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No Escape Show:

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Use this thread to layout the show as it will be posted.


No Escape (Location - ECW Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Voice Intro:

Narrator: The Chamber is evil.

Images of the Elimination Chamber are shown.

But along with evil, there's good.

Vince Omega is shown signing a contract.

The odds are stacked.

One video shows N Swisher destroying various local opponents in the ring. And a clip of Usain Kingston shuffling is shown, before another clip plays showing Dave Ryan & Andre Lamar conspiring to bring Usain down.

The pressure is on.

A mini video shows Akira Tajiri & Skyler Knox training for their match.

A war for territory.

The Knights & The Empire are shown staring down.

A battle for gold.

We see images of Shaz, Darius, Hawk, Torture, THK & Slayde.

But despite everything...

There will be No Escape.


Show Intro:


Roses & Dave Ryan Promo:

We cut backstage to David Ryan’s office, where the General Manager of disORDER is shown, checking his phone. The door opens and in walk the owners of Pro Wrestling Rebellion, Henry and Emily Rose. Ryan smiles as he sees the two of them.

David Ryan: Mr. and Mrs. Rose! How are you doing this evening?

Ryan shakes Henry’s hand with enthusiasm as Emily speaks.

Emily Rose: We’re fine David, and I must say, we are very excited for tonight! It’s a huge step for any company, it’s very first pay-per-view!

Henry Rose: Very true, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous!

Henry laughs as Ryan quizzically looks at him.

David Ryan: Nervous?

Henry Rose: It’s a huge night tonight, you know that. We will crown our very first PWR World Heavyweight Champion, and on such a big stage, we MUST deliver.

Ryan smiles again and nods.

David Ryan: Trust me Mr. Rose, you don’t need to be nervous. You installed me as the disORDER General Manager for a reason, because of my track record. I have overseen the production of some of the greatest pay-per-views in the history of this business. HWA Do or Die 2012, IWA Uprising 2013, IWA Destined For Immortality II. The very best shows this business have to offer have been under my control.

And all of them delivered on every level. Tonight, I assure you, will be no different.

Emily Rose: I’m very glad you’re overseeing this David. And I have to say, the card tonight does have that wow factor. We are really bringing the No Escape name to the forefront.

Henry Rose: And I never expected anything less from ‘The Genius’ himself!

All three of them laugh.

David Ryan: Thank you Mr. Rose.

Henry Rose: I trust you found a suitable opponent for Vince Omega?

David Ryan: Definitely. Vince’s opponent is a very skilled wrestler, who will also be very safe for Vince to work with. The match itself should be quite a spectacle.

Henry Rose: Do you find him easy to work with?

David Ryan: Of course. There are some very difficult people to work with, but Vince is enthusiastic, and looks like a coup for us. Much like Usain Kingston.

Emily Rose: That’s a match I’m looking forward to! Usain Kingston and Andre Lamar inside six sides of steel.

David Ryan: Me too. I CAN'T wait.

Ryan smiles.

Henry Rose: Right, we will leave you to it. Good luck tonight David.

David Ryan: Thank you Mr. Rose.

Ryan and Henry shake hands before the Roses leave the room. As soon as the door closes, the smile disappears from Ryan’s face. His eyes narrow slightly as he pulls his phone back out, and presses a button, before bringing the phone up to his ear.

David Ryan: Hello? Are you ready?

Ryan nods as the man on the other end speaks.

David Ryan: Good. This is a very wise career move from you. I want you to end this fairytale of Vince Omega tonight, and quite frankly, I couldn’t think of a better guy to do it.

Welcome to the winning side.

Good luck tonight.

Ryan pulls the phone away from his ear, hanging up, as a devious smile curls onto his lips, and the shot fades.


Match One - Empire vs Knights:

Olivia Curtis: The following contest is a Six Sides of Steel Tag Team Match scheduled forr one fall. Introducing first, the team Jason Cade and Cable, they are The Knights.




Olivia Curtis: And their opponents! Being accompanied to the ring by Nate Washington. They are the team of TJ Bell and Clay Law! They are The Empire![/B]




Start at 3:20 - Stop at 21:13

Knights (AMW; Cade-Storm and Cable-Harris) vs Empire (XXX; TJ-Skipper and Clay-Daniels)

Pope: Tower of Doom!!! Dear Lord, what hell have these men put each other though thus far. Blood everywhere. Exhaustion setting in and let's not forget...

Foster:...that catwalk of the top of the cage by TJ Bell. I mean that is a moment that will forever be remembered in PWR History. Both teams are currently down after The Tower of Doom. Whoever can get their feet first could gain the edge the finally need to defeat their rivals here tonight.

Cade of The Knights stirs and starts to show signs of life as he starts to rise using the ropes and spits out blood before turning to face the fallen competitor in the cage. He picks up Clay and plants him into the canvas once more with a DDT before signaling fo the end and heading to the ropes, the crowd is eager to see him fly of the top ropes and he does in the hopes of connecting a 450 Splash...

Pope: He connects with the 450 Splash! He covers...1!

Foster: 2!

It's TJ Bell from the Empire who breaks the count keeping the match alive. Cade is distraught and angry as he rises to his feet clubbing TJ with a hard elbow to the side of the head. It rocks TJ but he remain standing and decides to return the favor with a hard right that hits the jaw of Cade, making his knees buckle before the two ignite as the crowd cheers the action on...


Cade's last shot reels Bell and decides to charge at TJ looking add futher damage but TJ surprises Cade with a back body drop that sends him crashing into the steel cage!

The impact causes Cade's back to scraped and bleed as he falls back into the ring. He ha no time to rt however as TJ rebound of the ropes and connects The High Rolla (A front flip into a leg drop) and hooks Cade's leg.

Pope: No! It's at 2!

Foster: This could be the match right-

Cable of the Knights stops such a statement from being complete as he pulls TJ off Cade, with such force that he makes TJ look like a rag doll in the air. Clay has recovered and saw his partner being tossed in the air and tries to get revenge by charging towards Cable but the Knight expects this and uses Clay's momentum against him as he sidesteps the charge, grabs Clay head and slams it repeatedly against the steel cage. Clay is completely dazed a Cable see a rising Cade and signals he go up top as Cable places Clay up on his shoulders in a seated position looking for The Dragonslayer (The setup is similar to the Doomsday Device but with Cade executing a dropkick from the top instead of the clothesline).

Pope: If this connects, The Empire is finished.

Foster: Cable put them in this position, can they capitalize and put an end to this contest?

The Dragonslayer is completed! Cade covers Clay but before the count even begins TJ come in kicks the living day lights out of Cade with a boot to the face that makes the crowd cringe at the sheer force with which it connects. Cable turns to face the carnage TJ caused after having confidently neglected his partner expecting to hear the 1-2-3 that tends to follows a successful Dragonslayer attempt. Upon facing TJ he dares him to bring it on, a move TJ hoped would give Clay time to recover. TJ and Cable trade fits viciously as Clay stirs and internally thanks his partner in keeping the match going long enough for him to recover. Rising to his feet Clay signals TJ he's ready and TJ ducks Cable last hit before kicking him in the sternum to place in the dead center of the ring where Clay came barreling in with The Franktrain (Just think about Monty Brown's Pounce) and sends Cable crashing against the steel walls.

Pope: The power of Clay after surviving The Dragonslayer is truly a sight to behold. How are these even standing aft the massacre they've put themselves through?

Foster: Pride and determination. These teams have been eager to clash for the last 6 weeks and now they get to let everything out and see who is the best.

Cable of the Knights is seen holding his ribs after the impact from the move Clay unleashed upon him. The Empire now attack Cade in hopes to finish him off. Cable uses the ropes to rise. Clay se him Cable trying to rise and goes to finish the job he started but a swift kick to the knee by Cable stops Clay in his tracks and forces him to kneel before him allowing Cable to grab Clay's neck and using whatever strength he had left connect his signature 2 Handed Chokeslam! Both men down and out! The action now focuses on Cade and TJ Bell.



TJ of the Empire has Cade where he wants him as Cade is kicked in the gut with great force, driving the air out his lungs and forcing him to kneel as TJ backs up and completes The Shining Wizard!!! TJ covers and the ref makes the count...





Hardcore King Promo:

HK: He was standing watching the end of The Knights match, shaking his head in disgust with a sigh at another loss before he turns to see the interviewer.

Interviewer: "Excuse me Mr...Hardcore King, as we all just saw your Knights just lost there match tonight against the Empire, and we would also like your thoughts on your match tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship"

HK: He gave a cold stare towards him although with his mask it just looked creepier than intended as he walks closer to the interviewer "Listen to me you foolish peon, it is very rare that i would even allow someone such as you to be this close to me without bowing down, but since all the peasants in the audience need to be educated, ill allow it for now, but i suggest you rethink any further attempts at something like this." He says before turning back and facing the camera infront of them.

"As for your questions, I will be talking to my Knights soon enough, there continuing to disappoint me and it looks like i will need to instil some further lessons in there heads, they now exactly what i expect of them, they know why losing such matches can jeopardize my ascension to the top of this company, my rise to the top and the claiming of my rightful throne and place at the very top, but, thankfully for my knights I have qualified for the the Elimination Chamber match tonight." He laughs rather evilly at the camera

"That match is the perfect place for the King to take his Throne, and ofcourse the perfect place for me to take my crown jewels, or as you know it the World Heavyweight Championship. You all still seem to rate me as the underdog, according to you all i have the least chance at winning this match, i laugh at all you, and ill laugh even harder when im standing over the broken bodies of my enemies, who i will have systematically destroyed, one by one untill there done and I am champion, and rest assured I Will be the champion! you can all doubt me however you wish but the moniker i live by is no mere name! I am the Hardcore King! it is not a title i simply just decided to use, it means i know every last way to demolish my opponents, with every weapon a man can be capable of using, you all believe that the chamber might be the end of competitors careers, that it might seriously hurt us all, it wont, I will seriously hurt them all! you all think the chamber is dangerous? let me tell you all"

"I AM DANGEROUS, I AM THE KING!" He turns to the interview with another cold stare aimed his way.

"You recall me saying i gave you a leave for not bowing to me peasant? well ive changed my mind now, get down on the floor and bow to me" He says intimidatingly as the interviewer doesnt move to start with untill he gets closer and in his face "Get down and bow to me! bow to me or ill start breaking bones you worthless peon!" he said angrily once again directly in his face untill he finally sees the interviewer lower to the ground and slowly bow down as he had forced him to do.

"Soon enough just like him, every last one of you, from the locker room to outside the arena will be doing exactly the same, while i sit on my throne, the new World Heavyweight Champion" He declares before looking down at the interviewer once more before turning and walking away out of shot.


Match Two - Vince Omega vs Graves:

The camera shot returns from the Hardcore King segment and back to ringside. It flashes around the crowd, displaying the happy fans in attendance before heading back to the commentary team of Nikki Forster and James Pope.

Foster: Disappointment and a hint of anger there from the Hardcore King in his Knights.

Pope: I don't blame him, they have let down there King tonight. They better be ready to make it up to there leader when he shall need to call on them.

Foster: Are you hinting that they could have some involvement tonight, James?

Pope: No.. Not at all. HK' has proving he has what it takes to compete at this level, I mean, he finished above Graves, Eclipse, KJ Punk and even Orion Slayde! The King is the dark horse tonight, but doubt him at your own peril would be my advice.

Foster: He certainly has done well, I'll admit that. Speaking of doing well, folks, we are going to take you back to the inspirational story of one.. Vince Omega! This man has battled the odds all his life, his one leg was amputated at birth.. Teased and mocked all his young life, Vince would grow up clinging to one dream.. To become, a wrestler. Tonight.. Young Vince, lives his dream! Here's his story!

The Titantron goes live and footage begins to play. It represents the life and struggles of Vince Omega. From his amputed leg at birth, through going up as a child, watching wrestling, pretending to be those characters. It then shows him training, various people telling him "No" or he "couldn't make it" with Vince training harder each time, growing stronger.

It then shows him with his own small trampoline fed, among friends, enjoying what he loved most. It then flashes to the Omega we know now, training with Zach Gowan to finally signing a contract with PWR and it's owners, the Rose family.

Foster: Great, great story folks! A real struggle but it shows, never give up on your dreams, no matter what.

Pope: It's a good feel story Nikki, it really is.. However, this is what this all this, right? I mean, he's got one leg.. He's come as far as he can go. GM- Dave Ryan was right to have his doubts and Vince has put himself in a bad situation here tonight. Firstly, you don't ever disrespect David Ryan. Secondly, an Open Challenge? I've got a bad feeling for Vince.

Foster: Dave Ryan disrespected him, James. He took Vince for a joke. Vince Omega has zero fear and with this crowd behind him.. He's aiming to kick off his PWR and wrestling career with a major bang here tonight. I certainly hope he can do it, I really do!

Olivia Curtis: It's time for second match of the night! This match is set for one fall and is an Open Challenge match from Vince Omega!

Introducing the man himself.. From Las Vegas! Vince! Omega!

The crowd give a huge pop for the young and inexperienced Vince Omega. They have clearly taking too him after his moving story. Vince appears blown away by the support, stopping to look out towards the fans before beating the left side of his chest. You can see a few tears stream down his face, clearly, it means the world too him.

Foster: Great ovation from this capacity crowd- Welcome to Pro Wrestling Rebellion, Vince!

Vince makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with the crowd before entering the ring and turning as he awaits his opponent.

Pope: Here comes a reality check Vince. Who's going to answer the challenge?!

Suddenly, the lights go out.

Foster: What the?! Folks, we might be experiencing technical difficulty.

Pope: Oh no, this ain't a technical fault, Nikki. This is just bad.. Very bad news for Vince Omega!

The lights come back on.

No Escape Show: Krimson

Foster: No.. No.. Not.. Graves?!

Pope: Yes.. Yes, this is perfect! He's got his match.. The Insane one has answered the call. One match and Omega's career is already going to be finished.

Foster: This is not good for Vince. Graves is sick and twisted. He attacked KJ Punk this past week on #3 with a steel chair after it was confirmed that KJ had already injured his elbow, KJ Punk has been placed on the shelve by this deranged man.. Now, Graves will try and do the same too Vince Omega.

Vince looks slightly taken back as Graves now sits opposite him on one of the six sided turnbuckles, tilting and cocking his ahead with a sick smile on his face. The crowd though are right behind Vince and he shouts at Graves to bring it.. And he does. Graves runs at Vince like a mad man and the brawl is underway, both exchanging punches as the ring bell sounds for the match to begin.

Match Two: Vince Omega (Gowen) vs Graves (Brock)
Start at 5:05 stop at 8:00

Foster: Oh my, Graves just picked up and swung Vince's leg into that steel turnbuckle. Graves will stop at nothing to hurt his opponent.

Pope: Omega asked for this.. He wanted a match, an open challenge and he got one!

Foster: I wonder how much involvement General Manager Ryan had in this match, Graves coming out here. Graves should be getting punished for what he did to KJ Punk, not having a match at No Escape! This is sick.

Graves crouches down, staring into the eyes of Omega as he smiles. Graves then drags up Vince and launches him into the crowd barrier as he completely smashes into it.. knocking it back a little as the crowd move just in case. Graves then rolls in the ring and quickly out again, clearly aware of the referee's count.

Graves then stands over Omega and now and then, lifts his boot up before dropping it down onto the chest of the one legged wrestler with a smile on his face. Graves then pulls him up and looks to swing him into the turnbuckle.. However, Vince reverses and Graves taste's the steel with a smash. Vince then leaps into the air and nails Graves with a drop kick, knocking him down. Vince the uses the ring to stand back up, before sliding into the six sided ring as the ref starts counting out the deranged one- Graves.

The official reaches six and Graves hops up onto the ring apron. Vince then uses the ropes to smash into the midsection of Graves before suplexing him into the ring as the crowd cheer for Omega once more.

Foster: Great fighting spirit from Vince Omega! Here he is with the pin!



Pope: Olny Two- It's going to take more then that to stop Graves.

Omega then uses the second rope and hops up to his foot. Omega is then urging Graves up who begins stumbling up. Vince then leaps up and nails Graves with a heel kick, knocking him back down. Omega then slides underneath the bottom rope, stands on the apron before leaping over with a slingshot leg drop that catches Graves across the throat. Omega then goes for another pin.

Foster: Great combo from Vince, here's another pin!



Pope: Kick out! Graves once more kicking out after two.

Foster: That was closer, James. Vince is taking this match to the deranged- Graves.

Omega keeps the pressure on, dragging up Graves and placing him in position for a swinging neck breaker. As Omega looks to swing, Graves reaches for his eyes and rakes them as the referee was unable too see the underhanded attack. Graves then exits the hold and swings Omega into the ropes, Graves then uses larger frame and size advantage to throw up Omega and nail him with the..

No Escape Show: Dr45a

Pope: DFG! Death from the Grave! Another new move to Graves attacking arsenal!

Foster: Omega just got nailed with that uppercut- I think he's out, James.

Pope: Oh he is.. It's light out for young Omega! Finish the match, Graves. Pin him!

Graves has a sick smile on his face, happy he was able to land the DFG, seemingly having knocked out his opponent. Graves then takes some time to look out towards the crowd who are booing heavily and chanting "You suck!" at Graves.. He couldn't care less though and drapes down on top of Omega, expecting the three count.

Pope: Here we go, it's all over!


Foster: You could be right, he's out folks, Omega is out!



Foster: He kicked out! Vince Omega has kicked out!

Pope: How, How?! That was a damn slow count!

Graves is shocked, not to mention he's now angry as he storms up too his feet and pushes the referee into one of the turnbuckle corners. The official is leniant though, only warning the insane one who does not back down. Graves continues the verbal abuse at the official while the crowd are trying to get behind Omega with there cheers and chants.

After a while, Omega is up, albeit wobbily and looking groggy. Graves continues his spat with the official and then turns around, he cocks his head once again before running at Omega like a man that's possessed. Omega ducks the clothesline and as Graves springs back of the ropes, Vince strikes him with an elbow to the face, knocking Graves back a little. Omega then shows his ability, springing of the second rope and in mid air, catching Graves with a...

No Escape Show: _light-90398-randy-orton-rko

Foster: Social Distortion! Omega calls that springboard RKO- Social Distortion!

Pope: How did he?- That came out of nowhere!

Foster: Omega hooks the leg's, cover from Vince!




Foster: He's done it, Vince Omega has overcome the odds and has won!

Pope: .........

Foster: This young kid with the big heart has done it, Vince Omega has won!

Pope: I'm... Man, I'm speechless. He must have used the tights, he cheated.

The crowd go into a frenzy as the referee helps Omega up and raises his arm in victory. Vince is teary eyed, he can't believe he's done. Graves though? He's furious and it's about to show. From behind he smashes Omega with a forearm strike, knocking him down. The Ref then tries to aid Omega but Graves grabs him and throws him across the ring.

Graves then drops down and exits underneath the second rope before going to the time keepers area and grabbing a steel chair as the crowd are booing heavily. Graves then enters the ring and begins slamming the chair against the canvas, laughing manically.

Foster: No, Graves, don't.. Please. Let him go, for gods sake let him go Graves!

Pope: He's won the battle Nikki, but, he's about to lose the war! Graves is going to put Omega in the hospital like he did with KJ Punk this past Episode.

Foster: This is bad. Can't someone help, James.. Get in there!

Pope: No chance! I'm staying far away as I can from Graves.

Omega is on his knees, almost pleading as he see's Graves with the chair.. Graves though, shows no mercy and lines up the strike and then goes to smash him with the chair when..

Foster: What's going on?! That's... That's Hayden Coel's vignette. He said he was coming soon to PWR.. Could he really be about to debut and save Vince Omega?

Pope: It appears so. Why can't he mind his own business, huh?

Foster: He's colorful, happy go lucky and is coming to brighten up Pro Wrestling Rebellion. It looks like he's going to start with the dark and dangerous Graves!

Pope: Well.. Where is he?

The vignette stops and the lights go out. When they come back on, Graves still stands with the chair in hand and Omega is still kneeling down. However, someone else is in the ring.. It's Hayden Coel. However, not quite as everyone pictured he would be as he's sat down in the corner of the ring..

No Escape Show: Wwe-raven-_crop_exact

Foster: That's? That's Hayden Coel?! The same person behind the Vignettes?

Pope: Where's the color? Where's the funny loving guy everyone speculated? This guy.. He's covered in tattoos and scars.

The crowd are stunned. They are soon to be even more shocked. Graves stairs at Hayden. Hayden does not flinch, staring back at Graves. The Insane one then just throws down the chair and exits the ring. Omega looks on, wondering what's going to happen next.. When it happens. Hayden gets up to his feet and stares at Omega.. Suddenly at a blink of an eye, he runs at the kneeled down Omega and...

No Escape Show: Tumblr_mkm583ytQO1qhjbxeo1_400

Pope: Yes! Yes! Hayden has duped everyone, including me!

Foster: He's just attacked Vince Omega.. But, Why? Why all the lies, why those Vignettes? What's going on?

The crowd can't believe it- they are stunned into silence. Hayden just stands over an out cold Omega and just looks out towards the crowd, before exiting the ring and help from the back rush to the aid of Vince Omega as the camera heads backstage and the show moves on.


Darius & Orion Promo:


Match Three - Tajiri vs Knox:

The camera cuts to the announcers table.

Foster: Great amount of respect shown from Slayde & Darius- but I'm glad that neither men will go soft on each other in this Elimination Chamber. They know what is at stake in this match- so it's good to see that they're taking this seriously.

Pope: Meh. Those two are talented- but do I see them winning? Nope. I don't think they have what it takes to win the big one.

Foster: Well we will see what goes down in the main event- but now? It's time to see the Women compete!

The camera cuts to Olivia Curtis in the ring.

Curtis: This bout is PWR's first EVER Womens match- and it is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan... Akira Tajiri!

The lights immediately go out as a light amount of cheers can be heard- with people clearly knowing who Akira is. A single spotlight shows Akira on the stage- as she has her arms together in prayer. She bows to each side of the crowd, before making her way to the ring.

Foster: This is a match I have definitely been excited for! There has been so much hype and anticipation for PWR's first ever Womens match- and there's no doubt that the pressure is on because this is the bout that begins a whole new chapter for the women of the wrestling industry. And look who we have out here tonight: Akira Tajiri. A women who isn't a stranger to half of the audience.

Pope: She's set out on making a name for herself- something she was destined to do in IWA.

Curtis: And her opponent, from Little Rock, Arkansas... she is Skyler Knox!

Skyler Knox comes out with energy as she moshes her entrance music- and she is filled with hype! The unknown women makes her way to the ring with Akira looking on.

Foster: Look at Skyler Knox! This is a women that we don't know much about but she's making a great first impression with all that energy she brings to the stage. She looks like she's enjoying herself, but let's see what she can do in that ring. What do you think Pope?

Pope: *drools*

Foster: Behave yourself!

Knox & Akira are in the ring together as referee Brian Anderson is in the middle of them to prevent anything from happening. He calls for the bell as the two women have eyes locked on each other. As the two women are expected to grapple immediately- instead, Akira shows respect by bowing to her opponent. The crowd reply with a cheer.

Foster: Great show of respect from Akira! Let's see how Skyler reacts.

Skyler looks around her as she watches the crowd cheering. She turns back to Akira- and applauds her show of respect.

Pope: Enough of this pally business- let's get on with the action!

Match Three: Akira Tajiri (Trish) vs. Skyler Knox (Lita)
Stop at 6:14

Foster: This match has been amazing so far! Both women have been giving it their all.
Knox picks up Akira, before throwing her over to the ropes- as Akira bounces from one side to another. She turns back to Knox as Knox goes for a Clothesline- but Akira manages to duck as Knox fails to connect. Both women turn around but it's Akira who strikes as she hits Knox with a beautifully connected Dropkick!

The fans reply with cheers as we get a video playback of that dropkick. We head back to the ring to see Knox on her knees, trying to get up. Akira tries to take advantage as she walks to the corner and gets up on the turnbuckle. She waits for Knox to get up, as she does so- and as Knox turns around...



The crowd are going absolutely nuts as Akira went to hit Knox with a Flying Clothesline- but Akira missed as Knox ducked under Akira's arm before nailing Akira with a Superkick. Knox looks around her, and watches the crowd before raising one arm as they cheer her name.

Foster: If you had no idea who Knox is before this match? I'm pretty damn sure you'll know who she is afterwards.

Knox grabs Akira's ankle- and locks her in the vicious Ankle Lock as Akira does everything she can to get out of this hold. As Akira tries to crawl closer to the ropes- Knox refuses to allow her to do that, and she walks back as Akira is dragged to the middle of the ring in the process. Akira is screaming in pain.

Knox is desperate for Akira to tap out as she increases the pressure- with Akira's screaming getting louder as the pain increases too. But the longer the submission is held for- Knox begins to lose hold of Akira- and Akira manages to break out of the Ankle Lock!

Foster: Fantastic resilience shown by Akira.

Knox can't believe it- and she looks over at the referee in shock. She turns back to Akira who is getting back to her feet using the ropes for leverage. Knox charges at her- but Akira moves out of the way as Knox hits the ropes. Knox turns around...


The crowd erupt as Akira showcases her athleticism- with Knox going flat on her ass on the canvas- wheras Akira is down too.

Foster: Listen to that crowd- chanting This Is Awesome! I haven't ever seen them so hyped up for a Womens match before. This really is a new era for this division!

Both women are down as the crowd are hyped. Akira & Knox both crawl over to separate corners and use the turnbuckle to pick themselves up- as they do so eventually. Both women walk up to each other as they begin to exchange blows!


Akira goes for another blow but Knox grabs her fist- and throws it in the air! Knox runs from one side to another and gets behind the apron as Akira turns to her, and Knox nails her with an amazing Springboard Dropkick!

Pope: What a move from Knox!

Knox sends Akira flying to the ground as the fans cheer. Knox waits for Akira to get up, and she begins to kick the ground as the fans clap along with her. Akira slowly gets up- but Knox grabs her from behind and sets her up for the Skyfall (Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker)...

Foster: Knox is about to strike with the-


Akira reverses the Skyfall and immediately rolls Knox up as the referee begins the count!



Thr- but Knox manages to kick out! Akira can't believe it as she puts her hands on her head. She picks herself back up before grabbing a handful of Knox's hair and getting Knox back up. Akira goes for a Clothesline but Knox moves. The both women turn around as Knox strikes- going for a Roundhouse Kick, but this time Akira moves as the ducking and dodging proves to be essential in this match.

The women turn around again but it's Akira who strikes with a kick to the gut of Knox...


The crowd erupt as Akira spits mist into the air before nailing Knox with a Buzzsaw Kick as the crowd shout 'OH!' afterwards! Akira goes for the cover...




Curtis: And your winner is... Akira Tajiri!

Foster: She's done it! Akira walked into this match as the most experienced out of the two- and that experience turned out to be vital as she defeated Knox. That's not to say that Knox didn't do well- because Knox did amazing too. This match has set the standards for this Womens Division.

Pope: Despite all that's happened- neither of these women have connected with me. The only thing that's good about both of them- are their bodies. There was a couple of good moves here and there- but I wasn't all that impressed. Expected better from them.

Foster: What are you talking about Pope? This had everything a Womens match should have! Speed, strength, brawling- and the list goes on. You really are one negative person.

The camera cuts back to Tajiri celebrating her win as she comes out on top of PWR's first Womens match. The referee raises her hand up as the crowd begin to chant her name. Akira walks to the middle of the ring- and bows to the crowd as they clap for her.

However, we then see Knox looking annoyed from the corner as she looks at Akira in shock. She can't believe that she lost this match. Akira notices this, and puts her hand out to help Knox get up. Knox picks herself back up.

Akira keeps her hand out there as she wants Knox to shake...

Foster: Ooohhh what's she gonna do?! Knox's face suggests to me that she's going to blow the offer!

Pope: She better do! Akira needs to be put in her place.

Knox looks at the hand, and looks around as the fans scream 'Do it!' with Akira nodding in approval. Knox nods as well, and shakes her hand- but she doesn't let go. She puts her face in Akira's face as the two women go nose to nose as we can see Knox talking to Akira. The cameras zoom in as we can see Knox mouthing the words 'I want a rematch' before she exits the ring.

Pope: And she's accepted! What a waste of a huge opportunity to make a name for herself. She could've left Akira lying there!

Foster: I think it's safe to say that this isn't the first match we'll see between the two- and that doesn't disappoint me. If Knox wants a rematch? Then we can expect some more great action.


Torture Promo:


N' Pre-Match Promo:

Olivia Curtis: PWR, Wrestling Fans! It is now time for our Fourth Match of the night. Set for one fall! It is the Nolan Swisher- World Class Talent Invitational Match!

Introducing the man himself, the self proclaimed Greatest of all time! N'! Nolan Swisher!

N's music hits and the crowd go sour with there boo's and jeer's as he steps out on to the stage. As usual, Swisher is cocky and confident as he struts out from behind the curtain on to the stage.

Pope: The match we have all been waiting for, folks! The World Class Invitational from Mr. Swisher.

Foster: Come on, James. Everyone know's how this is going down. I'm certain that one again, N', has hired his own opponent.

Pope: Well he might have too, Nikki. I've heard from reliable sources that legends and World Class athletes are been scared away from Nolan Swisher after seeing his performances. Jman, Ramon, Van Hooligan, Alexander, both of Black Blooded and so many more, there all running scared of this man.

Foster: Oh yeah.. I'm sure they are, James.

N' reaches the ring and enters, taunting the crowd as the noise volume raises with boo's again. N' then riles up the crowd more as he takes his place on top of the top rope, staring towards the stage, awaiting his opponent.

No Escape Show: HBK_Classic_38

Pope: Come on, who's it going to be? Who will fall next to the greatest of all time!

Foster: Wow, could you be anymore up his ass, James? It's embarrassing, honestly.

All attention is on the stage, but, no one has showed up. N' then drops down from the top rope with a serious look on his face, cursing out the fans that boo him and demanding a microphone.

N': I Don't * major heat from the crowd , the fan interaction didnt go unnoticed* , I don't *more booooo's*

.....are you idiots going to let me speak, because it doesn't matter as much to me as it does to you. I'm paid for this already , I have been Paid! And it was your hard earned money that went into my pockets. I suggest you all shut the hole's in your faces, shhhh, hush, cover up the voice box and listen. Listen to the absolute Truth!

Let me start with, I don't have to be here.

Like the last show, I didn't have to be there. I'm a guaranteed mainstay. Know what that means, let me explain . A Guaranteed mainstay is something or someone that no matter what happens, how it happens or despite what the future holds is going to remain in your presence as a Top Priority. Why ? Well why not if your so gifted, it's not a hash tag on twitter, or for a like or a comment on social media . Nope, it's real life when I say Im The Greatest of All Time.....period. End dot.

Despite facing the Best of the Best, world class talents from around the world, I remain undefeated and still continue on a major role. Some might say I have a major role in PWR. I'm the future of this company some of you think. Well, Allow me to tweak some of your thoughts. I AM THE NOW OF THIS COMPANY , and without me would be nothing but a site under construction. PwR as a whole wouldn't have gotten the press to promote them as the great product they make it out to be if it wasnt for me. Who's on the posters Who's doing these promotional gigs

Who's getting the spotlight now
And tonight won't be any different . I graced you by just being here. PWR and I have blessed you. But right now I won't waste any more time by being with you. On to the riches my life brings me as I know for a fact no one wants to fight me.

*smirk with a low pitch voice* I wouldn't want to fight.

After the way I've been Dominating everyone I faced in PWR , every single high level athlete put in front of me have tasted the canvas. Once that bell rings your in the ring with Nolan Swisher , a man that can become champion at the snap of his fingers. I back up what I say every single time. I upset every opponent as if they didn't know already. I'm not the typical storyline guy where I brag and big myself up to lose , naww. Not by a long shot. I'm a sure shot. It's all different with me, it's reality. I'm in this business to takeover in every showing.

Do I have your attention now? Good. Now Remember who's Great! * lifts up one finger in the sky*

It was a pleasure letting you all know what it is.
But now I think it's time for me to go. Martin get the Jet ready , And Pedro better have the drinks chilled. I gotta go to the mansion and receive entertainment by the swisher hotties. Bye swisher Stan's. Enjoy the rest of the PWR Pay per view No Escape.

Pope: You see, Nikki? He's scared them away, all of them.

N' then looks to leave the ring when Curtis Olivia the announcer steps in front of Nolan Swisher and appears to be telling N' that someone is indeed about to answer the call. N' then just grins and steps back.

Foster: Hold on a minute, James. I think a challenger has come forward- We are about to have a match, who's it going to be?!


Match Four: N' vs Thunder:

Olivia Curtis: Fans, I am just hearing word that someone has come forward and has accepted the invitational challenge from N' Swisher. I can assure you.. This man is indeed a world class talent, known the world over.

Making his Pro Wrestling Rebellion debut! Hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado! The must see MVP! Please welcome.. Tommy Thunder!

Foster: OH MY GOD! Tommy Thunder? No way, Here?! Tonight?!

Pope: No, no it can't be. He's not here, why would he come here?! This is a wind up, someones trying to wind up Mr. Swisher and it's not acceptable.

No Escape Show: SD_664_Photo_003


Pope: It's actually him.. It's Tommy Thunder for christ sake, here in PWR!

The crowd pop like crazy, blowing the roof of the place, clearly no one expected Tommy Thunder to turn up and answer the call.. but.. he has and the crowd are loving it. N' though, is shaking his head in the ring, he cannot believe what's happening.

Foster: Look at N', he can't believe who's answered the challenge. Well it's time to put up, or shut up Mr Swisher, you are facing Tommy Thunder!

Pope: This is going to be a real test.. However, he can do it.. He's beat world class talents before, he can do so again right here at No Escape!

Thunder begins making his way to the ring, the crowd remain on there feet, cheering along the legendary wrestler. Tommy then enters the six sided ring and stares right at Swisher who suddenly, does not look so confident.

Tommy Thunder then turns towards Olivia Curtis and holds the ropes for her to exit the ring, as he does though, he's blindsided by N' Swisher as the match is underway.

Match Four: N' Swisher/HBK vs Thunder/Jericho
Start at 3:44 stop at 7:00

Pope: N' with that elbow from the top rope, driving that elbow right to heart of Tommy Thunder with real force.

Foster: I have to admit, it might be a little rust on the part of Thunder, but, N' has certainly shown he has real ability when it comes to the ring.

Pope: Greatest of all time, Nikki. How do you think he earned that nickname?

Foster: He didn't.. James. It's self proclaimed.

Pope: Same thing! Wait- Swisher lining up another move here!

N' waits for Thunder to get back up, when he does, he boots him in the stomach and then places him in position for his pedigree in the center of the ring. When he looks to jump up though, Thunder is able to back body drop the attempt and Swisher lands hard onto the canvas as he rides around in pain from the collision with the canvas.

It's role reversed as Tommy now waits for N' to stand up, he does and Tommy latches on to him, powering him down with the..

No Escape Show: Matt-hardy-side-effect-o

....With the crowd cheering, Thunder then covers N' as the official begins to count.

Foster: Storm Effect from Thunder! Now with the pin!



Pope: Kick out! N' kicking out before the three!

Thunder gets back up, unfazed that N' was able to kick out from the Storm Effect. Thunder instead taunts along with the crowd before running at the ropes.. He then flips off, springing from the second and looks to catch N' with a Jericho like- Lionsault. The knee's up from N' block any chance of the move landing though and it appears to wind Thunder who rolls around, holding his midsection.

Swisher then gets up, sensing this a huge chance to take advantage. N' leaps onto Thunder and begins lashing out at him with punches and kicks to the midsection and ribs. N' then begins dropping big knee's onto Thunder, continuing the punishment. Swisher then drags up Thunder, kicks him in the stomach and scores with a German Suplex pin attempt.



Foster: Not enough, Tommy kicking out before the three, the match continues.

Pope: Swisher is taking it too Tommy here, imagine if he beat's Thunder on his wrestling return? How awesome would that be?!

Foster: It would be huge.. but.. this is Tommy Thunder, he ain't going down with out a fight and he's proving it now.

Pope: Look at Swisher though, he's about to go high risk here!

Tommy remains down- nursing those niggling midsection pains as Swisher begin making his way to the top rope. N' then begins mocking Thunder and his fans before leaping with the..

No Escape Show: Sspress

..It's a thing of beauty as the shooting star press lands onto Thunder with force. The crowd are stunned and in awe- for the first time in the match, it feels like N' could beat Tommy and he wastes not time, going for the pin.


Foster: N' once more with the pin! He could be about to beat the legendary Tommy Thunder here at No Escape!



Thre-Kick out!

Foster: Tommy kicked out, Tommy Thunder has kicked out!

Pope: No, that was the chance for Swisher! How did he kick out?!

N' unlike Tommy, is fazed and is stunned that Thunder kicked out from the Shooting Star Press. Even the majority of the crowd believed an upset was on the cards there. N' takes a moment to argue with the official, wanting a quicker count before exiting the ring. He stands on the ring apron and begins yelling at Thunder to get up! After a few moments, Tommy does. N' then flips over the top rope and looks for a hurracarana. Thunder catches him though, raising him back and then planting him onto the turnbuckle with a power bomb as the crowd pop for the sound of the collision against the steel.

As N' comes back bouncing out from the corner. Thunder spins him around and delivers the..

Foster: Eye of the Storm!

Pope: Momentum has completely changed and it's with Tommy Thunder at the moment.

The crowd are right behind Thunder and you can see he has his second wind, completely pumped up. He's now on his feet once more, yelling at Swisher to stand. Swisher though, looks fatigued. He tries getting up but drops down to his knees.. it works out perfectly for Thunder though as he runs at him and explodes with a Shinning Wizard.. Knocking Swisher out. However with so much force, Swisher rolls out of the ring, landing to the outside.

Foster: Thunder's Shinning Wizard! This match would have been over.

Pope: It's great ring knowledge from N', rolling out of the ring.

Foster: Rolling out? I don't think he knows which planet he's on.. James. N' got knocked out of the ring by the sheer force of the strike.

Thunder lays down on the ring canvas and is blowing heavy, his first match in a long time has taking it's toil, while N' remains seemingly out as the official begins to count.





Foster: Tommy's down fatigued, N' remains out!



Pope: We're at Seven! Come on N', get back in the ring!


Thunder is now up, leaning on the ropes. N' too is up and is about to slide into the ring.. When... He don't. Instead he throws his hands up the air and begins smiling, turning his back on the ring. Thunder see's what's coming and just shakes his head as the crowd start booing. N' Swisher then starts making his way up the ramp.



Foster: It's over! N' has got himself counted out, intentionally.

Pope: N' had this match won, I think he's being nice.. he don't want to ruin Tommy's big return. What a great guy Nolan is!

Forster: That's BS, James. N' was out of his league and took the easy option to get counted out, shocking from Swisher and this crowd have been cut short on a really good match.

N' stands at the top of the stage, mocking the crowd before leaving behind the curtain. Mean while, all attention turns towards Thunder now in the ring.

Thunder Post-Match Promo:

Thunder's hand is held up by the referee as N goes up the ramp. Thunder asks for a mic from ringside and goes to speak

Thunder: Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?! I thought you were in the business of beating world class athletes?! Why the hell are you walking away?! Don't you want to add me to your little list of recent accomplishments?! Was it really that hard to beat me?! Was it really out of your ability to beat little old me?! I mean, it's not like I'm the best in the world at what I do now, is it?!

Thunder smiles as the crowd laugh, having fun at N's expense, but N just throws a dirty look at towards the ring before disappearing to the back. Thunder throws his arms up and then puts one on his hip as the fans start a chanting 'Tommy Thunder'

Thunder: You guys remembered!

The chant grows louder as Thunder smiles and soaks it all in

Thunder: Man I have missed that! But before I let these goosebumps get the better of me I better get to it here.
You know, I've been sitting at home watching as that guy made a clown out of himself since this company opened it's doors. Signing up these random people and calling them 'World Class Talents', I mean the poor guy actually believed his own illusion clearly, and then bragging about it. Mocking the actual world class talents that are in the back, and mocking you guys, the fans. Well I decided to come out here tonight and give him a little reality check, but I guess he didn't want to participate against an actual world class talent.

the fans cheer

Thunder: Ideally I would have liked to have got the one two three or made that idiot tap out, but I guess he wasn't man enough for that here tonight. But anytime you want to reschedule me beating you and knocking your teeth down your throat, N, if that is your real name, then you let me know.

the fans cheer loudly

Thunder: But now on to more pressing matters, the question you're all no doubt asking yourselves; why am I here? What am I doing standing inside this ring?

Thunder looks out and pauses as the fans eagerly await his words

Thunder: Save for a one off special appearance, I haven't wrestled, I haven't been inside a wrestling ring, I've barely even watched any wrestling for well over a year. You know, being on the road 300+ days a year, your body gets beaten up, you become burnt out and you can even lose interest in the thing that you love doing. This is what happened to me. I was at a point where I had injuries that I was trying to work through piling up, and I just viewed going out there and putting on a show as a chore rather than a source of enjoyment. So before it got any worse, I needed a break. And that's exactly what I did. I've taken over a year out, exploring other ventures, doing things that I've always wanted to do but couldn't and most importantly, recharging my batteries and resting my body.

So once my last contract expired early last year, people were speculating as to what was next for me. Will he be back? Is he retired? Sure, retirement sounds good, but given the chance, I'm telling you now, anyone in this industry would retire tomorrow if they could given how grueling it is. But that's not for me. I've always loved professional wrestling, and I always will, and I knew that the hunger I was missing would come back eventually.

the crowd cheer

Thunder: So while I was a free agent, pondering what to do, where next and so on, I got the call from this company called Pro Wrestling Rebellion. I'd never heard of it, of course, but there was a good reason for that, because it hadn't started up yet. A brand new company. So I sat on the offer for a while, and watched as this place got started out. You take a look at who's in that locker room back there and tell me that isn't an impressive pool of talent. A perfect blend of already established household names such as Mike Hawk, Shaz, Orion Slayde, Darius, Extremely Lethal and Mr Torture and new blood such as Graves, The Hardcore King, The Empire and Andre Lemar. And after seeing how these guys operate and put on a show I knew that this was the place to be, and I called back saying that I'd be glad to accept the offer and come on board.

the fans cheer

Thunder: So in case anyone's wondering, I didn't come out here tonight simply because I wanted to beat up a guy who has a letter as his first name and put him in his place, I could have done that anytime I wanted. This isn't some one off deal, a 'one night only' appearance. This is real, as real as it gets, because Tommy Thunder is now signed to PWR!

the fans cheer loudly

Thunder: And I haven't signed a legends deal, as a certain someone has, this is a full time talents contract meaning that I'll be appearing on all shows all year round!

the fans cheer loudly and chant for Thunder

Thunder: This is a good company with plenty of talents, talents that I sure as hell want to mix it up with, some of which I haven't worked with in the past. Guys like Shaz the fans boo Mike Hawk the fans boo Yeah I haven't forgotten either. Darius the fans cheer And a certain Japanese superstar called Kyojin the fans let out a huge cheerYeah we may get to see that one finally perhaps...

the fans cheer again and Kyojin chant starts much to Thunder's amusement

Thunder: Now, I'm not going to stand here and say that I want to face this guy and this guy, and I'm certainly not going to stand here and demand a title shot based off the fact that I've done it all elsewhere. But, I am going to stand here and say this; I AM the best in the world at what I do, that I have proven time and time again and I can't wait to prove it all over again right here. And I am an MVP, no, I am the must see MVP, evident from the fact that the powers that be wanted me here, and evident from the fantastic ovation that you have all given me here tonight.

the fans cheer loudly again

Thunder: I don't claim to be the best, it's not a gimmick. It's a fact. I prove it. And that's exactly what I plan on doing here, just as I've done everywhere else I've been. And I know, and all of you guys know that I will do just that, as long as I have all of you, my VIP's backing me all the way! So if you're all ready to ride out another storm with me, right here in PWR, then you give me the biggest cheer you've ever given in your lives right now!

Thunder throws the mic as the fans let out a rip roaring cheer. Thunder's music hits and he goes to leave the ring and walk up the ramp, interacting with some fans along the way.


Commentary Segment:

Foster: Tommy... Thunder. I'm still getting my ahead around his return to wrestling, here tonight, at No Escape.

Pope: It goes to show Nikki, anything can happen here in Pro Wrestling Rebellion. Look how far the show has come already and it's only going to get stronger.

Foster: Just like tonight's card, partner. We have already seen a war in the Six sides of steel Cage match- the Empire rising above the Knights in that one.

Pope: Then we had the shocking debut of Hayden Coel! I can tell you, no one expected that and my Twitter feed is going insane about that one. Vince Omega beating Graves but the end will be the only thing talked about in that match.

Foster: It was then time for the ladies! Akira vs Skylar Knox and they put on a great match here tonight. Showing that the Divas Division has landed and it's here to stay.

Pope: Lastly, he's trending world wide! Tommy Thunder returned but couldn't defeat the undefeated the World Class Talent killer- Nolan Swisher!

Foster: N' got counted out folks, meaning he did in fact lose after Tommy's sensational return to the ring. All that and there's still much more to come! We have the grudge match between two rivals- Andre Lamar vs Usain Kingston!

Pope: That's right Nikki, that one will take place inside the Six sides of steel Cage Match! Usain has nowhere to run!

Foster: Then, it's the one the world is waiting for- The first ever PWR World Heavyweight Champion will be decided inside an Elimination Chamber!

The camera footage then leaves ringside and heads backstage..


Shaz & Hawk Promo:

The camera cuts backstage as we see Shaz watching the tv monitor as the crowd can be heard replying with a mixed reaction. He sees a replay of Tommy Thunder celebrating in the ring and doesn't look impressed.

Shaz: It's a huge time for PWR, right? You've got the debut of Tommy Thunder, and Kyojin has been signed to a contract. The Roses & Dave Ryan are pleased with themselves. The roster must be going nuts, but most importantly? The PWR Universe are buzzing. Everybody is having a good time.

But does it look like I've got a smile on my face?

Shaz stares at the camera with a cold look.

Shaz: I'm not happy with the signings of Tommy Thunder & Kyojin. Why do you need to snap these 'legends' up when you've got the perfect face of PWR standing right here? Nobody sees what I see, but that's because I'm a man that sees sense. Now that you've got Tommy & Kyo hanging around- do you want to know what this means?

They'll be hogging the television, and typically- the PWR Universe will be licking their asses, and worshiping the ground that they stand on. But if you two are really craving to make an impact- then why don't you have some guts and step into that ring with me?

I dare you both.

Shaz nods.

Shaz: No Escape isn't about any of those overrated, overpaid mugs. It's all about two things- The Elimination Chamber, and crowning the inaugral World Heavyweight Champion. When I step into that evil contruction- it means war. And when a title is at stake? You can bet that I'm going in there with a hunger to poach.

And when I take that world title home- all eyes will be on me, and the likes of Kyojin & Tommy Thunder will immediately be forgotten. It will be my name in the lights- and The Roses will have no choice but to put an ex-convict on the faces of their posters. But despite the result- I can assure one thing.

Ain't nobody stealing my spotlight!

????: But me.

Hawk emerges from backstage and he and Shaz go face to face for a moment before Hawk continues to talk.

Hawk: Shaz you are right for once in your life. Tonight is all about the Elimination Chamber and the World Heavyweight Title but you left out one thing and that is me. You see for a man that has done just about everything there is to do in this industry, the only thing I have never done is become the first World Champion for a new company. I have never been the first man and that achievement is something that is very hard to come by in our business.

When I came here, I had no business in taking your spotlight or making you look like the thug you really are. No, I simply wanted to continue to cement myself as the Best of All Time and if that included beating you in the ring and crushing your dreams than those were just side perks I get from doing my job.

But onto this Thunder and Kyojin nonsense you like to keep bringing up. Are they in the Chamber? Do they have a shot to win the title? Are you facing them tonight? The answers to those questions aren't hidden in the dark like me, they are clear no's. Your problem is you don't enjoy yourself when your in the ring and live for the moment. One minute you get a chance for a title and the next minute your worrying about Number 1 contenders for a belt you haven't even won yet and won't win.

I understand underestimating everyone in this match since they don't know what it's like to handle the pressure but if you don't focus on me even for a second you know I am going to send you back drowning in your sorrows and regrets in the darkness that made you. I.....

Shaz: Just shut the fuck up!

Shaz gives Hawk a mean look before speaking.

Shaz: What the hell are you even doing here? Don't ever get in my face, and accuse me of things that I'm not doing at all. I don't recall saying that I was worried about Thunder & Kyojin- but the one thing I do remember is giving them a chance to make a statement around here by giving me a match.

And here you go- twisting everything that I say once again. When did I underestimate anyone in this match? As far as I'm concerned- I'm stepping into that ring with 5 superstars who might just be as deranged as me. I wasn't putting them down- I was making it perfectly clear that I'm walking into that Chamber with my head held high, and I was going to be as confident as ever.

Shaz strokes his hair.

Shaz: Listen Hawk, everything about you just infuriates me. I'll be man enough to admit this- but the one thing that annoys me the most is the fact that you always get one over on me. Even if most of your antics are from cheating or striking from behind- it's still a fact. Whether it's in a match, or a normal segment- it happens every bloody time, and it eats me up inside knowing that you're always the one who people see as a cut above.

But if you think for a second that I'm trying to stroke your ego- then don't get too pally. Unluckily for you- you've just given me another reason as to why I should step into that Chamber because I want that moment that makes everybody go wild. And who's going to be the victim of that moment?


Shaz points in Hawk's face.

Shaz: And you're just going to have to lie there, and take it.

Hawk stares at Shaz silently and waits to see if he is done then begins to laugh in Shaz's face.

Hawk: Your the same Shaz as always but I am the same Hawk who is capable of making the impossible possible on any given night. Let me leave you with this Shaz. There will be a moment where everyone goes wild in that chamber mark you are right. But what makes you think it won't be against you. You've gained the most momentum and are coming into this match the favorite. You think the other guys don't see that? And what do you think I have been doing so far? Keeping a low profile, letting Darius get the best of me so his little mind thinks he can beat me by himself, and getting everyone to believe that you are the real threat between them and the gold.

If you don't believe me or you think you can convince them otherwise, go look at my track record and see how many guys I have manipulated. Like I said before, your the same old Shaz and the old Shaz will always get one upped by me like you said yourself.

As long as I am here, your time will never be now.

Hawk walks off with a smile on his face right as he finishes and leaves alone to let him as he thinks about Hawk's words.


Open Segment:

Pope: Wow, that was intense from the Rapid King and Mr Mayhem- Mike Hawk.

Foster: Intense indeed. Harsh words from both men, both believe they will win the Chamber match and rightly so, both these have what it takes.

Pope: I can't call it, Nikki. I honestly can't- Anyone could win the match, it's that close.

Foster: I agree. PWR fans- We hope you are enjoying the show thus far and we thank you for joining us here in Philly at No Escape! Thank you for allowing us into your homes on Box Office and we hope you will do so again.. Because.. What ever happens at No Escape.. You can bet there will be.. Retaliation!

No Escape Show: 10934170_10205908089961050_1255422378_n

Pope: That's right fans. The next time we are live on PPv will be Retaliation.

Foster: Speaking of Retaliation, James. Usain Kingston has the chance to fight back.. It's Usain vs Lamar. Six sides of steel Cage Match and it's next!  

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Match Five - Lamar vs Usain:

Olivia Curtis: The following contest is a six sides of steel match!

Olivia Curtis: Introducing first, from The Streets of Compton! Weighing in at 230 pounds, Andre Lamar!

James Pope: Well, this is a very personal rivalry here, and it begun on the very first episode of disORDER, Nikki!

Nikki Foster: Andre and Usain each have a win over the other, but the presence of David Ryan within this rivalry must be something we’re going to have to look out for tonight.

James Pope: Six sides of steel though! Usain can’t call on his Usainiacs to save his ass inside that structure.

Olivia Curtis: And his opponent, he is the Unorthodox One! Usain Kingston!

Nikki Foster: Well, you can count this building full of Usainiacs, just listen to this reaction for Usain!

James Pope: But does it really matter when both men are going to be locked inside of those steel walls? I don’t think so.

Nikki Foster: And oh, they’re not gonna wait!

Usain and Lamar immediately begin throwing punches at each other the moment Usain gets into the ring. The door is swiftly locked, and bell rung, as Usain quickly takes advantage, whipping Lamar against the ropes and catches him with a big belly to belly suplex on the rebound. Usain picks Lamar up and immediately drives him head first into the steel wall, to a huge cheer from the fans.

Nikki Foster: What a start from Usain! He’s all fired up!

Usain looks around as he drags Lamar underneath the ropes and begins to pound on him with wailing right hands.
(Joe= Usain, Angle= Lamar)
(From 11:34 to 18:52)

Nikki Foster: What a clothesline from Usain! Lamar may be out!

James Pope: But it’s taken just as much out of Usain!

Pope is right, as Usain lays back on the canvas, breathing heavily from how much the chokehold took out of him. At the same time, Lamar has begun to crawl towards the ropes closest to him, attempting to grab hold of the bottom one as Usain gets back to a knee and grabs a rising Lamar from behind, landing a huge German suplex!

Usain stands up once more as Lamar rolls to the corner, Usain approaches a rising Lamar once again and stands on the second rope, grabbing hold of Lamar’s hair and unleashing with right hands as the crowd counts along.











Nikki Foster: Usainiacs are loving this!

Usain drops down as Lamar stumbles forwards, and Usain lands a big side walk slam! He covers Lamar.




Lamar gets the shoulder up as Usain is quick to grab a seated Lamar in a headlock. Lamar struggles for a few seconds as he gets to a knee, and forces Usain to stand up as both men climb to their feet. Lamar backs Usain into the ropes and manages to push him off, ducking underneath Usain’s attempt at a double axe handle on the rebound.

As Usain bounces off the ropes, Lamar lands a big dropkick, covering Usain.




Usain throws the shoulder up this time as Lamar is quickly back to his feet and on the offensive, landing stomp after stomp on the downed man. Lamar bounces off the ropes, does a Crip walk and goes for his patented Leg Drop, but Usain moves at the last second and Lamar hits the canvas. Usain is quickly back to his feet, bounding off the ropes and kicking Lamar in the face.

James Pope: Usain looking to take control here!

Usain heads across to the corner and steps up onto the second rope, grabbing hold of the cage. He steps up to the top rope and grabs hold of the top of the cage, but before he can do anything else, he’s pounded in the back by a standing Lamar. Lamar steps up to the second rope and places his head underneath Usain’s arm, going for, and landing the Belly to Back Suplex from the top rope!

Nikki Foster: Oh my God!

James Pope: Lamar just drove Usain down from the top rope! He could just cover him and walk out right now as the victor!

Lamar rolls across to the ropes as Usain remains unmoving from where he landed. Lamar has a huge smirk on his face as he grabs hold of the ropes and climbs up to his feet. He makes his way over to the corner and looks back at Usain, who still hasn’t moved.

Nikki Foster: I think Usain may be completely out here.

Lamar smirks again as he steps up onto the second rope, grabbing hold of the cage. He steps up onto the top rope, grabbing hold of the top of the cage and pulls him up, swinging his leg over. Lamar cockily sits down on top of the cage and smirks again as he looks back to see Usain still not moving.

Lamar stands up on top of the cage, holding onto one of the wires that were used to lower it, as he beats his chest and shouts to the crowd that he’s the man. He looks down at Usain, and realises exactly what he could do, as a deadly smile now curls on Lamar’s lips. He lets go of the wire and Crip walks across the top of the cage.

James Pope: What the hell is he doing?!
(Matt= Lamar, Edge= Usain)
(from 0:21)



Lamar and Usain each remain lying on the canvas.


Lamar is the first to move as he crawls across and drapes an arm across the chest of Usain.





Lamar seems to be asking the same question as he looks up at the referee with a look of disbelief on his face. The referee confirms it was just a two count as Lamar begins to struggle to get up. He reaches a knee and stares across at Usain, who has rolled across to the ropes furthest from the door, attempting to somehow find the strength to reach his feet. Lamar stands up, nearly stumbling back to the floor, but grabs hold of the ropes to steady himself.

He shakes his head at Usain and turns to the door, demanding the referee on the outside unbolt it. The referee obliges as Lamar goes to climb through the ropes, but Usain pulls him back in with a roll up!




Lamar kicks out and he’s the quicker man to his feet as Usain is still feeling the effects of the high impact moves thrown his way. The referee on the outside closes the door as Lamar goes to work, stomping away at Usain, who keeps attempting to get back to his feet but is stopped in his tracks by Lamar.


Lamar screams down at Usain as he once again goes to rise up. Lamar grabs Usain by the hair and drags him up, taking him across to the corner and slamming him head first against the top rope. Usain falls backwards, landing face first on the canvas, but once again, he begins to rise, pushing himself up as Lamar runs forwards and goes for the 310 Stomp (Curb Stomp) but Usain moves at the last second, grabbing hold of Lamar around the waist and pushing him into the ropes, before rolling back and into a roll up!




Lamar kicks out and both men quickly rise to their feet and turn to face each other.


Lamar hits the floor but the running bicycle kick took just as much out of Usain, who also hits the canvas. Both men remain unmoving for a few seconds until Usain rolls over and collapses onto Lamar.




James Pope: Lamar was given some recovery time there as Usain was unable to go straight into a cover, and as a result, he was able to kick out!

Nikki Foster: What a match we are witnessing right now!

Usain looks desperately at the referee, who confirms the two count as Usain rolls across to the ropes near the door. He begins to use the corner to get to his feet as he asks for the door to be unbolted, but before the referee can do so, Lamar drives his shoulder into Usain’s back, sending him into the corner. Lamar grabs hold of Usain’s hair and drags him back into the centre of the ring, before picking him up for a vertical suplex, and twisting in mid-air, slamming him down into the canvas.

Lamar climbs back up to his feet and signals for the end, waving his arm as Usain begins to get up once again. Lamar lines him up and goes for Straight Outta’ Compton (Clothesline From Hell) but Usain ducks underneath and uses Lamar’s momentum against him as he turns around, superkicking him over the top rope into the steel!

Lamar hits the canvas as Usain turns back around. Lamar begins to get back up between the ring and cage as Usain runs forwards once more and lands a second High Road, sandwiching Lamar between his boot and the steel!

James Pope: What an impact!

Lamar falls through the ropes and lands on the canvas as Usain collapses into a cover.




Olivia Curtis: Here is your winner...Usain Kingston!

Nikki Foster: Usain did it!

The fans are cheering loudly as Usain’s arm is raised by the referee. The cage begins to rise as Usain jumps onto the second rope and throws his arms in the air to another loud cheer from the crowd.

James Pope: What a fight this was! Two men with real disdain for each other just tore one another apart inside of that steel!

Nikki Foster: And both men gave so, so much in the pursuit of victory! Two young competitors, with so much to prove, have just proven their star quality to us!

James Pope: But you have to question where the inexperience of Andre Lamar cost him tonight! He could have dropped down and escaped at one point but chose to go for the high-impact move, and yes, it was a great sight to behold but that leg drop didn’t finish Usain off as Lamar had hoped, and it cost him the match tonight.

Nikki Foster: But you have to praise the tenacity of Usain Kingston. Lamar threw so much at him tonight, and Usain still came out on top.


Dave Ryan Post-Match Promo:

James Pope: Well, this isn’t entirely unexpected!

The fans’ cheers swiftly turn to boos as David Ryan, the General Manager of disORDER, heads out to the stage, microphone in hand. The music quickly turns off as Usain watches on from the ring, and Ryan begins to speak.

David Ryan: Wow! What a showing from these two men, can we get a round of applause for Usain Kingston and Andre Lamar please?

Ryan places the microphone under his arm as he claps, the fans cheering and clapping themselves, before Ryan brings the microphone back up to his lips.

David Ryan: Unfortunately, it is not on a happy note that I am out here, because something has been brought to my attention that requires immediate action. On the last episode of disORDER, Usain Kingston was caught smoking marijuana backstage.

The fans give a mixed reaction to this, a lot of the Usainiac’s cheering but some booing as Ryan continues.

David Ryan: Now, this isn’t Jamaica, where weed is also illegal I may point out, this is a wrestling company attempting to make a name for itself, and stunts such as that Usain, are counter-productive. Not only did you break PWR’s policy on drugs, you also committed a crime Usain.

That cannot go unpunished.

The fans boo loudly as Usain is shown staring on in disbelief from the ring.

David Ryan: Trust me Usain, I wish I didn’t have to do this, especially after the show you just put on, but the amount of pressure on my shoulders to make Pro Wrestling Rebellion a family friendly show, and a success for this industry, is too much for me to just ignore this.

Usain Kingston...

Ryan looks at the crowd and takes a deep breath.

David Ryan: You’re fired.

Ryan turns on his heel and heads backstage as the fans gasp in shock, and boos immediately begin to ring out around the arena. Usain Kingston is shown watching from the ring, unable to veil his own shock at Ryan’s decision as we get a shot of Lamar on the outside of the ring, a smirk on his face.


Commentary Segment:


Main Event - Chamber Match:

Intro here

Darius and Shaz start the Elimination Chamber main event with Mike Hawk, Mr. Torture, Orion Slayde, and The Hardcore King in the chambers.

Darius and Shaz begin with a collar and elbow tie up, Darius proves to be more powerful and  has been getting the best of Shaz working on him before pushing him to nearest corner where Shaz elevate his hands signaling the ref, Zak Castillo of him not resisting the hold, causing him to intervene and separate the two men before Shaz poke Darius' eyes and gets the upper hand and clotheslines Darius as he stumbles back over to the ropes sending Darius over the top rope and onto the steel platform. Shaz uses his quick movements and he jumps over the ropes and is seen driving his elbow into the chest of Darius in the early minutes of this match.



Shaz continues to remain in control as he lifts Darius up to his feet and leaning on the ropes and goes for his famous chops, the crowd wooing as they connect and light Darius' chest up in pain. Shaz boasts briefly for the crowd, who boo him before the last chop and Darius uses that chance to back body drop Shaz back into the ring. The crowd cheering as they see Shaz hold his back in pain as Darius ties to regain his composure.

Darius enters the ring and kicks Shaz in the mid section before going for te first cover of the evening but Shaz kicks out the pin at the count of 1. Darius knows not to let up and works on Shaz and drives his knee into Shaz's back as he stretches his arm back. The ref asking Shaz if he wants to quit as the crowd chants....4....3.....2.....1....!The clock goes down to zero and a new entrant emerges.

It is The Hardcore King who runs to the turn buckle and drop kicks both Darius and Shaz. The Hardcore King then lifts and whips Darius off the rope and hits him with a shoulder tackle. He kicks Shaz, who he then picks up and throws him into the corner and runs up the turn buckle and drives his elbow to the side of Shaz's head, forcing Shaz to his knees as The Hardcore King stepped back and boasted for the crowd, who mercilessly boo him before grabbing the heads of Darius and Shaz and forced them to headbutt each other and left them groaning in pain as he looked on deciding who to strike next.



Shaz is the first to show signs of recovery while The Hardcore King is focused on Darius. The Hardcore King take notice of this and now faces Shaz, who nails a european uppercut as The Hardcor King approached him before getting a running start and connects a Running Shooting Star Press, hooking the leg of the Hardcore King...



Shaz gets taken out by a kick from Darius, who picks up The Hardcore and tosses him over the top rope before following him onto the outside of the ring. Darius picks up The Hardcore King, who surprises Darius by slamming him against the side the Elimination Chamber. The Hardcore King grabs a dazed Darius and goes to whip him...

No Escape Show: Tumblr_n1hq277sA61sbzhteo1_400

...but Darius reverses the throw and sends The Hardcore King through what was his chamber! The crowd going wild to see the Chamber pods used as a weapon and hoping it won't be the last time they do.



Shaz i up and decides to try and capitalize on a slightly dazed Darius, connecting with a hard but Darius show he's still got plenty of life left in him by answering with a hard right of his own and the two are trading shots,


The clock goes to zero. The next entrant is Orion Slayde!



Slayde exits the pod and starts working on The Hardcore King after dragging him out the crashed pod he was sent through moments ago. Slayde slams The Hardcore King back first against the side of the Elimination Chamber. Slayde then clubs The Hardcore King with a hard punch to the jaw before he puls The Hardcore King away from the Chamber wall and sends him barreling into the ring as Darius does the same to Shaz on the opposite side of the ring.

Slayde and Darius enter the ring and based off their earlier encounter engage in a heated trading of fits that has the crowd on their feet. Slayde is the one to gain the upper hand as Darius was still feeling the effect of shots traded with Shaz and gets kicked in the gut as Slayde looked to lock his finishing move The Shadows of the Abyss (Double Hammelock Piledriver) but a low blow blow from The Hardcore King puts those plans to rest.

The ref unable to do a thing as only pinfalls and submissions are the means of elimination in this hellacious match. Darius is let go and drops to the ring besides Shaz before The Hardcore King is seen ripping off the protective covering from one of the ring turnbuckles, picking up Slayde and begins to slam head against the exposed turnbuckle repeatedly. Slayde being busted open upon the third hit and the blood begins flowing heavily down his face on the 5th before before The Hardcore King finally stops his assault on Slayde on the 8th hit, going for a quick cover as Slayde hits the canvas wearing a crimson mask.





...................Slayde powers out! the crowd elated to see the veteran survive elimination.

Shaz rises and decides to regain momentum and begin to land some kicks to the chest of The Hardcore King as he was angry in seeing Slayde kick out. The Hardcore King clutches his chet in pain as he's picked up Shaz and paced in position fo a Cradle DDT. Shaz connects the moves and rises as he tosses The Hardcore off to the side. Shaz then lifts Slayde up onto his shoulder but Slayde reverses the hold and drops to canvas as Shaz turns into a big boot from Darius but ducks in time, thus Darius connects his bot across Slayde's face sending crashing over the top rope. Shaz rolls up Darius...

....1! The count reaches 1 as buzzer sounds as the clock reaches zero and the fifth man enters and it is Mr. Torture. That means Mike Hawk will enter last. Darius powers out at 2 as Torture enters the ring.




Shaz rises to his feet encountering Torture as he does, who immediately begins his assault by connecting a spinning heel kick which drives Shaz to the canvas with force before Torture focuses on a rising Darius, grabbing Darius by the legs and completes a Flapjack.

Slayde is stirring to get back to his feet and turns to meet Torture who continues to look strong after planting Slayde with a belly to belly suplex. The Hardcore King is up and tries to connect a punch against the Man in Latex but Torture grabs his punch and gestures a no hand motion while shaking his head and punts The Hardcore King in the gut before connecting a double underhook DDT.

Torture looks to continue his dominant assault as he picks up Darius. Darius is dazed from the earlier Flapjack as he gets placed between Torture's latex bound legs as Torture looks to connect The Torture Crux (Sitout crucifix powerbomb) but a Rear Naked Choke is applied by Shaz to Torture as he attaches himself to Torture's back adding more pressure and forces Torture to relinquish his hold on Darius.

Darius is not left alone for long as Slayde rises to his feet and sees Torture release him from his grasp. Slade turns Darius t fae and sends him towards the ropes and of the rebound Slayde connects a Scoop Powerslam, hooking the leg on contact...



But it's The Hardcore King who comes in dropkicking Slayde to interrupt the count and hooks Darius' leg in hopes to be the one to get the it elimination of the match...



Now Slayde is the one to return the pinfall interrupting the count by pulling The Hardcore King of Darius by his mask. The two now trade fists as Darius recovers.



Shaz now looks at stars as Torture has escaped the Rear Naked Choke moments before by wisely using the rope to for the ref to break the hold. Leading Shaz to be frustrated and charge toward a rising Torture, who ducks the charge and connects a Michinoku Driver II (sitout scoop slam piledriver) and gos for the pin...



....................Shaz is able to kick out. Torture rises lookign to continue the assault on Shaz but...


Darius comes barreling with a thunderous Spear to Torture as the crowd cheers seeing Slayde get the better of the Hardcore King, pushing him into the nearest corner as he quickly set up and complete the now incoming Superplex on The Hardcore King that leaves both down and out as Darius fatigue starts to set in and fails to cover Torture after that amazing Spear.



Everyone is out and Hawk is eager to enter as the clock winds down...4....3....2...1! The buzzer blares as Hawk finally enters the match and admires the feast of carcasses before him.

Hawk decides on Shaz being the first to face his assault a he picks up "Th Lone Wolf" and begins a barrage of martial ats its and kicks that leaves Shaz on uneven feet before Hawk use the rope near them and cnnects a springboard kick. Hawk then picks up and throws Orion into the outside of the ring over the top rope. Hawk follows Slayde onto the outside while in the ring The Hardcore King stirs in the ring trying to get to his feet and Torture begins to rise to his.

Torture slams The Hardcore King with a knee to the head as Hawk hits Orion with a ring that sends stumbling back and now lies against the cage wall. Hawk charges towards Slayde but Slayde uses Hawk's momentum and uses a Bicycle Kick out of desperation that forces Hawk's head to snap back against the steel floor outside the ring and Slayde to collapse on the outside due to fatigue. Torture in the ring is covering The Hardcore King after connecting a Frankensteiner.



....................................The Hardcore King powers out.



Shaz is on his feet and hits Torture with a Roundhouse Kick that leaves Torture lying on the canvas. Shaz climb to the top rope and signals for the end as he looks to connect a Moonsault but intercepted mid flip by Darius and hoisted in the air before....


..........the Mayhem's Martyr connects! The crowd chanting Holy Shit as Shaz is left out cold in the ring.

The Hardcore King takes advantage and exits the ring in an effort to gain a mall breather, he sees the fallen Slayde and Hawk and decides to use this chance to eliminate either man, choosing Hawk as the one to use Lockpicker (Triangle Choke) on. He has Hawk screaming in pain and seemingly ready to tap but Orion is up in time to catch The Hardcore King off guard with a kick to the sternum. Orion picks up The Hardcore King and connect a vicious Shadow of the Abyss onto the steel flooring outside of the ring. Zak Castillo performs the count as Slayde covers...




Olivia Curtis: The Hardcore King has been eliminated.

Slayde takes comfort in these words. Happy to avenge his blood loss at the hands of The Hardcore King earlier in the match and enters the ring in hopes to continue his of momentum but Darius has other plans....

No Escape Show: Spear-by-edge

...The Executioner's Calling (Spear) connects as Slayde enters the ring. Darius covers....




Olivia Curtis: Orion Slayde has been eliminated!



Now Darius is the only man standing quite content in eliminating Slayde fo their exchange earlier in the evening. He waits for Shaz to get up, while on the outside the Elimination Chamber opens to let The Hardcore King and Orion Slayde exit it's confines. The Hardcore King heads to the back but Slayde is not so fortunate as he is surprised by behind by Artemis Eclipse, who uses Slayde's carelessness to place his head between Slayde's legs and uses his strength to lift Slayde up onto his shoulders in an Electric Chair position and grabbing Slayde's neck to complete the move he calls "I'M SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON!" (Rubix Cube; Electric chair driver) on the entrance ramp.



As the Chamber door closes and Eclipse heads to the back in glee of his actions while Orion is being tended to by the PWR Medical Staff, in the ring Darius is hit in the back of the head with an enziguiri by Hawk, who re-enters the fray. He enters the ring and goes after Torture. Torture is lifted up to his feet by Hawk but pays the price for it as Torture catches Hawk off guard with a hard uppercut...

No Escape Show: XUL7y

the force reels Hawk before Torture grabs Hawk's head and locks it in place as he tries to connect The Wheel of Torture. Hawk however pushes off Torture as he hits the corner to climb it in completion of hi move (Sliced Bread #2) and forces Torture over the top rope and crashing straight into a Chamber Pod shattering the glass in the process. The crowd in awe of the strength of Hawk and seeing Torture crash and shatter the glass from the Chamber Pod.



Shaz rises to his feet and sees Darius in the ring floor holding his head in pain. He decides to capitalize off this and picks up Darius, gestures the end is coming and...

No Escape Show: Canadian-destroyer-o

....connects the Brixton Disaster! He covers Darius...




Olivia Curtis: Darius has been eliminated!



The announcement catches Hawk's ear and turns to face Shaz in the ring.

Hawk and Shaz meet in the center of the ring. The crowd begging for a trading of fists but instead they see the two wrestling icons meet head to head in a battle for power as they engage in a test of strength.

No Escape Show: 5749151380_1ed4bbc6b6_z

The two push off in equal ground but soon the fatigue of Shaz, having been in the match longer than anyone besides the eliminated Darius, gives way to Hawk dominating him and pushing onto the canvas before driving his knee into the face of Shaz. Hawk then loks in a Grounded Dragon Sleeper and applies pressure that makes Shaz begin fade as the lack of air begins to set in but not enough to make him tap. Hawk wants to take things further as he lets an incapacitated Shaz go and climbs the ropes as the fans expect him to use The Phoenix Splash, however he wants more as he uses the steel post of the turnbuckle to climb a nearby (intact) Chamber Pod.



Hawk is up top but he fails to see Shaz on the ring floor as he prepares to launch. This confuses him as the fans the whole thing go down. Shaz played possum and rolled out of the ring to now climb the chain link wall near the chamber where Hawk currently is. He makes it to the top and Hawk turns to see "Th Lone Wolf" now stalking him and gets a kick in his chest that sends him crashing back first on to ring floor. A near 10 feet drop that leaves Hawk wide open as Shaz decides to risk it all with...

Pope: A Corkscrew Shooting Star Press?! Oh my G- Shaz don't do it! If you miss...

Foster: ...but it connects! Shaz has done it!

The impact causes Shaz to roll around the ring in pain as Torture re-enters the match picking up the spoils of war from Shaz and Hawk and hooks the leg...

Foster: Oh my, not like this! This is Shaz's win. Torture is gonna steal this.

Pope: Here comes 2!


Olivia Curtis: Mike Hawk has been eliminated!

Leaving Torture and Shaz as the only two left.

Shaz sees Torture steal his win. A win over the infamous Mike Hawk. A huge career move that Shaz wanted to add his repertoire. Gone. Torture had been forgotten after crashing through a Chamber Pod and used the chance to prove that it worked to his benefit. He took out one of the most fierce competitors and likely favorite to win and didn't have to lift a finger to do so. Now facing a rising Shaz, who holds his ribcage in pain both men know only one will be the winner.

Shaz is hurting but pushes on as he kicks Torture in the side of the head with great anger over the theft of glory Torture committed seconds ago using his speed to his advantage, he wasn't known as "The Rapid King" at one time for nothing, dazing Torture and now it's a race to see who will end the match first.

Shaz kicks Torture in the sternum looking or the Brixton Disaster but his ribcage begin to ache beyond reason and prevent him from lunging forward to complete the flip. Torture seizes that misstep to twist out of the hold and lock Shaz's head in place. He runs toward to the nearest corner and completes The Wheel of Torture!

Howeve Torture seeks to end this match causing Shaz to feel extreme pain and decides to lock in The Curse of the Damned (Colt Cabana Billy Goat's Curse)

No Escape Show: 943075122_aUsKA-L-1

The submission hold causes Shaz to scream in anguish as he tries to hold on but he taps furiously in order for the pain to stop!

Olivia Curtis: Shaz has been eliminated! The winner of this Elimination Chamber and...inaugural PWR World Heavyweight Champion!!!!! Mr. Torture!!!!!!!!!!!

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Torture Promo:

Camera goes to the back and shows a dark corridor, with some light coming out for an ajar door. Cameraman goes forward and gently pushes the door, showing a man sitting on a table, with a book and a reading lamp. Fans start to boo as they recognize the man from the Torture Chamber himself. He seems to be absorbed by the reading, so the cameraman coughs slightly, making Mr. Torture take his eyes from the book.

Mr. Torture: Oh, I wasn't told I was going to have a visit before the match, so I was here educating myself.

Torture picks a bookmark before closing the book.

Mr. Torture: Wanna know what I'm reading? I may surprise you.

He shows the cover to the camera:

No Escape Show: Thus-spoke-zarathustra-by-f-nietzsche-ebook-cover1

Mr. Torture: What do you think? I know you probably were expecting me reading 50 Shades of Grey. Nah, man, way too soft. Maybe one of the Marquis of Sade, but I've already did. I like to vary my knowledge, not to just stick to one genre. I'm not that one-dimensional, even if people think so. Besides, Nietzsche is always an intellectual challenge. People may reduce him to a forefather of Nazism, and that's oversimplyfing the matter. But I know you haven't come to hear me discuss philosophy, ain't it?

Cameraman nods.

Mr. Torture: Yeah, but allow me to use Mr. Nietzsche as a starting point. He has a concept called Eternal Return, or Eternal Recurrence, depending on the translation. It means that every event that has happened in the past is bound to happen again at some point in the future. Remember True Detective and their insistence in “Life comes in circles”? That's what is all about. Tonight, I'm going to prove the Eternal Return concept. How so? Well, let me tell you a story of the past and how it connects with the future.

Torture pauses to take a small breath.

Mr. Torture: I know people don't like wrestlers talking about other companies, but this time is needed. At certain point in my IWA tenure, I reached rock bottom. I was expelled from The Nest, I lost focus and failed to win a feud against Note. I needed to start again, get my shit together and climb my way into relevance. I faced Kaige Chamberlain and beat him at Destined for Immortality. I was back on track, I focused myself on becoming the BlackOut Champion and in the end I made it. The plan was to defend the title as long as possible, then move on to a higher target.

But IWA closed. Back to square one. A new start was needed and Pro Wrestling Rebellion was founded. I didn't doubt it a single second, I jumped at the chance and got a contract with the company. I seemed to please the owners, as I was put in the Road to Rebellion tournament that would determine the six men that would fight for the PWR World Heavyweight Championship. And I made an excellent performance. Four matches, three wins, one loss in which I wasn't pinned or submit. I won a one on one match against Artemis Eclipse. I won a tag team match with Darius, who didn't believe I could work with a man I dislike as a cohesive unit. And I won a six man tag team match with Artemis and The Hardcore King, a man I didn't know and a legend I hadn't coincided with. And I got the pin. That made me be part of the Elimination Chamber match tonight. And tonight I close the circle and defeat five opponents to be champion again. See? Eternal return completed.

Another pause by the Man in Latex.

Mr. Torture: I know it won't be a picnic on a sunny Sunday. I have not just one opponent, but five. I've been in the ring with most of them, as a partner or as an opponent. I kinow what they are capable of. It doesn't matter if they are newcomers like the Hardcore King, rising stars like Darius, well established veterans like Slayde or former World Champs like Shaz and Hawk. Tonight the six of us will give 200% of ourselves, find strength when it appears impossible, we will tear, maim and destruct in our way to become PWR's first World Champion. What they don't realize is what we are going to do tonight can be summed up into one word. Torture. We are going to literally torture each other to get the final one, two, three and see our arms raised in victory, then the ref would present the winner the belt. We are going to inflict pain and endure pain. And we have to do it better than the other five to win. Torture. No one is better than me at torturing. I didn't take the nickname in vain. I am the most skilled of them all at inflicting pain. And I will prove I'm the most resilient at enduring pain.

Tonight, the Elimination Chamber will be a place of public torture. For me, that's like being at home. It will be a home way from home. And at home, there is only one master. Me. I do my will when I'm playing with my girls in my chamber, and I'm going to impose my will, obviously not in a sexual way, on five other men at the Elimination Chamber. Do not doubt about it, when the smoke clears, I will be proclaimed the first ever PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

And now, if you please, allow my to return to Nietzsche until it is time fight.

Cameraman turns around and leaves.


Darius & Slayde Promo:

With the camera now backstage, Orion Slayde can be seen getting ready for tonight's Chamber match and the crowd pop at the sight of the veteran. The noise then goes up another level as Darius enters the frame. Aside from the crowd cheers, there's a dead silence between the men as they stare at the other, neither backing down or flinching.

No Escape Show: Randy_Orton_III_170608_999

Darius: Now before we start throwing punches at each other, let me say something to you, Slayde. I'm not in your face right now to fight you;

Darius places his hand on Slayde's shoulder.

I'm here to congratulate you on your win at Taking on Graves, Punk, and Eclipse all at the same time and winning? That is a damn good accomplishment my friend.

I'll be honest; I'm glad you won. It adds more of a challenge to the Elimination Chamber match now. You're one of the seasoned veterans in this business and I respect everything you have said and done over the past years ...

But tonight? Tonight you're just another stepping stone to me. You may be good at what you do and you may be better than Shaz, Torture, King, and Hawk ...

But you aren't better than me, Slayde. I've overcome some pretty gnarly odds myself since I joined the wrestling industry and I've grown since then. I've been in matches you would never dream of competing in, Slayde.

Darius grins widely, chuckles a bit, then takes a step back from Slayde with his hands up.

But I just want to clarify what I said; I do respect you. I respect you as a man, as a wrestler, and as an opponent. You're one of the best that PWR has to offer right now!

Darius pauses for a moment ...

But I just know that I will be the one left standing in that elimination chamber tonight and I will be the one walking out of No Escape with the PWR World Championship draped over my shoulder. I will be known as the first ever PWR World Champion.

Orion scoffs Darius comment.

Slayde: What good will your respect do me tonight? Am I supposed to feel happy for you and say I agree that you're better than me? Think again.

Orion continues to prepare for the match by applying tape to his wrists as he continues to address Darius.

Slayde: Why come here to boast about a fantasy you've yet to make true? You know might've been good enough to win the top gold back in RTE or whatever it used to call itself back in the day because among weak and frail talents you were a shining star to them but here in PWR, you got a lot of ground to cover before you can claim to win the top gold and even more to say you're better than me.

His wrists properly taped Orion cracks his neck.

Slayde: Tonight all that matters is survival. To be the last man standing. I am ready to survive at all costs out there tonight. You coming here to waste your time and try to get inside my head shows that you're scared. Scared you won't make it and now you foolishly try to plant seeds of doubt that I won't either but in already doubting yourself you've already lost. I don't doubt my place in the Chamber and I don't my place in PWR. Tonight I will be the first PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

So take your meaningless words elsewhere and get ready for a fight. Words won't save you in the Chamber. Only your actions will and if your actions prove to be as pathetic as your words right now, I'll enjoy watching you be eliminated, if I don't get the pleasure of doing it myself.

Orion finishes and places his hand of Darius' shoulder in return of his actions earlier.

Slayde: Good luck, you're gonna need it. May the best man win and don't worry, I will win.

Orion now turns and leaves the area confidently as Darius looks on irate as the camera exits.


Commentary Segment: (Title announcement, before the Chamber)

The crowd can't believe what they have just heard from GM- Dave Ryan. Usain has been fired and the Philly crowd are not happy, at all. They are chanting "Bullshit" over and over as Usain just looks on, shocked.

It's about to get worse for Usain too, as various staff come down and begin taking back down the cage, Andre Lamar comes bursting out from the crowd off men with lariat clothesline, hitting Usain with the straight outta' Compton clothesline from hell as the crowd continue booing. More staff come down the ramp, this time in the form of security and they drag Usain up, carrying him to the back as Andre begins crip walking up the ramp, loving the moment of Usain being fired.

Foster: I agree with this crowd, this is BS, James. Ryan once again, using his power against those that oppose him.

Pope: So you agree with smoking drugs, inside too? It's against the law, it's a crime. Think about these poor kids at ringside, Usain is corrupting there minds.

Foster: Oh please, spare the life lesson. Fine, suspend Usain, warn him.. Whatever you want to do, but to fire him, here in front of his fans after an amazing victory like that? It's wrong James, it's wrong.

Pope: Well I'm going to let you throw your tantrum, Nikki. I'm going to do my job and move on with the show. Fans, it's time for the Chamber match! However before the action get's underway, here's what all six men are competing for, the PWR World Heavyweight Championship!

As soon as James Pope finishes speaking. A man comes down with a briefcase in hand. He walks around the six sided ring as the Chamber begins to be lowered down from the roof. The man with the case then heads over to the commentary table and opens the case, pulling out the title and placing it on top of a class table in view of the crowd.

No Escape Show: 10913138_10205811089576101_111286578_n

Foster: That's a thing of beauty right there! This is what everyone wants, it's why they have gone through this tough and hard hitting road to rebellion. The finish line is in sight, the gold is there for the taking.. Who's going to make it count? We are about to find out.

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