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Same rules apply- Do not write in here! This will be used to showcase the script for the upcoming PPv. Will be edited and changed for each show.


Retaliation (Location - Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada)

Voice Intro - (Hyping up Retaliation)

Intro - (Live performance of the National anthem from Olivia Curtis. Show welcome and run down of the Retaliation card)

Match One: The Knights vs The Empire - Three on Three Elimination Match (Knights win when THK gets the final pinfall by pinning Nate)

Tommy Thunder Promo - (Tommy will be interviewed backstage. Will be asked on his thoughts tonight of finally being able to get his hands on N' and shut him up, knowing that he won't be able to run away because of the Bull Rope. Tommy will be asked about what happened on disORDER, him being mocked via Lenny Lightening and if N's mind games have got too him. Tommy will say no, then will claim the games stop tonight when he beats him.)

Commentary Segment - (Play up the win from the Knights, talk how they indeed got Retaliation after there loss at No Escape, by winning tonight. Hype up the match to come later on, from Tommy and N. Introduce the next match.)

Match Two: Vince Omega vs Hayden Coel - Singles Match. (Hayden wins clean.)

Backstage Lamar Segment - (Andre will be shown leaving GM- Dave Ryan's office with a smile on his face. Hinting that he will receive help in his BO Title match?)

& (The camera will then switch)

Backstage N' Segment - (N' will be shown, Bull Rope in hand, seemingly making plans with his goons, the World Class Club, Brandon and Nash. N' will then see the camera and tell them to leave.)

Commentary Segment - (Speculation on both Andre and N' reasons for there respective segments. Accuse of making plans of underhanded tactics. Hype up the next match)

Match Three: Jack Phoenix vs Andre Lamar vs Israel Pamich - BreakOut Title, Triple Threat Match. (Israel wins. The finish comes where Lamar is outside the ring- and Phoenix goes for a Suicide Dive- but Lamar moves out of the way as he hits the ground- leading to a Curb Stomp from Lamar. This leads to Lamar taunting the crowd, and he taunts a fan in a Jamaican mask. This causes the man to take off his mask, and reveal that he's Usain- and he attacks Lamar leading to a brawl between the two men but it's broken up when Usain is escorted out. Lamar heads back to the ring- he wrestles Pamich for a bit, and Pamich will finally get the win.)

Commentary Segment - (Hype up Israel winning the BO Title. Team will talk up the surprise of Usain Kingston returning and costing Andre the match. Pope will be furious saying he shouldn't be here, he's been fired, while Nikki will play up that he's a paying member, he has a ticket and how the crowd popped hard to see Usain return and cost Andre. Both will then say there being told there's a commotion going on backstage and where about to go there live)

Usain & Ryan Backstage Segment - (Usain will be shown being escorted out of the building by orders of David Ryan. Usain will once again show he has a ticket. Ryan will rip it up, continue to bark orders at his security team. Usain will then speak back, cutting a short promo- basically telling Ryan that he told him so. Usain is then escorted out of the building.)

& (Camera will again switch)

Darius Interview Promo - (Darius will be interviewed by Gavin Williams. He will be asked on his thoughts for his huge match tonight against Kyojin. Gavin will say how this is a dream match, yet what does Darius think of the talk that Darius is not in the same league as Kyojin and that it took for the legend to challenge him, to bring some fight back to Darius. Darius will then answer how you feels right, before stating that while this is a dream match, it's more too him then that.. This is personal, it's time too see who's the better.)

Match Four: N 'w/World Class Club vs Tommy Thunder - Texas Bull Rope Match. (N' will win. N' will throw everything at Tommy, including his goons getting involved. Tommy will keep battling but eventually fall to defeat from Nolan Swisher)

Commentary Segment - (Pope will lead the celebrations, saying how it's a massive win for N and he's said all along how he would beat Tommy and no one would listen. Foster will say how Tommy battled against the odds but in the end, N won. Pope will say how this night will be for ever remembered as N became a star, the Greatest of all time.)

Scars & Stripes Segment - (Poster reveal and hype for the next PPv.)

Kyojin Interview Promo - (Kyo will too be interviewed by Gavin Williams and asked about his match tonight with Darius. Kyo will be asked if he's feeling the pressure of returning to action in such a high profile match, a dream match. Kyo will also be asked on his thoughts that Darius was lacking fire and passion before he came and challenged him. He will be asked if he's worried that he might have lit a fire that he can't put out tonight.)

Match Five: Women's Battle Royal - Women's Title Match. (Couple things to consider for this match.. if we go with a Te/Gates feud- we have Gates shockingly eliminate Te, and then Te eliminates Gates later on. Another thing would be- to maybe have Lillith or Rain dominate by getting most eliminations. Could also have everybody- eliminate Lillith, like in WWE with Big Show. Either way though, Akira gets the win in a moment that's hyped up as very feel good and deserved.)

Akira Promo Segment - (Maybe have Gavin Williams join Akira in the ring- congralate her? Akira talks about how this is the greatest night of her life. She's had all her struggles leading up to this title- and they've finally payed off as tonight- she not only cements herself as the face of the PWR womens division- but as PWR's women champion! Anything else Akira wants to talk about, and the promo will be ended with the words.. "This shows that I am the Women to beat and I welcome all competition.." Akira drops the mic, soaks in the applause a little more, until...)

Juno Mercury Promo - (Huge pop as Juno will debut. Juno will talk about the winner and her promo. She will say that while that Women's title may suggest she's the best in the company, everyone knows that there's only one true best in the world and that's the female superstar of the year, Juno Mercury. Juno will say that it's good that ?? welcomes competition, because you are looking at PWR newest signing and she's coming for that title. Juno & Akira stare at each other from the stage & ring respectivly, and the fans are going absolutely ape-shit!)

Commentary Segment - (Hype up the debut of Juno and the promo exchange from the new Champ and Juno. Hype up the next match that's too come.. The dream match between Kyojin and Darius.)

Match Six: Kyojin vs Darius - Dream Match. (Kyo will win after an epic match. After the match, Kyo shakes Darius' hands as the fans cheer very loudly. Kyo leaves Darius in the ring so Darius can soak in the applause- as he does so.. however- he slides out of the ring, and begins to panic a little bit in disbelief that he lost. Make it a huge deal on commentary- how THIS could possibly be the start of Darius getting more unstable.)

Torture Promo - (Torture will be shown backstage. He will talk about his first official title defense and his feud with Shaz thus far. He will say that Shaz has been fighting through the pain but that tonight, the pain will be too much.. It will be.. Torture. Torture vows to end the fighting spirit of Shaz with a victory tonight.)

Commentary Segment - (Run down of the show thus far, saying how good it's been with the various surprises and victory's. The team will then talk about the Torture promo before hyping up the World Title ME too come. They will announce that Gavin is standing by alongside the challenger, Shaz.)

Shaz Interview Promo - (Shaz will reflect on the words of Torture. He will say how everyone seems to be expecting him too come here tonight and roll over because of the minor injury he's carrying. Shaz will say it's not going to happen, he's been fighting all his life and he's not stopping now. He will say he's going there to take Torture's title and become PWR World Champion.)

Main Event: Torture vs Shaz - World Title Match. (Another epic match. Torture focuses on Shaz' ribs a lot. Torture will win. Shaz will come close, having battled through the pain barrier. Show will end with Torture standing tall in the ring with his title. Hype up on commentary how Shaz put up a great fight, but it was Torture who came out on top.)


THBK - Red
Zero - Blue
Shaz - Green
Eddie/Other - Orange

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