns to the Titantron where a small video package begins to play. It shows the early days of Shaz, growing up in his home town of Brixton- London. It shows him growing up, His jail time, training hard and his various appearances in the wrestling world, along with his various achievements in the business. The video then pauses with the picture of Shaz on top of the Elimination Chamber pod at No Escape. The video then kicks back in with Shaz nailing the Shooting Star Press that was talked about everywhere! It then comes full circle and shows the recent happenings of Shaz, along with the injured ribs..

The video then pauses once again.. As these words appear - "Life is about struggles, chasing your dream. Life is not easy and will kick you down when you are at your lowest, it's not about how many times you get kicked down though... It's how many times you can stand back up!"

The video then kicks back into gear once more and it shows Shaz once again at his best, fighting on with the injured ribs, continuing to hit that Corkscrew Shooting Star Presses on various superstars on disORDER before the video finishes with the attack from Shaz last week and him vowing to take Torture's title.

Foster: Such an amazing journey this man has been on folks. Shaz can divide opinion, some love him, some hate him. One thing's for sure, the lone wolf demands respect and even with those badly injured ribs, he's ready and he's coming for Torture's World Title!

Olivia Curtis: PWR fans, it's time for our Main Event of the night! This match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the PWR World Heavyweight Title! Introducing first- The Challenger!

Hailing from Brixton, London, England! Weighing 215 pound, The Lone Wolf- Shaz!!

With the exception of a few who are booing, Shaz receives the most face reaction he's perhaps had a for a while as the crowd chant and cheer his name. Shaz steps out onto the stage and immediately, he has one arm close to his taped up ribs, perhaps further sign that Shaz is not fully fit for this match. The Brixton bad-boy though shows no sign of injury as he then throws up his arms before pointing to the ground and as the beat of his theme kicks in, so does the pyro behind him as the crowd once more cheer. Shaz then begins making his way down the ramp and enters the ring before he goes through final pre-match stretches, teasing his ribs and movement.

Pope: Huge night for Shaz, Nikki. I'll give credit where it's due, it's gusty of him too even make sure he's here tonight because of those ribs, we know that Shaz has refused time off and wants this badly.. However to want it one thing, to each is another and he has Torture stood in his way tonight. The Era of Torture is upon us!

The camera then turns once more to the Titantron as a second small video package begins to play. This time, the video is very different, more dark and grim. It shows a small child and his problems, various methods of torture are shown on all different animals, from small house pets, to even smaller insects. Everything from Scolding with a hot iron to a magnifying class on a small nest of ants, it's clear the urge to Torture was in him from young.. It then shows the boy, this time older, various allegations are thrown his way, everything from Torture to rape on young girls. The video then continues on, this time the young man, is an adult. He's shown as a member of IWA and with Hawk's nest. The footage shows Torture in the background though.. Very much away from the spotlight.

The video then pauses as these words appear - "Can a child be born evil? Can a man grow to love suffering? The outcast that would become the Champion. The darkness has arrived, evil has reached Pro Wrestling Rebellion. All will suffer.. The man in Black will cause nothing... but... Torture. You have all been warned. The era of Torture is upon us!"

The video then kicks back in and this time the man in latex, is shown doing what he does best, causing pain and suffering. It shows his early days in CMLL and CZW through the various hardcore matches and hard fought battles. It then shows Torture winning the BlackOut title. Finally the video pauses once more for a moment.. It shows Mike Hawk and his shadow, the shadow then begins to get bigger and bigger, eventually Torture emerges from the shadow and his shadow then engulfs Mike Hawk as the crowd see the story being told. It then finishes with Torture winning the PWR World Title in the Elimination Chamber at No Escape.

Foster: A horrible and evil man. Torture is one sick person and the scary part? He's never claimed otherwise folks, Torture knows who and what he is.. He's completely comfortable with it and that should send shivers down the spine of everyone who opposes him.

Pope: Above all.. Torture is highly talented and that's why he represents this company Nikki. It's nothing to do with his bondage fetish or anything of that nature.. Torture has stepped out of Mike Hawk's shadow and is going to eclipse him! The Summer of Hawk is over... He's gone! The era of Torture is now!

Olivia Curtis: Introducing next!! The Champion! Hailing from The Torture Chamber! Weighing 220 pounds, he is the Man in Black. The PWR World Heavyweight Champion- Torture!!

After watching the video package, the crowd are going completely crazy with large boo's and jeers in the direction of Torture as he steps out from behind the curtain. There is no sign of emotion or acknowledgement of the crowd from the man in latex. Torture just stands, his title lofted high in the air as he then begins walking down the ramp, headed to the ring.

Foster: Listen to this crowd, James. Torture is not getting heat.. He's burning! The crowd are giving it too him from all angles, there furious after seeing that video package.

Pope: Well I don't know how that video package was allowed to air, but that's Torture.. It's who he is.. That's why he's dangerous and this is Pro Wrestling Rebellion! It's wrestling at it's most extreme and anyone who wanted too see a clean fight.. Well.. Stick to watching Boxing. I know Torture will not care about this response, in fact, I think he will relish it and that's bad news for the challenger- Shaz.

Referee official then does the final checks over both men in there respective corners as the crowd are red hot, on there feet, waiting for the bell to sound. Brian Anderson- the match official then grabs the title from Torture and raises it hight in the air as both opponents continue staring at each other, neither looking away, neither wanting to back down. The match bell then sounds and the action is under way.

PWR World Heavyweight Title, Main Event Match - Torture (Orton) vs Shaz (Hardy)
Start at 5:00 stop at 9:30

Pope: Drop kick! Torture countering that high rope leap attempt from Shaz.

Foster: Shaz just fell hard to the outside of the ring, landing hard on his side and ribs. Shaz has already got be feeling the burning pain.. yet.. he's shown numerous times in this match that he's prepared to take risk after risk and this crowd are right behind him, supporting him.

Pope: Yeah and how are there support going to help beat Torture? It's just words and clapping Nikki. Shaz has shown he will take risk but Torture is fighting this match smartly and just punished Shaz, for that attempted high risk move from the Brixton Born native.

With Shaz on the outside, nursing his ribs and side from that fall to the outside. Torture exits the ring and immediately keeps the pressure on, driving his knee into the ribs as the crowd boo. Torture then drags back up Shaz and drives his back into the edge of the commentary table, before flipping him back around and then driving his back in the ring apron ledge as the offence is clearly intended to keep the pain on those ribs.

Foster: Shaz had to know this was coming, James. Torture has honed in on those injured ribs and it's a matter of time before that starts to effect the breathing of the lone wolf.

Pope: It was a mistake to think otherwise if that was the case, Nikki. Torture is not just a name, it's who he is and he's punishing Shaz right in front of our commentary table.

With the referee counting.. Torture rolls into the ring, before rolling right back out, though he can regain the title on a count out, clearly he's enjoying the pain being inflicted on his opponent. Torture then drags up Shaz and clobbers him across the back, before firing away with punches to the ribs of Shaz. Torture then hard irish whips Shaz into the crowd barrier, only for Shaz to reverse and swing the Champ instead... Crash! Torture slams into the crowd barrier and knocks it back by a few Centimetres as the crowd cheer. Shaz then lays it on think with a combo of strikes, Torture attempting to cover up.

The love wolf then scoops up the Champion and places him on the barricade as the crowd look on, wondering what's coming next. Shaz then nails Torture with a few more clobbering strikes before hopping up onto the ring apron. Then after a deep breath, from the ring apron he hits Torture with..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Pay14_photo_161

Foster: Shaz with the spinning barricade leg drop to the back of Tortures head! Once again, Shaz showing his bravery to take risks.

Pope: But look, Nikki, He's once again clutching his ribs.. He needs to wrestle this match smarter, he's doing damage to himself with these risk moves to please the crowd.

Foster: I don't think he's pleasing anyone, James. This is Shaz, it's his style and he's going to do what ever it takes to leave Retaliation as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Both men are down on the floor as Shaz hit the spinning leg drop from the ring apron. Shaz though, is the first back up and notices the referee is at a Seven count. Shaz's first reaction is enter the ring and like Torture before him, does so, breaking the count before returning back to the outside. He then picks up Torture and rolls him into the ring. Shaz then leaps up onto the ring apron but before he can do anything else, Torture drives at him with a spear attempt, Shaz see's it coming though and kicks Torture in the face.. Shaz then leaps over the ropes and over Torture, rolling him up with a sunset flip pin attempt..



Pope: Torture kicks out!

Foster: Shaz almost stole one there partner, he's starting to gain momentum!

Torture kicked out at two, but Shaz continued with the pressure. On top of Torture and begins striking with some MMA ground and pound smashes as Torture tries to cover up. Torture eventually is able to wriggle free, he then see's Shaz coming once more and rams his thumb into the eye of Shaz, binding some time. Torture then springs into the one of the six sided ring ropes and nails Shaz with a knee, the knee once more aimed at the side and ribs of Shaz who falls down instantly, clutching in pain.

Torture then stands, his face is out of view because of the latex costume but you can almost bet that he's smiling underneath, happy too see his challenger suffering and struggling. Torture then lays into Shaz with his boots before pulling him back up. Torture then scoops him up before bringing him back down with the..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  TGSZ5

..Torture drives Shaz's head into the canvas with the Michinoku Driver ll as the crowd looking on worryingly. Torture then hooks the leg of the lone wolf and look's to end the match right here as official Brian Anderson drops down and begins to count!


Pope: It's over, Shaz ain't getting up from the Michi-Driver to the canvas!


Foster: Kick out! It's not over, it's not, Shaz kicking out!

Pope: Come on Shaz, be smart, your injured, stay down!

Foster: There is no quit in this man, James. Shaz is going to fight on.

Torture stares at the referee official as Shaz kicks out before the three. Torture then gets back up and once more lays into Shaz with kicks in and around the rib area. Torture then drops down to one knee and begins ripping away at the taped up ribs. Shaz tries fighting back, but Torture hits him back down with a couple of right handed punches. Torture then tears away the tape, protecting the ribs and throws it across the ring. Torture the drags up Shaz and slings him into the turnbuckle.. Shaz's back bashes of the turnbuckle and as he comes stumbling out, Torture grips him up and plants him back down with a back breaker across the knee of Torture as Shaz yells out in pain.

Torture then presses down on Shaz and hooks both legs, almost expecting the victory as the referee counts again.



Foster: No, still only a two count from the Man in Black, Torture.

Pope: Just stay down Shaz, just stay down!

Torture begins starting to show his frustration. Punching the canvas as he stands back up. He then once again, hauls up Shaz and begins slapping him as the crowd heavily boo. Torture then lines up a punch and when he swings.. Shaz blocks, Shaz then like a whirlwhind fights back, slapping Torture across the chest with chops and then punches, similar to how Dean Ambrose does when he's fired up. Shez then forearm strikes Torture in the face and it appears to stun the Champion.. The challenger then see's the chance and strikes..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Oxon9

..To a pop from the crowd, Shaz lands the codebreaker on Torture. It was clearly a move out of adrenaline though as Shaz then rolls around the ring, holding his back and ribs, he's now in real pain and the referee begins to check on, asking if he can continue on. Shaz yells "Yes" at the referee as he continues nursing his injuries. Across the ring, lays Torture. The Champion can be seen trying to stand, shaking his head, trying to regain his composure after that codebreaker from out of nowhere from Shaz.

Shaz is able to stand first, relying on the ropes for leverage. Shaz then hobbles over to where Torture is now placed and as he draws close, Torture dives forward, slamming his shoulder into the gut of Shaz before then grabbing him and throwing him into the ring post, shoulder first. Torture then grabs Shaz out of the corner and places him in a stretch, positioned in the middle of the ring as Shaz begins yelping in pain as the crowd try to spur him on.

Pope: Clever, very clever from the Champion. Great awareness too, look where Shaz is, he's in the middle of the ring, he's a long way, away from the ropes and this could be a matter of time now, that stretch is looked in tight, causing more damage to those ribs.

Foster: The referee is asking the question James, yet, Shaz is refusing to quit, he won't give up and the crowd are right behind him here!

Pope: This crowd can't make a difference Nikki, Shaz is having the fight squeezed from him, that pain has got too be unbearable and Torture is taking full advantage.

Torture continues the stretch, yanking away, trying to apply more and more pressure as he shouts at the referee to ask him, before shouting at Shaz to quit. With Shaz not looking likely to submit, despite being in agony, Torture releases the hold and then runs the ropes. As he springs back off into the direction of Shaz, he leaps up and nails him with a spinning heel kick, taking him down and out. Torture then scrambles across and hooks the leg once more, hoping this is enough to beat the lone wolf- Shaz.

Pope: Another pin attempt from Torture! This must be it!





Pope: How close was that?! What's Torture got to do? Shaz is a beaten man and he just won't give up! Come on Torture, you need to come up with something to put this guy away, once and for all.

Torture just sits on the canvas, looking at Shaz who begins rolling away, trying to cause some much needed separation from his opponent. Torture seems in disbelief that he was not able to score the three count there. The man in black then gets back up and begins trash talking Shaz as the crowd's boo's continue. Torture then grips up Shaz and pushes him into the corner of the ring, beginning to slap him across the face repeatedly as the crowd's rage for Torture grows. The Champ then slaps Shaz once again, this more harder with no respect at all... Shaz though out of nowhere, explodes! He begins fighting back, punching away at Torture.


Shaz with his flurry of strikes is knocking Torture back a little more with each one. He then grabs his own wrist and appears to charge it up, similar to Roman Reigns. He then looks to swing but Torture throws a clothesline his way first, Shaz though ducks the corner and springs off the ropes.. He then leaps in the air and...

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  SD_783_Photo_174_114201

...BANG! The superman like punch from Torture knocks him down as the crowd explode with cheers. However the force from the punch, sent Torture rolling out of the ring as Shaz looks devastated, knowing he perhaps used everything left in the tank with that punch.

Pope: Again, clever from Torture. He knows that ring so well, great awareness and when the danger looked likely, he was able to roll out of the ring. Smart move from the Champion.

Foster: Yeah, smart indeed James. Credit where it's due, the Champion made a good choice there because Shaz connected really well.

Pope: What is Shaz dong now? No.. He's not going too.. IS HE?!

Just as Pope finished speaking, Shaz once more defied those injured ribs and would leap through the second rope, smashing into Torture on the outside of the ring like a dart, catching him with a suicide dive as the crowd are chanting "This is Awesome, let's go Shaz".

Foster: Listen to this Vegas crowd, James. There on there feet in appreciation for this match and especially the efforts of the Shaz! I don't know he is able to continue fighting on, he continues taking these risks.

Pope: It's adrenaline, it has too be, maybe this crowd are helping him after all? I can't explain it otherwise, it shouldn't be possible!

Despite thr risks from Shaz, the best is yet too come. He's back up and with a lot of effort, rolls his opponent into the ring. Shaz then drags himself up onto the ring apron, using the ropes, however, he does not stop there and continues climbing, reaching the top rope. The crowd are now chanting and cheering like mad, they sense the match is soon to be over and they are about to witness the spectacle of that Corkscrew shooting star press. With Torture out, positioned in the ring, laying with his back to the canvas. Shaz is up and looks around the arena, sparking more cheers. He then holds his ribs for a moment, trying to balance himself before making the "I'm crazy" hand sign and leaping off the top rope..



Foster: NO! He's hurt- Shaz just crash landed onto the canvas and is in a world of hurt!

The crowd look on, real worry across there face as the landing was horrible, Torture moving out of the way as Shaz landed heavily on to the ring surface. Torture looks on, the corner of his eye, viewing Shaz riding in agony as the referee checks on him, almost like he's about to stop this match. Torture though wants nothing like that too happen and see's his chance.. Torture then stands back up, yells at the referee to stop this match and then runs the ropes, he reaches the second and spings off with the..

Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Y2J-and-Christian-vs-Miz-and-Ziggler-chris-jericho-31657562-642-361

Pope: TORTURE SAULT! Torture with the Torture Sault!

Foster: Once again, the pain, those ribs and gut have been crushed.

Pope: This is it! Torture with the pin!

Foster: The crowd are stunned, they know what's coming here!




Pope: TORTURE HAS DONE IT! He's retained the PWR World Heavyweight Championship!

Foster: My god- the fight, the desire, the hunger and the never say quit attitude of Shaz, that's what I'll remember from this match, James. I'll give Torture credit though, there was no back up plan, there was no trick up his sleeve. Torture has shown why he's the PWR World Champion and he's just beat Shaz!

Pope: The era of Torture, Nikki. It's upon us and it's not going away!

Olivia Curtis: The winner of this match! AND STILL, YOUR PWR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, TORTURE!

The crowd are not happy, but there's a few who are accepting that Torture done his job and has retained his world title tonight. The rest though are seemingly worried about Shaz as a few more officials run down, looking to aid the clearly hurt challenger. Torture though, just looks on before being handed his title and holding it up in the air for all too see.

Pope: Torture is still the World Champion!

Foster: Wrestling fans, we hope you have enjoyed tonight's show- I certainly have. Torture has retained his title and you wonder, what's next?! Who's next?! Thank you for joining us tonight and allowing us into your homes. We hope too see you soon on disORDER where we will be live for the first time outside of New York, We will be coming at you from the land of extreme, Philly! Until then, Good night everybody!

One last shot of Torture holding his World Title in the air is shown as the camera cuts away and the live feed goes dead.

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13Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Wed May 13, 2015 4:58 pm


The cameras head backstage as we see security grabbing Usain Kingston by his jacket as he is being escorted out of the building. Usain is screaming 'Get off me!', and trying the best that he can to get out of their grasp- but the amount of security is too much for Usain to handle.

However, in front of him- is Dave Ryan, and he's absolutely fuming. A grin appears on the face of Usain who obviously is keen on winding his former boss up.

Usain: Dave Ryan! Great see you again!

Ryan begins to bark orders at security as he tells them to get rid of Usain- but Usain squeezes his handcuffed hands in the back pocket of his jeans, and takes out a ticket. He motions for one of the security guard's to take it- as one of them does so, and the security guard shows it to Ryan.

Usain: There's my Retaliation ticket- what now?

Ryan nods in disapproval, and he snatches the ticket out of the guard's hand- before ripping it up into shreds.

Usain: Well I hate to say it.. but I told you so didn't I? I told you that I'd be back man. I wasn't going to just sit back at home, and let you guys put an end to the Usainiac Motion. Escorting me out of the arena for a second time isn't gonna be enough to stop me from coming back.

Because me and the Usainiacs will get our revenge.

The security take Usain to the parking lot as Dave Ryan walks off- clearly not giving a damn about what Usain has to say.

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14Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread:  Empty Re: Retaliation 2014/15 - Idea's Thread: on Thu May 14, 2015 1:35 pm


Gavin Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, the man on the mic brings to you- the number one contender to the PWR World Heavyweight Championship,The Lone Wolf.. Shaz!

The crowd erupt with loud cheers as Shaz is shown with Williams.

Williams: Shaz, earlier on- Mr. Torture gave his input heading into tonight's match. What did you think of those words?

Shaz: Torture has praised me a lot heading into this match, I'll admit that- but at the same time, some of the things that come out of his mouth amaze me. For example, he said that at No Escape- I apparently underestimated him. It's things like this that get under my fucking skin.

I did make it clear- that I was going to take that world title home, but never did I undervalue the abillities of my opponents. Fair enough, I didn't pay attention to the fact that he wasn't there, he's right on that one- but I jumped off a pod and crashed from 12ft onto hard steel- and the only thing on my mind was my ribs, because that was clearly the moment when I damaged them severely.

Winning the world title was clearly a career-defining moment for Torture, and I'll give credit for that- but all this praise that he's been giving me- it doesn't mean anything to me. I'm not flattered, nor am I annoyed.

Because I don't need a constant reminder of what I already know.

Williams: Fair points Shaz. Now, you mention your ribs and I see that they're taped up- and they've played a huge factor in the build up to this match. Do you think that they're going to have an impact on your match tonight?

Shaz: Of course they are. I've been cleared to compete- and I'm not going to stand here and lie to everyone because I'm definitely not 100%. My ribs feel absolutely golden now, but it's only going to take one move to damage them again. I wish I could say otherwise, but that's just the reality of it- and it's tough for me because I have to face it.

However, I'm not letting these ribs affect my performance in the match. I'm going to wrestle the style I fucking want to- and nobody's going to stop me.

Everybody's expecting me to roll over because of the minor injury that I'm carrying- but it's just not going to happen. I've been fighting my whole life, and I'm not stopping now. This is my fucking time. I've been here from day one, I've grown up, I've evolved. I've made this MY territory, and ain't nobody going to do anything about it!

Williams: Passionate words Shaz. Any other words you have for Torture?

Shaz: It's time to solidify my spot as the face of this company- and it all begins with a huge title change tonight.

Shaz walks off as the fans can be heard cheering for The Lone Wolf. The camera cuts back to the announcers booth as we're just minutes away from the main event!

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