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PWR.Com-Episode #1
(Location - Grand Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)

The camera cuts to a live shot at ringside. It shows the six sided ring in it's full glory with the crowd cheering and on there feet as the first ever live Internet episode of PWR.Com is about to begin.

Foster: History is being made, folks! We thank you for tuning in and watching us live on! Following us on this broadcast, there will be an exclusive rumors and news round up show! Stay tuned for the lastest going on's in PWR.

Pope: Indeed. Hello everyone and welcome! Nikki- that roundup is too come after us, but let's talk about what's too come on the show. I'm talking about Usain being beating by Andre Lamar- once again! Not only that, but the debut of N. Swisher- facing an opponent yet to be announced.

Foster: Sounds great, However you missed my personal favorite thing about this show. Our very own, talented and pretty lady, Olivia Curtis has a sit down interview with the Shadow- Orion Slayde! That should be awesome.. I can't wait too see what he says.

Pope: It should be a good show, Nikki.

Foster: We are going to start the show by handing it over to the man with the mic- Gavin Williams!


Gavin Williams: Hello there PWR Fans! Welcome to the first edition of disORDERS #TopTen. So you want to know who's impressed, who's made there mark on disORDER? Perhaps you want to know where your favorite hero or villains ranks among the best PWR has too offer, well no look no further as I.. The man with the mic- Gavin Williams will be bringing you exactly that with this show. So, let's get into it and start with our number Ten on the list.

#10 - Two of a Kind.

GW: Okay, so they lost there latest match against the Knights? Well let's take you back to there first match where they beat the Empire- TJ & Clay. The veteran team still seem to have a lot in the tank and with there experience, could they eventually add some PWR tag team titles to there list of silverware?

#9 - Darius.

GW: The self proclaimed "Mr. IWA" may not have had the start he wanted in PWR - Yet to score a victory, but that shouldn't take away from the star presence and impact that Darius has already made. A good showing in the Six man tag was followed up by a devasting Spear that ended the second show, sending the crowd happy and showing Mike Hawk he mean's business in PWR. Surely it won't be long before " The Reaper " climbs up that R2R tournament?

#8 - Artemis Eclipse.

GW: A proven veteran and only 29, you would think it would be hard for Artemis to fly under the radar here in PWR- But that's what has happened thus far, well, expect that soon to change when Artemis gets to grip with the competition on disORDER. A great opening win on his debut in the Six man tag followed by an impressive Fatal Four Way match on the second episode and you can start seeing exactly why Artemis has been wanted in so many wrestling promotions before he joined Pro Wrestling Rebellion.

#7 - The Hardcore King & The Knights.

GW: Okay, I'm cheating here! But you know as well as I do, where the King is.. The Knights are sure to follow. Following debut wins for the Hardcore King and his servants, the Knights and you can see why they have ranked #7 on the #TopTen list. The King and his Knights might be three people to watch in the weeks too come, with domination over the single and tag team competition a possible reality.

6# - The Empire.

GW: Yeah... I'm cheating again! Sue me. If you have been watching PWR then you would have been impressed by the Empire- led by Nate Washington. Okay, so they lost there first match but they soon looked like the winners, attacking TOAK and sending a message that rippled around disORDER. Plus, they have there own club backstage? There just cool and a mouth watering prospect is already in store should the The Knights come face to face with Empire in the ring.


As the camera cuts back to ringside, the footage being shown live on PWR.Com show's a man dressed to wrestle and warming up in the ring. The focus of the camera then turns to the lovely, Olivia Curtis where she's about to announce his name..

Olivia Curtis: Ladies & Gentleman, it's time for our first match of the night! Introducing first, he's been signed by N. Swisher himself and we are being told.. He's a World Class Athelete, from London, England. Ken Brandon!

The crowd are left laughing with the announcement of this "World Class Athelete". From the look of the man in the ring- He's does not look World Class and he's no Athelete either. Ken Brandon though, appears very serious about this and stares up at the stage, awaiting his opponent.

Foster: Wait- did I hear that, correct? N' has signed up his own opponent, tonight? What's wrong with facing someone on the roster?

Pope: Yeah, you heared right Nikki. I love the idea. I mean, one, we are finally getting the chance to see N' in action and two- He's hired a World Class Athelete to test himself. It should be a great match.

Foster: Are you trolling right now, James? He is know Athelete.. I mean, I'm pretty sure I could wrestle him and win.

Pope: Play your cards right Nikki and I might let you wrestle me *James laughs*

Foster: Yeah.. In your dreams, James.

Olivia Curtis: Introducing next! Making his debut here in Pro Wrestling Rebellion! Weighing 225 Pounds and from the United States of America! The proclaimed- Greatest of all time! N'!

As expected with that introduction- It does not take long for the crowd to dislike N' and it shows already as they boo him instantly. Even more so as he enters the stage to a spotlight that shines down on him. Highlighting him as if he was a global wide star as he makes his way down the ramp.

Pope: Here he is.. Mr. Swisher! I have heard so much about this man, Nikki. You know, this man once went on a lunch date with Donald Trump and he.. picked up the bill. You know, he told me he once partied all night long with Megan Fox, didn't sleep, wreslted the next day, won and then continued partying the next night! I wish I had a personal life, like N.

Foster: Ever thought he could be making these things up, James?

Pope: No chance! N's just a great guy from what I hear, Nikki.

Foster: Well we are about too see how he wrestles, but, judging on who he's facing tonight. I can't see this really being a test for him.

Match Two: N' vs Ken Brandon.
Finish: The match goes about five to six minutes long but in truth.. It's been a no contest. Perhaps to the surprise of none- Ken Brandon has been no competition at all. Virtually being a punching and traning dummy for N' who has gone through his arsenal of moves before posing and taunting as if he was beating a World Champion.

N' even has time to look around and interact with the crowd. Even propping himself up on the turnbuckle as Ken Brandon gaps for breath- this wolrd class athelete is already gassed out and the crowd go sour, chanting and booing at N' who obviously set this up, knowing it would be the case.

As it stands- N' has a struggling Brandon in the turnbuckle corner and begins laying into him with kicks and knees. N' then drags up Brandon and uses the turnbuckle to hop up, ropes walks across and then leaps off with a hurracarrana that actually gets a nice pop from the crowd in attendace for the impressive move. Swisher then drags up Ken, kicks him in the stomach and then lands a German Suplex pin in the middle of the ring. It scores a two- with N' stopping the pin, clearly not done yet.

N' then poses some more before draggin up Brandon once again.. kicking him in the stomach and finishing the match with a Pedigree and a three count.

Olivia Curtis: Anndd your winner.. N'!

The crowd are booing as N' celebrates like it was a huge victory when in truth- He's not broken a sweat at all. However what comes next, is a surprise. N' digs deep into his trouser pocket and pulls out a handful of Dollar bills. N' then lays the money down on Ken Brandon before exiting the ring, swaggering up the ramp as the crowd boo him.

Pope: How impressive was that victory, Nikki? N' just beat a world class athelete with ease, I can't believe.

Nikki: James- He was not world class.

Pope: He is.. Did you not listen to the introduction?

Nikki: Urgh! I'm sorry fans, it seems that with our first ever intenet show, the troll is out in force. However, I'm pleased to say I have some better news! We are about to join Gavin Williams for the second half of our disORDER #TopTen


#5 - Andre Lamar & Usain Kingston.

GW: It's a tie! They have quickly become the feud to watch on PWR. Usain the friendly and loveable life loving Jamaicon while Lamar is the hateable rogue that secretly you know is cool. Both have been pretty much joined at the hip since disORDER and the reason? They already hate each other! You then add the controversial Dave Ryan into the mix and an explosion is sure to happen!

#4 - Torture.

GW: Freaky? Check. Scary? Check. Dangerous? You bet he is. Torture is next on the list and it's easy to see why. An impressive victory in his first match in which he scored the victory for his team has edged him up this list. Plus, I'm not crazy, I don't want to be next in that torture chamber. As for the man himself, a loss but impressive showing in the Fatal Four Way followed on the second episode but after a good showing and already 3 points on the score bored. Will it really be long before Torture is chasing or leading the R2R pack?.

#3 - Slayde & KJ Punk

GW: Slayde is Perhaps the most experienced man in the PWR and it shows. An unsuspected loss on the first episode might have thrown others of there game.. However, not Slayde. He's been there and done it all before. How did he react? By winning his second match, beating the likes of Torture, Artemis and the Hardcore King. Perhaps the fans favorite son to win the match, it's possible. Slayde now free of injury, is cabable of beating anyone on his day.

Then you have KJ Punk - A man who's risen from the bottom to the top in a matter of a few years and it's not hard too see why. Potential was mentioned for a while when ever the name KJ was brought up.. Well, that's changed. He's the real deal and his win against Shaz showed it this past week on disORDER. Now KJ has the ball rolling- can he be stopped? Well.. Try if you wish, just watch out for that rolling elbow!

#2 - Graves.

GW: He's been dubbed the deranged one by commentary and with good reason. Graves is insane.. yet, you can't help but feel like you want to support him, can you? He's an underdog that's not quite produced his best in other companies, but could PWR be his real calling? He started his PWR career with a victory over Orion Slayde and followed that up by a match stealing performance with Mike Hawk? How far can the man hailing from the darkest corners of insanity go? We will soon find out.

1# - Mike Hawk.

GW: Perhaps you expected that Hawk would make #1? After all. He's beaten everyone at everything over the past year or so. Love him or hate him, he's argubaly the number one wrestler on the planet at the moment and he shows no sign of slowing down. He dramatic debut on the first episode grabbed the attention and he followed it up by defeating the impressive Graves in a show stealing Main Event. Hawk as 3 points on the Road to Rebellion. Will his wings sore and fly him to the title, or, can someone clip those wings and bring Hawk crashing to the ground?

Well folks, that's all for this addition of disORDERS #TopTen. Until next time- I'm the man with the mic, Gavin Williams. Take care everybody.


Foster: Great edition of disORDERS #TopTen there- Good job Gavin, well done. Congratulations to the top ten and this week's impressive performer, Mike Hawk.

Pope: Two episodes in and Mike Hawk's already number one? That didn't take long.. did it? It's deserved though, nobody can touch Hawk at the moment.

Foster: Well it's very early days, James. Plus, Darius did more then touch Hawk- when he speared him this past week on disORDER Episode Two.

Pope: I hope Dave Ryan was watching that- I want too see Darius pay for that cowardly assault on Hawk.

Foster: Off course you do, James.


Pope: Well, it's time for a match! We'll have to witness the dreadful Usain Kingston go face to face with Andre Lamar. Honestly- I don't see the point in this match? Andre's beaten him before.

Foster: Stop being so negative! This is a great match for and look at the crowd, they're buzzing at the minute. They're looking forward to this match no doubt, and that's all that matters.

Olivia Curtis: This match is set for one fall! Introducing first- he is the Unorthodox One... Usain Kingston!

Usain Kingston's music hits- as half of the Usainiacs get up on their feet in excitement. Usain comes out to a nice pop from half of the arena- as the other half don't look too convinced. Usain slaps hands with the fans as he shuffles, before walking his way down the ring- and he slides into the ring eventually. He looks into the camera and screams "You're going down Lamar man!" before posing.

Foster: Usain is a superstar that everybody should look out for. It's hard not to pay attention when he's so hyper- but he's somebody that's been impressing.

Pope: I didn't know losing matches were impressing.

Foster: Just shut up, Pope.

Curtis: And the opponent... he's straight out of Compton- Andre Lamar!


"Dre" enters the stage, swaggering out from behind the curtain. Showcasing his "crip" walk as the crowd begin booing. Andre though, does not care and continues on, mocking the crowd as he dances away to his "NWA - Straight outta' Compton" theme.

Andre then signals for the music to stop, pulls out a microphone from his jean back pocket and begins to speak.

Andre Lamar: Yo' listen up! Ya'll no the deal around ere', when I speak, ya'll listen- got that?!

crowd boo as Lamar smiles.

Andre Lamar: Good. So you all heard Dave Ryan last week, right? Talking about the launch of and how me and Levi Roots were going to compete, again, tonight for all of viewing pleasure. So, here we are..

So, Mr. Marley, wadda'ya say we give the crowd one hell of a match tonight and the best man will win?

Crowd pop as Usain nods his head.

Andre Lamar: Well it ain't going to happen! That's right, you dumb New York folk heard me right. It ain't going to happen and here's why..

One- Nobody and I mean nobody, ever, tells me.. Andre Lamar, the man born in the capital C.P.T. what to do and that goes for Dave Ryan too! So, Dave- I'm sorry bruh but I ain't gon' be competing tonight against Usain.

And two- When I signed my contract deal here in PWR.. I did so with the dates for disORDER and the PPv's. Ain't nobody that told me about no- PWR.Com shii' ya' ere' me? So, unless there's in a incentive or somebody gone me throwin' some mo' money my way, ain't I getting in the ring with anybody for free.. Especially somebody I beat on the very first episode.

However- I'm not gon' totally disrespect our GM- Dave Ryan because I ain't stupid- he's the boss and everybody wants the boss on there side, when there's money to be made. So, I got a replacement. Enjoy the match! Lamar is out- Peace!


Lamar heads to the back as The Empire's music hit. They drive out to the arena with their rarest looking Rolls Royce as the crowd boo. Nate Washington hops out of the car- followed by the rest of The Empire as they make their way down to the ring. Nate slides in- as Usain eyes him.

Foster: What?! No, this is ridiculous! Lamar should be competing, he was the one that was announced to face Usain. Why does he get to refuse to compete?!

Pope: The only problem with this- is that we don't get to see Lamar's awesome in-ring abilities, but on the up side- we get to see the singles debut of Nate Washington!

Washington is on one side- Usain is on another. The referee Brian Anderson rings the bell as the match is on!

Match Two. Usain Kingston vs. Nate Washington

Finish: This has been a very hard-hitting match between the two, as both men have really gone all out on each other. Usain has continued to get the fans on his side- and Nate's given a fantastic performance so far in his debut.

Back to the action- both men are trading shots. Usain goes for another shot- but Nate ducks, before cracking Usain in the back of the head with an elbow. Usain holds his head in pain, and Nate picks him up for a Suplex- but Usain lands on his feet, before hitting him with a Facebuster.

Usain goes for the cover- but Nate kicks out at 2. Usain can't believe it- as he goes up to the referee, with his facial expressions showing that he doesn't know what to do to win. He turns back to Nate- but Nate pokes him in the eye. Nate quickly gets up- and hits him with a huge Clothesline that knocks Usain off his feet! Nate grabs Usain- and locks him in an Ankle Lock!

Nate increases the pressure as Usain screams out in pain- with the the majority of the crowd empathizing with Usain big time. Nate begins to scream "Usain sucks!" as half of the crowd boo at him. Usain is slowly crawling to the ropes- and he grabs the ropes as Nate is forced to break the hold! Nate keeps applying the finisher- until the referee counts to 4- as Nate lets go, wanting to apply as much pain to Usain as possible.

Nate picks Usain up- and grabs him by the head, but Usain pushes him- and throws him in the air... Uppercut from Kingston! Usain gets back to the ropes, as he begins to kick the ground- motioning for his finisher. Nate slowly does get up- and when he turns around... High Road! (Brogue Kick) Usain goes for the cover, and he picks up the win!

Olivia Curtis: And your winner is... Usain Kingston!

Usain's music hits- as the referee raises his hand up. We hear more cheers than before- and it's clear that Usain is getting more over. However- Nate Washington doesn't look too impressed about losing his debut match.

Pope: What a fluke!

Foster: Don't be silly, Pope. Both men gave it their all- but it was Usain who won. Let's face it- the crowd are warming up to Usain and Nate couldn't do anything about it.

We see The Empire talking to him- as TJ Bell & Clay are telling him "Let's finish him!" as Usain is unaware. Nate nods in approval.

The Empire slide into the ring- as Usain turns around, and they begin to crowd him. Usain is in the middle, unsure of what to do. The Empire are screaming "who's in charge now!" as the crowd are silent. Usain laughs, before screaming "I am!" and he does a crotch grab to Nate as The Empire get more annoyed!

TJ Bell is the first one to run to Usain- and they begin to trade shots, but Usain is getting the upper hand due to his size advantage. However, the numbers game gets the better of Usain as Clay & Nate attack him with ease. They begin to kick him down as Usain is in pain- with the crowd booing The Empire. They pick Usain up- as Clay goes for the Franktrain (Pounce) but Usain quickly moves out of the way to TJ's direction. TJ tries to prevent Usain from getting away- but Usain pushes him to the ground as Usain slides out. He heads up the ramp, as he escapes from The Empire. They look on- as Usain begins to shuffle- further annoying The Empire.

Usain walks up the stage, posing for the crowd as he's getting more approval. Usain holds his hand up- but...

*Insert picture.*

ANDRE LAMAR drops him from behind with a huge chairshot to the back of the skull as Usain drops down to his feet. Lamar continues to crack Usain's back with repeated shots with the chair as Usain's out- and Lamar shows pleasure in inflicting pain. He throws the chair- and laughs before doing a Westside sign at the camera with the crowd booing him.


Foster: Get some help out here- this is a disgusting assault from Andre Lamar. Blindsiding Usain Kingston after a match, which he ducked and ran from!

Pope: Hit him again, Dre! Go on, let's see him shuffle and talk about his Usainiacs now!

Security and medical personal then run down and are eventually able to seperate the duo. Dragging Andre away from a downed Usain before getting him out of the ring.

Foster: About time. I hope Andre is made to pay for tonight. First he played the part of General Manager- changing his match how he pleased. Then, he goes and attack's Usain after the match? What a horrible person, he is.

Pope: Actually, Dre is a great guy. Usain had it coming with his words last week on disORDER.

Foster: You keep calling him "Dre" James, you know he don't know you, right? I mean I hardly doubt Andre even knows your name. Folks, we are almost done here tonight, but there's still reason to stay tuned. Up next we have the exclusive interview we have been waiting for with Orion Slayde!

Pope: Don't forget the news and rumor's round up too, PWR-Fans!

Foster: That too! Take care everyone and we will see you soon for disORDER Episode Three!


The camera shows a set up backstage area. There are two Hollywood style chairs, a TV screen hanging on the wall and a small table separating the two chairs. As the camera focuses, PWR Ring announcer- Olivia Curtis is shown in one of the chairs as she begins to speak.

Olivia Curtis: Hello there PWR fans! Welcome to the first ever PWR.Com exclusive interview. I am disORDER's ring announcer and I'll be asking the questions tonight. My name is Olivia Curtis and it's my pleasure to welcome.. The one and only, Orion "The Shadow" Slayde! Orion, welcome and thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Orion Slayde: Pleasure to be here.

Olivia Curtis: Well, Orion, I think I speak for everyone here in Pro Wrestling Rebellion and the world of wrestling, when I say, it's great too see you back in action and furthermore, looking healthy once again and wrestling. So I ask, how does it feel being back in the ring and if I can.. An update on your injury past, please. It's my understanding that you knee in particular is fully healed, is that correct, Orion?

Orion Slayde: It is. I went through months of intense physical therapy after just one knee surgery. Not the supposed 3 that tool Clark Powellson once rumored I had to undergo. See the damage was never as bad as it was made out to be on TV but it certainly made me the easy target. Every week being told to prepare for the expected attack on my knee because it was needed for the match or feud I was in or to make this new star look that much better because he could essentially cripple me if the damage was bad enough and it got to a pint where it really just made me feel useless. Made me question what did Orion Slayde have to offer to the world of wrestling other than being the man with the injured knee, a line of thinking that led to me making my decision to have the surgery that much easier because I too wanted to ind what I could do with my Achilles heel holding me back. Now I'm healed.

Olivia Curtis: That's great. Now Orion, moving on if we could. Let's talk about you joining us here at Pro Wrestling Rebellion.. So, why PWR, what made you join this new but up and coming, wrestling company?

Orion Slayde: Got a new point of view in life and in my career after the surgery and decided that nothing will ever hold me back again and I needed a fresh start, that's why joining PWR was a no brainer to test myself and the repaired knee to see how far I can go. So far it's been good but I'm hoping to do better as the company grows.

Olivia Curtis: Well I have to say, I'm delighted you have joined us, I am indeed.. a fan. So, let's talk PWR. Where do you stand on this new idea, made by David Ryan. Off course I'm talking about, the Road To Rebellion Tournament.

Orion Slayde: I think it's quite the concept. Making us strive to gather enough points to earn a place in one of the most brutal matches ever to be created. The Elimination Chamber. A structure weighing 10 tons, 36 feet in diameter and 16 feet tall surrounded by chains that can and will used as weapons by the six of us entering that match at No Escape. All for the opportunity of walking out of of No Escape as the PWR World Heavyweight Champion. It's like putting a steak between six hungry pitbulls knowing we've starved and are hungry for our prize and will do anything to get it and that's exactly what we will do. Fight tooth and nail, taking each other out until there is only one and I do intend that last person standing to be me no matter the cost and begin my legacy in PWR as one of the greatest of all time.

As far as Ryan goes, he is known to do many things, some questionable such as the incident at Full Throttle in IWA where he personally intervened in the match between Jackson Smith and Mr. Black but ultimately he's best known for creating memorable moments and pushing things beyond their natural threshold to really make things interesting wherever he goes. This Elimination Chamber being only the beginning and to see what else Ryan can think of is gonna be something to behold.

Olivia nods along, listening to every word that Slayde says, clearly enjoying the chance to meet and speak with "The Shadow".

Olivia Curtis: So, Road to Rebellion and the Wolrd Heavyweight Championship aside, are there any other plans or goals that you would like to achieve here in PWR? Perhaps someone that you would love to test yourself against?

Orion Slayde: Lord knows that I would love to go toe to toe with Mike Hawk one again. "Father" Black Angel intervened in our last encounter and ultimately led to my defeat before Mike Hawk skyrocketed to the top of IWA becoming a dual IWA Blackout and World Heavyweight Champion for a brief stint but I do wonder what would've happened that day if not for Black Angel. Other than him, the likes and Artemis Eclipse and even KJ Punk are my dream feuds to do before I retire but really my goal is to achieve being considered a legend in this sport such as Kyojin, Siaki, Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra and so many others have done before me. I know PWR is going to help greatly towards that goal.

Olivia Curtis: Once again, I thank you for your time, Orion. If I could, I would like to ask one more final question and admittedly, it's not one I take pleasure in asking you, as I have nothing but respect for all you have achieved- but if I could, you are seen as the Veteran in PWR, the age range seems to be young in PWR and that's perhaps a good sign for the future.. However, what do you say to those that perhaps feel your best day's are behind you? Do you believe, like I do.. Slayde still has much to offer?

Orion Slayde: Funny you should ask that. I did of reckless, dangerous and downright stupid things in life and in my career but now having recently turned 30, I think I got way more to offer than I ever did in my 20's. Age doesn't scare me no do competitors younger than me. If they can keep up with me, all the better for them because now that I'm fee of my biggest obstacle, that being my injured knee, I am ready to above and beyond to be the best thing PWR has to offer.

The best days of your career are what you make of them, here and now. It's never about the age. Hell, look at Lou Ferrigno. 63 years old. Doesn't look a day over 40 or makes you feel you feel he can't do the things he did in his youth, today even at his age. I'm no Ferrigno but I can do everything I did in my youth just as good, if not better than I did before to this day and will improve as I go along, making me a person you do not ever want to underestimate. Many have done so in the past and have learned to regret it while I was injured. So just imagine what I can do now. Be warned, "The Shadow" is far from done.

Olivia Curtis: There you have it, folks! Slayde is not finished yet and as the Fatal Four Way showed this past week, there's much that "The Shadow" has to offer. Orion, again, thank you for your time. It's been a pleasure. PWR fans- Until next time.. It's Olivia Curtis signing off, take care everyone!

As the camera cuts away, the "show" ends. However the footage does not as a round up of all the stories and going on's in Pro Wrestling Rebellion begin to play.


PWR: News & Rumors:

Women's Wrestling on disORDER?:
.There's been talk lately regarding Pro Wrestling Rebellion and the possibility of a Women's Division within the company? Well sources leaking out from the company have stated that this is true and feelers were sent out too various Female wrestling talents around the world. As of the yet, the response was said to be mixed. It's thought that the first name they approached was the last ever IWA's Women Champion, Juno Mercury. Juno was said to be "thinking" over the idea of joining PWR but seemed unsure on if the small time promotion is a good fit, espcially so soon after the closing of IWA.

As of now, it's our understanding that two known female talents have signed a pre-contract that will come into a play should a Women's Division go ahead on disORDER.

Pleasure or Business?:
A leaked photo has recently surfaced online showing Carlos Alberto Ramon and Jman backstage at the recent disORDER show in New York. There presence has made many jump to conclusions that the duo will end up signing with the company, especially as both have worked with Dave Ryan before and are said to be friends off-screen with Mr. Ryan.

Could it happen? It's 50/50. Some have stated that with wrestling companies now in America limited- It's a sure thing that they will end up there at somepoint in the future. Other's have pointed to that fact that these two superstars would likely demand large salarys that as of now, the company couldn't commit too. For those that are interested. Jman has been noted to be at peace with a possible retirement, enjoying the chance to get out and view some sports in his home of Philly while Ramon has been working the South American and Europe Indy circuits for the last couple of months.

PWR = IWA 2.0?
Some fans were very vocal on social media after the first episode of disORDER aired. Not happy with what they seen with complaints going as far to say "It's the same shit" and "It's like watching Revolution" many have pointed to the fact that on screen GM-Dave Ryan was appointed leading to those assumptions. One source stated that it was the first episode and it's unfair to judge. Stating that many previous company's of the past were noted too be a 2.0 of a former company and have turned out to be false claims. Which side of the fence do you stand on?

However, could this have been reality? It's now been announced that alongside Mr. Smyth- there was another potential buyer, Henry & Emily Rose. The owners of Pro Wrestling Rebellion were belived to be big fans of the company, IWA and after hearing the news of it's closure, moved to try and strike a deal. As we know, it didn't happen as they were too late and a contract had already been agreed by Smyth & former IWA owner, Mandy Moore. Other sources have stated that the Rose family had previously looked at HWA and were interested had EWNCW become available. However, they were not too be, the Grand Ballroom was then rented out and the company, Pro Wrestling Rebellion was born.

Mike Hawk - Same story, different company?:
There's no doubt that having Mike Hawk in your company, is great business. Just about every company worth it's sault had Hawk signed up and in some cases, used him as the face of there company last year. Quite rightly, 2014 was the Year of Mr. Mayhem, Mike Hawk. Now signed to PWR on what many have said is a much better deal then most are earning.. Is there already tension and jealously among the boys in the back?

While many wouldn't disagree that Hawk earned everything he got last year, there are those few that believe he was the company's go to guy, and was politicking in the back. One source who wishes to remain unamed had this to say "Don't get me wrong, he's good, but, come on.. It was Hawk this, Hawk that. It got too much. Worst is, some company's even had him in there title picture and at the forefront of the company because he was doing well somewhere else" While these claims can't be taking for truth.. Where there's smoke, there's normally fire.

As for the fans, having Hawk in your wrestling company can be considered a good sign that your company is heading in the right direction and if Hawk was too hit form once more, bringing his best once again and elevating those around him, what's too say that PWR couldn't quickly rise to become a huge company to rival the names of the great company's like JBW, EWNCW, HWA and IWA before them.

Injury scare?
According to sauces- Herzegovian wrestler, Israel Pamich is said to be carrying an injury. This can not be confirmed or denied but judging by the fact that Israel has been announced as part of the company and involved in the R2R Tournament, it could explain why he's yet too be seen or heard on PWR Tv. The injury or cause is unknown- but it's been suggested that Israel was hurt before signing a contract deal and perhaps while training made the injury worse?

If this is true, what does it mean for R2R and Israel himself? Well we are hearing that the company are not planning to cancel Pamich's contract but are perhaps furstrated that he failed to report how serious the injury was before training. As for his standing in the tournament, it remains to be seen what happens next said. That said, these sources can't be confirmed so I wouldn't rule him out making an appearance on Episode #3.

Complaints against Mr. Torture?
Despite Mr. Torture being great inside the ring- it seems that he isn't great at getting along with other superstars in the PWR. There has been rumors floating around that superstars like Artemis Eclipse & Darius feel uncomfortable being around Torture as they feel that he is too inappropriate, and he usually crosses the line. It's also been reported that they're not huge fans of Torture because of his obsession with BDSM.

But it isn't just the superstars that are getting alarmed- but some people are saying that Torture is the reason why there isn't a Womens Division. With Torture's fetish for whipping girls- they are scared of him, and what he might to do them. We've had various women such as Te'Yanna & Kairo refuse to join PWR all because of him. An women who wanted to be kept anonymous wasn't too fond of Torture either saying "I don't want to be in the same building as that creep." There has also been complaints from viewers as mothers have expressed their disgust with Torture because of his mannerisms.

The fact of the matter is- Torture isn't liked by a majority of people, however PWR management aren't looking to get rid of him any time soon as he's one of their rising stars- so if you don't want him on your TV, you'll be hugely disappointed.

Comedy Character?
It appears that there was a reason behind Andre Lamar & Usain Kingston's references to comedy characters such as JTG & Santino Marella. They were supposed to be hints that PWR are planning to introduce a brand new character made for entertainment purposes. The names that are being suggested are "Hayden Walker" and "Andy Coel" but that has yet to be confirmed.

The status of his character hasn't been confirmed either- but most people are in belief that he will be PWR's resident jobber as he will be made to put other superstars, and make them look good. Many viewers have taken Facebook as a place to display their displeasure for this as they are sick and tired of watching squash matches. However, others are certain that this character will follow the same path as IWA's BennyTheBall- as he will get over with the fans before making a name for himself.

In conclusion, this rumor as a whole seems very interesting. However, only time will tell as we'll have to watch disORDER to find out what this character's status in the PWR really is.

Increase of Usainiacs?
Usain Kingston was a massive hit in comedy company APW- and he is perhaps the most controversial superstar we've ever come across. Despite being heavily liked on social media- ever since he joined PWR- management have been scared that he would bring them down, especially Dave Ryan as Ryan has expressed his views on live television.

However- it seems that Usain is getting over with the PWR faithful. He started off with minor cheers- but his childish mannerism have been going down well as his fanbase begins to increase. PWR still aren't convinced that Usain can be a big name in this company- and they have been refusing to put effort into making him a star. Usain seems to be going down the Zack Ryder route- with PWR refusing to make money of out him, but it's been confirmed that Usain is in the process of creating his own merchandise as he looks to widen his fanbase. Management aren't impressed- but Usain continues to defy them.

As reporters, we have to applaud Usain Kingston for continuing to be himself and not let anybody bring him down- but this may lead to a disaster for Usain as many Usainiacs are in fear that the consequences for Usain going against management will be horrible, and he will be punished heavily.

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2PWR.Com Show's Empty Re: PWR.Com Show's on Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:42 am

PWR.Com-Episode #2

Kyojin Pre-Show Announcement:

**Breaking News**
Major news has just broke and reached us here at PWR.Com. Since the first episode of disORDER- Many were left to wonder when would be the next time PWR Owners- Henry & Emily Rose would be seen next on the show- and what they were doing at the moment with General Manager Dave Ryan running Pro Wrestling Rebellion's day to day operations.

Well- We can now confirm that Henry and his wife, Emily Rose were spotted in Japan recently and it's been noted that this was no holiday, instead they are indeed there for business.  It's been confirmed that they met with several wrestling promotion's including Wrestle-1 & New Japan Pro Wrestling regarding a possible talent exchange. It's believed that recently signed star- Mike Hawk has acted as the middle man, using his connections to set up deals with these companies.

It's believed that all talks went well and that indeed it's likely more wrestlers from Japan could be seen on disORDER in the coming weeks. However, after those meetings with the several companies was over, the Rose family's work was not done there. Instead, Henry would go on too meet and speak with one of the most famous and talented wrestlers ever in the business.. Kyojin!

With IWA closing- It's our understanding that "Kyo" has been spending time back home in his country, Japan. Using his time and experience to help aspiring wrestlers with the dream of becoming a superstar like him. It's believed that Henry & Kyo met over dinner and openly discussed wrestling and a possible return for the man from the land of the rising sun.

Well.. Huge news!

Henry Rose - @HenryRosePWR: The rumors are true! We have our first official "legend" in PWR. We are proud to welcome @Kyojin to @ProWrestlingRebellion #Legend #PWR #WelcomeKyo

PWR.Com Show's Triple10

It's our understanding that a deal was struck as recently as this past weekend and with PWR.Com Episode Two coming up.. We have been aloud to break the news that will surely have many fans jumping for joy! Kyojin is coming to Pro Wrestling Rebellion!

When- Is not known. Neither is the contract details but it's been speculated that Kyojin will become the first wrestler in the company's history to receive a "Legends Contract". Kyojin is indeed a legend.. but make no mistake, there's much more left in the tank for this global grappler and him signing for Pro Wrestling Rebellion is huge!


(Location - Grand Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)

The camera's are rolling. The crowd are pumped up after that Pre-Show announcement and the show is about to begin- It's time for the second episode of PWR.Com.

Foster: Welcome one and all to another episode of PWR.Com! I'm Nikki Foster, alongside me is my broadcast partner, James Pope. James, what an announcement that just broke moments ago, live on PWR.Com.

Pope: Hello, everyone. Oh it's awesome news! Kyojin is coming to Pro Wrestling Rebellion! I guess all that remains now, is when, Nikki?

Foster: Well folks, following the broadcast and in the coming weeks we hope to learn more, but as of now, it's exciting news and speaking of exciting, we got some great things lined up for you tonight on this show.

Pope: We sure do, Nikki. Once again we will see N' compete and you guessed it- this brave man is once again going to face another world class athlete. Imagine if he beats another world class talent, two week's running, now that would be impressive.

Forster: Urgh! We will also have another addition of the disORDERS #TopTen with Gavin Williams! Will Mike Hawk still be number one, or will he be knocked of his perch? Also to come- We will witness the match announced on this past episode of disORDER. It will be the Knights vs Two of a Kind. Should be great.

Pope: However, my personal favorite. Our very own- Olivia Curtis got the chance to speak with Nate Washington of the Empire! We will be bringing you that interview later tonight.

Foster: Should be another good episode, James. Let's get on with the show and it's over to you, Gavin Williams!


disORDER #TopTen (10 to 6):

The camera then shows Gavin Williams, suited and booted, ready to host the second edition of disORDERS #TopTen.

Williams: Welcome to the second edition of #TopTen! I'm the man with the mic- Gavin Williams. It's been two weeks since the first episode where Mike Hawk would be the man unveiled as the #1 spot on the #TopTen list. The question is, can Mike Hawk really claw and keep his hands on the top spot? Or, Will Hawk be knocked of his perch by another hunter, seeking out the prestigious top spot? We are about to find out. Let's get this show started..

#10 - N.Swisher

Williams: What? He did beat a world class athlete after all on PWR.Com, right? I'm sure most will know that the unknown Ken Brandon was no athlete and certainly- was not world class. That said, a win is a win and on his debut, N' secured victory with style and finesse- beating his opponent comfortably as he kicked of the show.

#9 - Jack Phoenix.

Williams: Only a couple of week's ago and nobody knew this name. Flash back to his debut and his shocking, surprise win over Andre Lamar and he's become someone you can't forget and with good reason. His agility, speed and that breath taking finisher are something to be admired and though he didn't feature on this past disORDER show, he's sure to feature and continue wowing the crowd more in the future.

#8 - Usain Kingston.

Williams: Usain slightly falls down the pecking order this week but I'm sure the fun, loving Jamaican won't be too upset- especially when he see's his rival- Andre Lamar has not even made the #TopTen. Though Usain was set to complete against Andre on the first Main Event of PWR.Com- Andre would refuse to fight and Nate Washington would step in. Usain, unfazed would continue and compete, beating Nate and insuring a place on the disORDERS #TopTen.

#7 -  The Hardcore King.

Williams: Just like the last edition- the King remains at #7. This time, he's solo and without his Knights who have not been so impressive lately. That said "THK" has been and a huge win over Darius on this past episode of disORDER has shown anyone that doubted it could happen- that indeed the Hardcore King is a serious challenge to anyone who wants to be crowned the first PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

6# - Darius.

Williams: Despite his recent loss, the match was great with the Hardcore King. Both men living up to there hardcore and edgy styles, using the outside of the ring, more then the actual ring. It was a ding-dong battle that would entertain the crowd and despite Darius losing.. It's his win two weeks ago over Mike Hawk that edges him into the #6 position.


Match One - N.Swisher vs Jobber:

Pope: N' Swisher only making #10?! Is Gavin, blind? Did he not see that he beat a world class athlete on his debut.. HIS DEBUT! How many people can claim too have done that?

Foster: Here we go again, Jeez. Welcome back to ringside folks, that was indeed numbers 10 to 6 of the disORDER #TopTen- More to come later. As of right now, it's our first match of the night folks!

Pope: That's right, Nikki. We are about to witness another classic here on N'Swisher has once more issued a challenge to a wrestler of the highest ability and has vowed to win once again!

Foster: Oh.. Look, here's the "world class athlete" coming down the ramp now. No music, Zero charisma or confidence and about my weight.. Yeah, looks like another highly skilled opponent for Mr. Swisher.

Pope: Are you judging the book, by it's cover? Shame on you Ms. Foster, you should know better. Actually, I have some inside information about this man.. Do you know, he's never lost.. to any, and I mean.. ANY- of his mates on WWE 2k14 or 2k15. So you know, he has ability.

Foster: *Laughing* Yeah.. So, so, so much ability.

The camera then zooms in on this man as he walks down the ramp. With the crowd chanting and cheering him on, mockingly, Olivia begins to announce the match.

Olivia Curtis: It's time for our first match of the night! Once again, Mr. N Swisher has decided to find and sign his own "World class athlete". Introducing first! Hailing from Detroit, Michigan! Scott Nash!

The crowd pop as if a legend has just been announced- again, mockingly as the crowd know what's coming and appear to be just enjoying the show. Scott Nash enters the ring and begins to pose and taunt with the crowd, almost believing there support is real.

Olivia Curtis: Anndd his opponent! Weighing 225 Pounds and hailing from the United States of America! The proclaimed- Greatest of all time! N'!

Just like last week- the crowd instantly boo N as he swagger onto the stage. However the cocky and rich, Mr Swisher does not even give the crowd a second thought. Continuing his way down the ramp, only taking the time to stop now and then, hyping himself up for the match.

Pope: Hey, Nikki. I have some more inside information.

Foster: Sure you do, what's it this time?

Pope: Mr. Swisher is a rich, rich man. We all know that- he oozes class. BUT, He's actually such a nice guy. He went to the recent Victoria's secret catwalk after party and paid for the bar's total drinks tab after the party was over, how awesome is that?

Foster:You know James, is there a chance he's paying you too say these things?

Pope: I wish.. No, no money exchanged. I just like letting people know and giving credit to someone when they deserve it.

Foster: Oh you do, well how about credit for people like Usain, Slayde, Two of a Kind?

Pope: Sorry Nikki- The match is about to begin!

Match One: N vs Scott Nash.
Finish: As expected and just like last week- the match is totally one sided, it's a no contest. The only thing noticeable is the crowd still continuing there support for the newbie- Scott Nash. N' begins to take exception to this and steps up the aggression.  beating down Nash with kicks and punches, swinging him into the ropes and following up with a super kick that knocks Nash down and seemingly out.

The match could be over- however N will not let it happen. Stopping the pin on the two count before continuing on with the attack. With the self proclaimed "greatest of all time" in total control. He begins really mocking his opponent. Stopping at various points to drop down and do some press ups. Then laying the boots into Nash before following that up with some sit ups and a jumping elbow that clatters into the chest of Scott Nash as the crowd heavily boo once again.

N then stands over the top of Nash- trash talking him before posing in front of the crowd with his eyes closed. However, it's a huge mistake! Nash kicks away N' leg and rolls him up, in almost a blink of an eye, the match is nearly over, however Scott was only able to score a two as the crowd pop and N kicked out with real worry and panic. After the pin, N' would rush Scott and continue the beat down. N then got the job done. Hitting the pedigree in the middle of the ring before going top rope and wowing the crowd with a shooting star press! Pin- One, Two, Three.

Olivia Curtis: Anddd the winner, N' Swisher!

The referee holds up N's hand and he's acting like he's won a match which was a real challenge. N then begins to smile, knowing he's riled up the crowd. N then reaches into his trouser pocket and grabs a few notes. N then stomps on the stomach of Nash before placing the money in his opponent wide open mouth. Mr. Swisher then begins rolling his opponent out of the ring using his feet and then wiping them clean, shuffling across the canvas. N then ask's for a microphone as we are about to hear from the man himself, for the first time.


N.Swisher Promo:

N: it's incredible , it's unbelievable . Such luck , wow ya guys. I see the smile's on these little kids faces. I see the Energy from everyone in this entire arena. Yes, I can understand how lucky you may feel to experience a Nolan Swisher match ..............Live!

You just saw 2 world class athletes going at it Mano a Mano, hand to hand combat, pure adrenaline and quality wrestling at its finest. But, Obviously as the world turns and in every instance of life, the better man always wins , and as far as I'm concerned. I'm the greatest. You see no matter the opposition there's always no telling who wins , unless I'm involved. Because if there's anyone facing me . Anyone from the locker room, here tonight , watching at home on Anyone faces me, I can guarantee myself a victory.

I have Free reign to do what i want, whenever i want,where I want, how i want to do it , because of who I am. I know who I am . Do you know who I am?

* intense heat *

*gets out of the ring and looks under it revealing 2 big duffle bags full of money throwing 1 on each shoulder*

* gets back in the ring*

* throws money out into crowd,cheers among those receiving the money , and a pop noise*

N: I knew you knew who I was. Look at the sheeps, sheeps and cheap fans get bought easily. Cold hard cash, it's all about the mula to do these people, yes all you people and yet you achieve nothing. But to get it must feel great, it is great .but in order for you to get it like me,you have to be great too. The Race started a long time ago and it's too late for many and there aren't enough you can even compare to The best. And there is only one ,me.

Nolan Swisher recognize and remember me for fame , fortune and the Greatest of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* dumps all the rest of the money from the bags unto the "world class athlete" on the outside of the ring. *

Foster: Nothing but arrogance and disrespect from Nolan Swisher.

Pope: It's called Charisma, Nikki. Plus, he's beat two world class athletes in a raw- I think he's aloud to be a little bit arrogant.

Foster: Well folks, we are going to move on with the show- it's time for part two of disORDER's #TopTen.


disORDER #TopTen (5 to 1):

5# - The Hardcore King.

Williams: This time, he's solo and without his Knights who have not been so impressive lately. That said "THK" has been and a huge win over Darius on this past episode of disORDER has shown anyone that doubted it could happen- that indeed the Hardcore King is a serious challenge to anyone who wants to be crowned the first PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

4# - Graves.

Williams: A small fall for the Insane one- Graves. From 2nd to 4th, however, do you think he's bothered? Nope- not at all. Graves has been nothing but solid since joining PWR, being one of the early point setters in this R2R tournament. However with Graves teaming up with Shaz in which Shaz scored the victory with submission, it was followed up by Graves getting himself DQ'd on the recent DO. Not the smartest idea from the dearanged one. Could it come back to cost him in the final hurdle before No Escape?

3# - Torture.

Williams: One up from last time and with good reason. Torture has continued to impress, despite scaring nearly everyone he comes in contact with. You can say what you like about his look and mannerisms, but when it comes to wrestling ability, Torture has a ton of it and it's showed in recent weeks. Escpecially beating Eclipse in a huge victory recently on disORDER.

2# - Extremly Lethal.

Williams: Perhaps a sign at how the tag division is growing in Pro Wrestling Rebellion- It's Extremly Lethal that take the second spot. Since there debut- it's been two big victorys back to back for the chemist's- Venomous & Carbon. How far can the dual go, well I'm sure that should titles become available, you wouldn't bet against Extremly Lethal becoming 2nd time tag team champions in wrestling.

1# - Shaz.

Williams: That's right- Make way for the Brixton bad boy! The lone wolf's recent surge has been quite amazing. At one point, he looked bleak for the former wrestling world champion. However Shaz walking out on his team a couple of weeks back and the backlash he recieved, has appeared to inspire him. Since, Shaz has done nothing but win and it shows no sign of stopping. Considering that he didn't make the list last time, he's complete ripped Hawk of the #1 spot and thrown him down. Shaz is currently on top, can anyone stop the lone wolf? Or, will he become the first PWR Champion?

Ladies & Gentleman- that's all we have time for. I'm the man with the mic, Gavin Williams. This has been disORDER's #TopTen- Thanks again and see you soon!


Match Two: Knights v Extremely Lethal

Foster: Wow, what about that? No place for Mike Hawk.

Pope: I'm shocked. I'll admit though- It's not been the best of times lately for Hawk. Losing too Darius and so on- but, we both know it's a matter of time before Mr. Mayhem, bounces back and rises to the top.

Foster: Speaking of rising to the top, that's exactly what Two of a Kind plan on doing, there in action- next!

Olivia Curtis: The following is a tag team contest, set for one fall! Introducing first..From Beneath the Crown, weighing in at a combined 473 lbs., they are the team of Jason Cade and Cable, they are The Knights!


Olivia Curtis: And their opponents! Hailing from Laverton, Melbourne, Australia! They are the tag team of Kid Wonder and the Mad Dog, Paul Conrad! They are... Two of a Kind!!!


Match Two: Two of a Kind vs The Knights.

Finish: The match has gone for a good 11 minute before we see The Knights' Cade battle Wonder in a barrage of fists that has the crowd cheering their asses off...


Soon Wonder is rocked by a hard right from Cade. Cade tags in Cable who grabs Venomus by the throat and drags him up to his feet before locking in a tight Bearhug.

The hold is applying great pressure on Wonder's back but he refuses to quit as the ref ask him. Wonder fights the hold pushing off against Cable's face before he slaps the ears of Cable to knock him off balance forcing himto release the hold before Venomous delivers a picture perfect dropkick that knocks Cable on his back before quickly making the tag to Conrad.

Conrad enters and catches Cable off guard as he rises with a clothesline that reels him and has Cable tumbling. Conrad rebounds off the ropes looking to connet a Big Boot to the face but Cable ducks under the kick and rises quickly to catch Conrad off guard with his 2 Handed Chokeslam...

PWR.Com Show's Boogeybomb

....before Brian Anderson counts as Cable covers...



.....................- Conad powers out! The crowd goes wild and Cable looks upset. He pulls Conrad up to his feet and gestures that he's going for the kill but a headbutt from Conrad stops him mid taunt and has Cable on uneasy feet before Conrad backs up, rebounds off the ropes again, only this time he connects....

PWR.Com Show's JBL

....The Clothesline from Hell! He quickly covers...




Olivia Curtis: Here are your winners...Two of a Kind!!!

Foster: Major win for Two of a Kind here on PWR.Com! They have just stopped the Knights. That's huge!

Pope: How can you call a win from Two of a Kind huge? The Knights are better and you can bet they will bring Two of a Kind crashing down to earth with a bang should they meet in the ring again!

Foster: It just goes to show, the tag division here in PWR is wide open and on there day, every team can beat the other. Folks, we are almost done here. Thank you again for tuning in to another episode of PWR.Com- we hope you have enjoyed the show.

Pope: That's right folks- but, remember, we still have that interview with Olivia too come and after that, a round up of all the news and rumors that surrounded Pro Wrestling Rebellion!

Foster: Good night everybody!


Nate & Olivia Interview:

The Titantron begins to play and a Pre-Taped vignette begins. It's time for the second interview of from Olivia Curtis. The announcing beauty, Olivia, is shown sat down on a Hollywood style chair with a background and interview area all set up. She then turns to the camera and begins to speak.

Olivia Curtis: Hello there everyone- Welcome to another exclusive PWR.Com interview with me, Oliva Curtis. I'll be your host once again and it's exciting to get the chance to interview the man who leads the Empire.. Ladies & Gentleman, Nate Washington! Nate, welcome and thank's for allowing me to interview you..

Nate: Nate: The pleasure is all mine Ms. Curtis. I just came back from Tahiti, it's a magical place. Maybe next time you can tag along.

Nate took a sip of water from his bottle.

Olivia Curtis: Now, Nate- If we could, I would like to get right into it and ask you a question. Firstly, let's talk about Pro Wrestling Rebellion and specifially, your time on disORDER so far. You or the any of the Empire, are yet to taste victory- I was wondering, why do you think that is, and despite this being the case, you have still all managed to create a buzz and keep people talking about the Empire, how?

Nate: Right now The Empire are at an feeling out stage. I will admit that this line of work is new to me and the boys. But it's only a matter of time before we accumulate a few wins in the ring. But to say that we have yet to taste victory is wrong. As you said, we already have generated a buzz. We have cause people to take notice to us.

Olivia nods along, listening to Nate's words.

Olivia Curtis: I'm sure it will soon change, I mean.. I'll be honest enough to say, I'm sure there's many out there that are not fans, perhaps don't like the way the Empire go about thins, but, you can see there's talent in the group and as we have seen in wrestling time and time again. Once that first win is under your belt, normally others will follow. So, with that said and still searching for that win.. Is that why you accepted to replace Andre and face Usain at the first episode of PWR.Com? Or, was there other motives?

Nate: There is always alternative motives Dear. Nothing The Empire do is for free. I guess you can say I was searching for a win. But I like to call it a simple busy discussion.

Olivia: Hmm- Interesting. Following on from what happened with you replacing Andre Lamar- There was quite a tense meeting with General Manager- Dave Ryan on the following disORDER. He didn't seem happy about his match being ruined, at all. I wanted to ask, what was it like being in that moment with someone who could have potentially disciplined you? Also, you seemed unfazed, while many would have perhaps been nervous. Even at one point Clay stepped forward, seeminly trying to intimidate the GM, is that fair to say?

Nate: Intimidate? Ms. Curtis, I believe you got things all wrong. The Empire are honest men to a fault. We don't partake in intimidation or any shady dealings like that. I was just informing our GM that it was in his best interest to not back out of our business deal.

Olivia seems taking back by Nate's swift denial of trying to indimidate the GM- Dave Ryan. Olivia though, keeps calm and pushes on with the interview.

Olivia: Let's move on. The tag team division is growing here in PWR and there are rumors that new teams are right around the corner. With that in mind, how do you and the Empire feel about this? Is it a case of more compeition- the better the show, or do you see it as a threat on your turf, so to speak?

Nate: Nate: There is no competition. The is The Empire and then there are those who become stepping stones. You don't consider ants competition.

Olivia: I just have one final question, Nate. Again, thanks for your time. Though PWR has only been official for a couple of weeks, there's already some interesting feuds and rivalries brewing. You have Usain and Andre, Darius and Hawk, Shaz with Graves and Punk. However there's one that's perhaps been more personal then the rest, especially with the exchanges of words in recent weeks. That's the Empire vs the Knights. Why is there already seemingly such a personal rivalry? Is it dominance? Simply, is disORDER big enough for you both?.

Nate: Nate: The Knights seem to think that they are in charge. They seem to think that they have our number for some reason. But you see, The Knights are treading on unknown territory. These kids have no idea who they are fucking with. When the dust had settled, we will be the last men standing.

There's a final shot of Nate answering the last question with real emotion, anger, etched across his face and the Interview is over and the live feed goes- signalling the end of the show.


News & Rumor Round up:

Major announcement coming?:
It's being speculated with the PWR owners- Emily & Henry Rose now back from there scouting and business trip in Japan- that they could return on this weeks disORDER. We have heard from a source that an announcement is due shortly that will potentially change PWR's future in wrestling, generally. What that announcement will be- is anyone's guess. Perhaps another huge star has been signed? Perhaps a new title? Not sure. However should they appear, it will no doubt be a big draw as they have not been seen since the first ever episode a couple of weeks back.

Kingdom for the King?:
Off the work and dedication The Hardcore King along with his Knights, rumors of the Road to Rebellion participant have emerged that he is lookibg to build a Kingdom that will rule PWR. No kingdom of course, is complete without a Queen. Word has spread that The Hardcore King is in search for his Queen. Will he find her and expand his Kingdom? Only time will tell.

Expanding the Tag Division?:
Off the heels off some impressive tag team matches in PWR, reports of teams signing to PWR continue to come in, including the possibke debut of the team known as ICONOGRAPHY. The team of Jason Todd Kent and Ben Reilly Kent look bring new life to PWR's Tag Team Division should they sign with PWR.

New Titles?:
With so much focus revolving on crowning our inaugural PWR World Heavyweight Champion, word is that after No Escape other divisions will be receiving their very own championship titles. This has rising stars such as Jack Phoenix, Vince Omega and many others looking to prove they are the next big thing in PWR. Along with many teams looking to make each win count in hopes to one day possibly be champions.

Another signing from Japan?:
Following the news that broke earlier on with Kyojin and the owners in Japan. It's not taking long for another Japanese wrestler to be linked with Pro Wrestling Rebellion. This time it's Akira Tajiri. The student of Yoshiro Tajrir wrestled in IWA before it's closing and was a hit. Her last match beating Te'Yanna, Eden Sky & Kairo in what would turn out too be, the final show. Many speculated that IWA continued, she would have gone on to face Juno Mercury for the Bombshell title.

However where the story has come from is simple. Akira was asked during a Wrestle-1 show where she was in attendance to watch her master- Tajiri about the possibility of her joining and signing with Wrestle-1. Akira simply answered that she couldn't because she had other plans ahead. When pushed by the reporter on those plans- Akira stated she was heading back to America. When asked where too in the USA? You guessed it, she said- New York. Off course, the home of PWR. All speculation or could we have our first confirmed name for the potential Women's Division?

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3PWR.Com Show's Empty Re: PWR.Com Show's on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:58 pm

PWR.Com-Episode #3

(Location - Grand Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)

The camera's are rolling.. The crowd are pumped and the show is about to begin! The Pyro's blaze around the arena as live footage of the crowd are shown. There in great voice as the NY crowd are cheering and chanting "PWR!" over and over. The camera then heads over to the commentary duo of Nikki Foster and James Pope.

Foster: PWR fans, Welcome to the first episode of 2015! We hope you had a great New Year and we welcome you to another edition of PWR.Com! I'm Nikki Foster and my partner is James Pope! James, this crowd is red hot tonight.

Pope: Oh they sure are Nikki! Welcome everyone! It's 2015 and boy are we kicking the New Year off in style here in Pro Wrestling Rebellion! No Escape is right around the corner and the excitement is building intensely. However- before we can even think about the PPv, there's still one important question that needs to be answered.. right Nikki?

Foster: Correct, James. Ladies and Gentleman, just who will be the last entrant into the Elimination Chamber match for the PWR World Heavyweight Title? Following the major announcement from our GM- Dave Ryan. Tonight- we find out!

The Titantron then goes live and footage from the last disORDER begins to air- confirming the announcement from Dave Ryan on the last chance fatal four way match made for tonight.

David Ryan: Both of Slayde and Graves have six points each. Eclipse and Punk have 3 points each. Eclipse still has a chance to score against Shaz, who has 6 points. Being that tonight is the final diORDER before No Escape, I'm gonna make things interesting, If Artemis Eclipse wins tonight, he will advance to the Chamber, regardless of if he gets a DQ win and has only four points- the winner will be guaranteed a spot in the Chamber. Now, I don’t do things unfairly. This Road To Rebellion was not created to be unfair, it was created to give people opportunity.

So, on this week, the final episode before No Escape, it will be headlined by the final Road To Rebellion match. A Last Chance Fatal Four Way match. With one spot to fill, we will see Orion Slayde...

Ryan looks at him.

KJ Punk.

Ryan shifts his look to Punk.


Ryan smiles.

And the loser of the main event tonight battle it out for the final spot in the Chamber, and the final chance to become the inaugural PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk & Slayde look at each other once again as Ryan smiles. The fans in the arena are cheering very loudly.

David Ryan: This is the end of The Road to Rebellion Gentlemen, only one of you can reach the destination, or both of you could fail.

Pope: So there we have it folks. It might be another edition of PWR.Com but tonight promises to be perhaps the most important show in this short wrestling company's history for these four men. Graves, Ecliplse, Slayde and KJ Punk. It's all or nothing for one of these men! It's put up or shut up, who's got what it takes? Who's going to be the final man to enter the Elimination Chamber? We find out.. tonight!

Foster: It should be epic, Pope. Speaking of that match, not only will those four men compete tonight.. but, we will also hear from all four men as they will stand side by side in this ring. A live interview will take place with Gavin Williams in the middle of our six sided ring.

Pope: That's right, Nikki. Plus adding to the news that broke live on our last episode. We will hear from the Japanese legend- Kyojin! That's right- you heard me correctly. Kyo, sat down with our very own Olivia Curtis and that interview will be coming up later on.

Foster: Plus we will once again see Mr. N' Swisher in action. As no doubt.. Another "World class talent" has been signed up for him to compete against.

Pope: I love Swisher- what a great guy! Also not forgetting- after the show finishes, we will be bringing you all the latest news and rumors going on in Pro Wrestling Rebellion!


Kyojin Interview Part One:

Foster: It should be a great show, fans. We are now going to kick into gear by showing you the first part of the interview we have all been waiting for.. Olivia Curtis meets the legendary Kyojin!

Pope: Must watch folks, Enjoy!

We cut to a shot of an award behind a glass pane. As the camera backs up, we see the award engraving.

Superstar of the Year 2012

The camera continues backing up as other awards come into shot, followed by the HWA Adrenaline Championship belt, the ICW World Championship belt, as the trophy cabinet is shown in full. In front of the trophy cabinet, is a table, set up with two chairs. In one chair, is Kyojin. In the other is the woman who speaks first, Olivia Curtis.

Olivia Curtis: Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. I thank you for joining me as I sit here in the Chicago home of PWR’s newest acquisition, Kyojin.

Kyojin nods.

Olivia Curtis: Kyojin has granted me access to his home so we can sit down and really delve into who Kyojin is, why he’s coming to PWR, and everything else we can find out about The Master of True Wrestling.

Kyojin laughs.

Kyojin: It’s been a long time since anybody called me that. It’s a pleasure to welcome you Olivia.

Olivia Curtis: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here. It’s been a long time since we saw you in the ring Kyojin, first of all, what have you been up to?

Kyojin: Wow, what haven’t I been doing? I mean, I was ‘run down’ in IWA, but that was just because I needed some time off. Had a few little injuries, you guys have gotta understand, I hadn’t stopped for over two years. Consistently travelling, working on this, it got hard.

When I left IWA, I went back to Japan for a while, teaching some wrestling, just enjoying my time off more than anything. I still went to wrestling shows, I still loved the sport. I just needed a break from competing.

Olivia Curtis: With so much time off, now you’ve ended that break by joining PWR, are you worried ring rust might come into play?

Kyojin: I’m keeping fit, I still wrestle. I like to think that there would be no change, but I’m nothing if not honest, and I’d put my all into making sure I’m ready. When I do come back to action, I will be ready for what is coming Olivia.

Olivia Curtis: Okay, so that seems to be a good transition point, so the big news. You’ve joined PWR! What was your thinking on this idea?

Kyojin: My thinking was simple Olivia. It’s time. It was time for me to take off my slippers, lace up my boots and get my ass back into that ring. I see PWR as the rebirth of this industry, and you can be damn sure I will do everything in my power to help them. I’m not coming back because I need money, I’m not coming back to make up the numbers.

I’m coming back to be the best once again.

Olivia Curtis: That brings me onto how this happened. Did you contact PWR, or did PWR contact you?

Kyojin smiles.

Kyojin: In this industry, you always know somebody who knows somebody. You don’t get to the very top without picking up useful contacts along the way, whether they are road agents, doctors or other wrestlers, there’s always somebody who knows somebody.

Henry Rose knew somebody who knew me.

Olivia Curtis: I believe that was Mike Hawk, was it not?

Kyojin: Yes.

Olivia Curtis: So did Henry ask Mike to ask you?

Kyojin: Mike & I actually had a conversation a couple months back about PWR, and how they had their first show coming up, and Mike had that big entrance. I wished him luck, and I thought that was that. I’m not sure if you saw but I actually tweeted about the show and what a great success it was.

Henry Rose, or somebody in PWR, saw that. They asked Mike if he could ask me if I’d be interested in joining, I said yes and negotiations began on my contract.

Olivia Curtis: Ah yes, your Legends contract?

Kyojin laughs.

Kyojin: Yeah, my ‘Legends’ contract. Like I said before, I’m not here for the money. I’m here for the wrestling.

The Titantron then goes black as the first part of Kyojin's interview is over. The camera then goes back to ringside and the commentary table.

Foster: Awesome. It's still sinking it- Kyojin! Kyojin is coming to Pro Wrestling Rebellion!

Pope: Huge name. So much he's achieved already and from the sounds of it.. He's ready, it's time. He's coming back to wrestling.

Foster: Well Pope, I could talk about Kyo all day- but we can't. We have a huge show tonight and right now- we are about to start our first match of the night. It's over to Olivia Curtis to introduce the men!


Match One: N' Swisher vs Jobber:

Olivia Curtis: Ladies and Gentleman! It's time for our first match of the night! Introducing first!

Weighing 225 Pounds, hailing from the United States of America! The self proclaimed Greatest of all time! N' Swisher!

Swisher comes out in his usual cocky, arrogant and confident swagger as the crowd are booing the proclaimed- Greatest of all time. N' though, shrugs it off as he makes his way down the ramp, headed to the ring as a spotlight beams down on him.

Pope: The Greatest of all time! The undefeated conqueror of World Class Athletes- Mr. Nolan Swisher!

Foster: Oh dear! Could you suck up too him anymore, James?

Pope: He's a cool guy, Nikki. Did you know-

Foster: James, please! Spare me the "did you know" made up story of the week from Mr. Swisher. The day this man starts wrestling some real competition then I'll perhaps take note. Until then.. I'm not interested.

Pope: Ohhh- touchy. He's beating World Class Athlete's Nikki? What else do you want him to do? Cure Ebola? Find Ched Evans a club? Stop the crazy notion of Disney's Frozen? Come on.. He's good, but he's know miracle worker.

Olivia Curtis: Annddd his opponent! Another World Class Athlete found and signed by Mr. Swisher himself- From Venice Beach, California! Steve Gracie!

Foster: Oh look.. Another world class athlete. Well.. This should be.. Great.. not.

Pope: Steve Gracie, Welcome! Hey, from Venice Beach?! N' could have unearthed the next Sting? This could be his hardest match to date.

Steve Gracie makes his way down to the ring. Like the ones before him.. He's no athlete- far from it. However the crowd are behind him. Chanting "let's go this guy" as N' just looks on. Gracie then enters the ring, locks up with N' and the match is underway.

Match One: N' vs Steve Gracie.
The match starts with the lock up and immediately N' takes control. Breaking the lock up with a kick to the stomach before smashing him across the back with a jumping double axe-handle, knocking Gracie down. N' then begins beating down on Steve with kicks all over.

N' then drags him up before swinging him into the ropes and following up with a picture perfect dropkick that shows the ability of N'- catching Gracie in the face, knocking him down again. N' then begins posing as the crowd continue there's boo's. He waits for Steve to struggle back up before hitting him with a side kick to the midsection before clutching at him and nailing the German suplex- into a pin in the middle of the ring. Only a two is scored and N' is surprised as he smiles and questions the official- Zak Castillo.

N' then drags up his opponent and this time smashes him in the jaw with a super kick. As Steve comes falling down- face first, N' grabs him and levels him with the Pedigree in the middle of the ring before scoring with the three.

Olivia Curtis: Anndd your winner! N' Swisher!

The crowd as expected are heavily booing while N' orders the official to hold up his hand as the winner of the match. N' then once again begins laying into his opponent before reaching into his pockets and pulling out a handful of notes. N' then begins to count the money before shrugging his shoulders and throwing it all down on Steve Gracie in total disrespect.

Pope: Total class from Mr. Swisher. He always pays up, what a great guy.

Foster: Class? I don't think so, James. Nolan has a lot of money, sadly for him, he can't buy class. Throwing money down on a paid opponent, is wrong.

Pope: Wah!-Wah! N' Swisher, ladies and gentleman! The undefeated beater of world class talents and he will do the same again at No Escape with his open challenge to any world class talent that wishes to face him.

Foster: I would do anything to see Jman or Van Hooligan X turn up and show N' what a world class talent really is, imagine that? Ah well.. Moving on and that brings us nicely to No Escape. Wrestling fans, I'm just hearing that we are now going to go live via satellite to the home of PWR owners of Emily and Henry Rose.

Hello, Mr. Rose, are you with us, can you hear me?

No Escape Announcement:

The Titantron is then live and Henry Rose appears on the big screen. In the background can be seen one room of his beautiful home as he begins to speak.

Henry: Yes, I'm here. Hello there Nikki, Good evening PWR fans, I hope you are enjoying the show thus far?.

Crowd cheer.

Nikki: Mr. Rose, it's my understanding that you have a pretty big announcement regarding No Escape, am I right?

Henry: Yes, that's right. Fans, I'm sorry for breaking up your viewing pleasure of tonight's show. Which is no doubt perhaps the most important in Pro Wrestling Rebellion's history thus far, I might add. But, I couldn't hold it in any longer and really wanted to wet your appetite and get you even more excited for the upcoming No Escape.

Me, my wife- Emily and indeed our General Manager, David Ryan have been thinking and naturally we all want to give you the best No Escape we possibly can. That's our complete aim. Now, we know the Chamber match is the big focus and that's right, it should be. However, this is.. No Escape!

There needs to be more.. Don't you think? So, we are giving you more, much more! As of now, there are two matches that will be contested in a Six sides of steel Cage Match! Andre Lamar and Usain Kingston will compete in one.. While the other will be contested by the Empire and the Knights!

Crowd pop.

I'm glad you like the announcement! Enjoy the show everyone, good night and see you at No Escape!

Foster: Yes! No Escape just got better, I'm excited.

Pope: Big, big news from Mr. Henry Rose! Lamar vs Kingston and the Empire vs the Knights. Two feuds that have been heated since the get go, will now take place in a six sides of steel, Cage Match!

Graves, Punk, Eclipse & Slayde "Last Chance" Promo:

The camera cuts back from a small vignette that was promoting the upcoming No Escape and once more to ringside. The man with the mic- Gavin Williams in stood in the middle of the ring. To this left and right, stand two stools. On those stools are sat, Graves & Eclipse. On his other side- KJ Punk & Orion Slayde.

The crowd are cheering as mixed chants are sounded out at the four wrestlers in the ring. Gavin Williams waits for a moment before speaking..

Williams: Ladies and Gentleman. I'm the man with the mic- Gavin Williams and too my sides are the four men that are looking for redemption. Four men that tonight will be drinking at the last chance saloon. Each with the aim and dream of winning what is no doubt, perhaps, the most important match of this company's history to date.

All four men will compete later on tonight in the "Last Chance" fatal four way match. Only man will leave as the last entrant into the 2015 World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match at No Escape! Please welcome the four men at my side!

The Insane one.. Graves!

Small cheer in among the boos.

The Boston sensation.. Artemis Eclipse!

Once again, there are few cheers from the hardcore fans in among the jeers.

Orion! The Shadow, Slayde!

Big cheers and pop for the veteran.

K! J! Punk!

Like Slayde before him- there's a pop and cheers for the fan favorite, KJ Punk.

Williams: Now wrestling fans. It's time to find out what's going through the mind of these four, unique and talented individuals. So, if everyone is ready, I would like to press on with the questions. Here goes..

What do you think of the remaining superstars left as you battle to compete for the final spot in the Chamber?

Eclipse: Graves, KJ Punk and Orion Slayde... I've told you people time and time again that to me, they really don't matter. I matter the most! Out of all four of us, I'm the one that's been shuffled the most, the one that's been forgotten about, been beaten down and almost made non-existent.

I don't care about them, I don't care how they feel, I don't care about their hopes and dreams, I don't care anything at all. That's what I think about the other remaining participants.

(Graves looks around the ring looking at his foes.)

Graves: What do I think? One word and one word only slaughter. Why? When I step into the ring that is all I want that is all I care about you look in this ring and you tell me who would be able to commit the acts of genocide like I do anyone? Someone? When I look into each and everyone of you I see a slaughter set to happen to anyone who will stand in my way . It doesn't matter if its tonight or if its at the chamber or if its in the darkest corners of this arena I will slaughter every single person no matter the cost.

Slayde: What I think of my opponents is that they have no passion or desire and that's why they'll lose. Take KJ Punk for example, he hasn't been the rising star he was promised to be. He has lost way and only managed to score a whopping 3 points in this entire tournament so far. I can't even begin to understand why he wouldn't take this tournament and make it his bitch but yet her he is fighting for one last chance but I like KJ and wish him luck tonight unlike a certain star who makes a mockery of this tournament even being in it in the first place and that's...

Graves. Graves, the so called "wildcard". A man so "dangerous" that you can't know what to expect will say or do but really when it comes down to it, he's that way because he really doesn't know what to say or even do to stand out. Being crazy in his eyes is the best the way to stand out but he's making a fool of himself to not use his skills to fullest capacity. He like me stands at 6 but that's only after he blatantly cost himself 2 points against Shaz out of sheer desperation of not being humiliated by Shaz only to be humiliated nonetheless as the victim of Hawk and The Hardcore King's double win the week after. He has much to prove before he an even be considered to be in the Elimination Chamber much less win it. So the "wildcard" is wild to think he even deserves to be the in card of the premiere PPV PWR has to offer.

Leaving good ol' Artemis Eclipse, the only threat to me in this match. He's skilled, he's resilient and could do well inside the Elimination Chamber and yet...3 points is all he could muster in this tournament. Why? Because he hasn't been fighting with heart. I proved that when I buried him in The Shadows of the Abyss. A feat I'll have no trouble replicating to win here tonight.

So really what other choice is there but for me to win and put on the fight of a lifetime inside the Elimination Chamber. The Elimination Chamber has yet to be used to it's full potential without me inside.

Williams: What do you all think of the Elimination Chamber structure itself? Let's start with Orion this time. Orion, if you will..

Slayde: I think it's design is genius. Nothing makes a man more violent and brings out his inner monster than that feeling of having no escape. The things he's willing to be free are...beautiful. You can see him dislocated his wrists to escape handcuffs, fight with all might to escape the bounds of a straight jacket or even in extreme cases, eat fellow man if it surviving and one day enjoying freedom while living the nightmares of the actions done to be free.

The things the Elimination Chamber will force us to do to be the last man standing are going to be legendary, for only one will have the glory of being the survivor and PWR World Heavyweight Champion and I intend for that man to be me at all costs.

Just the thought of piledriving someone from the top of a pod....

Before Orion finishes speaking, Graves speaks over him. Lighting up as they talk about the Chamber.

Graves: The chamber itself? Well everyone else here will probably say hell or there chance to be made enter stars for me... well its my personal Nirvana, my heaven, my home. Its a place where I can be myself where I can enter and do as I please . What I want is to slaughter and thats what I will get.

Williams: And your thoughts, Artemis?

Eclipse: There's a fun one. I think the structure is tailor made for me. It's unforgiving, it's just a little bit crazy and it will attack anything and everything around it without prejudice. It's a vile and foul creation from hell itself and I fucking love it!

Williams: Okay, Are any of you feeling the sense of occasion and pressure, any nerves ahead of what is a huge match?

Eclipse: No. I'm determined. I'm ready to claim what's mine. I want to make my mark and prove my point and this right here will make that happen.

(Graves seems to be baffled by the next question and looks again at his foes)

Graves: Pressure do I feel pressure, no I'm not walking into this match as if I'm not gonna win as if the body count wont have another collection. I'm walking into the Chamber with a thirst for blood with the sounds of bones breaking and careers ending. I am not feeling pressure the only pressure that will be fault by anyone is when my hands get wrapped around the necks of the men who think that they are walking away from that match without new scars.

Williams: Slayde, over to you, what's your thoughts?

Slayde: You'd be a fool not to be nervous in such a match but the problem with that is we're not one of those men just yet. This is our huge match. Four men competing for the last entry of the Elimination Chamber. Once that is decided the reality will set in that you still need to enter the Elimination Chamber and win. That's when the pressure to do all you can to win becomes your fuel to succeed.

Tonight is the trial by fire that will judge who is ready to enter the Elimination Chamber. I know it will be me because I deserve it and my opponents tonight do not.

They're not ready for what I'm willing to do win here tonight.

The crowd are quiet, listening intently as each man shares there thoughts as the fans are loving the exchange.

Williams: Next, What would it mean to you, too become the first ever PWR World Champion? Let's start with..

Graves: What would it mean to me to win the PWR Championship. Every single person who enters the match is gonna tell you the same thing pretty much, everything to me, its nothing.

(Graves listens to the boos go down on him as he disrespects the title)

Graves: The championship is nothing to me. I look at whoever wins the championship like I look at everyone else with a target on their back and a bounty on their head so if you got a little belt on your shoulder its just more evidance for me to dump when i dump the rotting carcasses. It doesnt matter who you are to me if your Mike Hawk or your Dave Ryan or even Kyo in the end your just another neck to be snap. Now with the title on me I get that target. I get to take the shots . I get to be the bear they are poking the stick at the cage they are shaking .

Orion shakes his head at the disrespect from the deranged one, Graves. He then answers and shares his thoughts.

Slayde: It would mean that over 10 years in this business have led me to that moment. through all the broken bones, scars, blood lost and tears shed, I have finally made it to the top, a place I often felt I didn't deserve to be in but now after recovering from my knee surgery and having a new lease on life and knowing I still got plenty of years in me, I plan to start those years off the best way I know how and that's making history as the inaugural PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

Too much has been sacrificed to not give it my all and prove I deserve to be a legend in this business.

Williams: Artemis, how about you?

Eclipse: It'll be history making. Not only will I be the first but it'll get that brooding gorilla off of my back. It'll be what I need to continue, it's not enough to just exist. I need to be an exclamation point in a world full of periods. And there's no better way than to excel and focus on what matters to me most.

Williams: Finally, we come to the last question. For the four of you tonight, it's now and never.. Who wants it more?

Who wants it more? I can't answer for them and nor to I want to. I'm not them. I'm me. And I'll be damned if I don't want it. It's almost to the point that I need it. I need to show myself and my father that this path that I've chosen was the right path.

I need this and want it because I made a promise. I intend to keep that promise and hold that gold as high as I possibly can. It's time for my wrath to Eclipse the earth...

Slayde: I do. I want it more than the 3 men I'll face tongiht and I want it even than the 5 men already qualified fothe Elimination Chamber. Hawk, The Hardcore King, Shaz, Mr. Torture and Darius. All high caliber stars. All eager to win. Yet what will happen when a beast is unleashed inside the Chamber and they have nowhere to run? No where to hide? We'll see if they're ready to embrace the shadows as I tear them all by one by one till I am the last one left standing.

Tonight is only the beginning...

No Escape. Orion Slayde will be the PWR World Heavyweight Champion.

Williams: Finally, and you, Graves?

(Graves laughs at the next question)

Graves: Come on, they want it more I just want the world to burn.

( Graves laughs as his motives are questioned)

Graves: Look around you, you see they all want the title they all wanna be on top of it when it falls to the ground and burns upon its ashes. I wanna be on the bottom I want to witness its destruction, the destruction that I would have created. PWR is looking to break away from the binds that chain them to seperate from the likes of its rivals its history. EWNCW, RTE, HWA, and etc. some star was born the first crowning of its champion and the monsters were set to fight in cages. Could you picture if the inmate ran the asylum ? "The Deranged One" thats what I'm called right so why wouldnt you wanna see me snap the neck and drink the blood of the hawk! Why wouldnt you wanna see me bind and dominate the man who loves it so much by the steel chains of the chamber and watch him hang. Why wouldnt you like to see what happens to a man who turns his back on the world and watch the demons that hunts him twist his head like the Exorcism? When it comes down to it whether or not Im in it or not I'll be their watching and waiting stalking in the dark to fuel my blood lust.

Williams: Wow, intense. Okay ladies and gentleman, that concludes this interview. Thank you and good luck to each of you gentleman!

The Interview is over but there's one last share of cold hard stares from each man to the other before the shot is gone and we head back to the commentary team.

Foster: Intense indeed. Wow, what about that Mr. Pope?

Pope: That was great. Each man being brutally honest, each man wants to win this match so, so much. It's going to be awesome!

Foster: Who are you tipping to win the fatal four way, James? I honestly couldn't pick a winner, it's too close.

Pope: I would agree, honestly. I can't decide, I keep changing my mind.

Foster: Well fans, that's too come later on. It's now time for that awesome interview with the Japanese legends, Kyojin! Over to Kyo and Olivia.

Kyojin Interview Part Two:

Olivia Curtis: I understand. A couple of Twitter questions now. From @S70RM: ‘Who is the best wrestler you’ve ever faced?’ Tough question.

Kyojin: Very tough question. I’ve been in the ring with a lot of hugely talented guys. Mr. Smyth, Malcolm Adonis, Jman, Mike Hawk. It’d be difficult to pick just one, but if I was pressed, I’d say Van Hooligan X. Guy was just a pure technician. Four time World Champion speaks for itself.

Olivia Curtis: And that’s the perfect lead on to the next question! From @carlosfoundacure: ‘Who do you want to face in PWR?’

Kyojin: Wow, that’s asking a question. There’s a lot of talented guys in PWR. Young and more veteran. Shaz is one, Mike Hawk, Graves. There’s a lot of good wrestlers in there.

Olivia Curtis: Just one more, from @BeersteinLover: ‘Has there ever been some plans that never happened which you wish had happened?’

Kyojin: A lot. I’ve been in a lot of different feds when they’ve been forced to close for numerous reasons, but the main one that sticks out to me was in IWA, and ironically, the show the plans were for was Destined For Immortality II.

One of the early plans for that was for me to go head to head with Tommy Thunder. We were gonna bill it as ‘Superstar of the Year vs. Best in the World’. Basically, Chris Divine vs. Tommy Thunder was cancelled and we were hoping to have Tommy involved in a different way.

Negotiations with Tommy’s camp were going good, but ultimately, he wasn’t able to commit. It was disappointing but I bare no grudges, it’s just one of those things. I mean, I ended up main eventing the show with Mike Hawk anyway.

Olivia Curtis: Were you going to go over?

Kyojin: Not cleanly. There were plans in place for Mr. Smyth to get involved and for him and I to form an alliance. The history there would have made for an excellent partnership. He’s one person I felt I always had fantastic chemistry with, inside and outside the ring.

Olivia Curtis: I’d agree with that. So, back to the subject at hand- you in PWR. So we’ve heard a lot of speculation that you’ve already set your sights on the PWR World Heavyweight Championship. Is that true?

Kyojin: I think that’s a mute point. If you’re not setting your sights on the top prize, why the hell would anybody even join a company?

Olivia Curtis: Does that mean you’ll be making a challenge to the World Heavyweight Champion as soon as you arrive?

Kyojin: I wouldn’t say that’s a definite. It all depends on who wins it.

Olivia Curtis: Does that mean you have somebody already in your sights?

Kyojin smiles.

Kyojin: You could say that.

Olivia Curtis: You’re not going to tell me who it is, are you?

Kyojin laughs.

Kyojin: No I’m not.

Olivia Curtis: Not even if I push you for an answer?

Kyojin: Nope.

Olivia nods her head and smiles, before continuing.

Olivia Curtis: Right, let’s bring this to a close. One final question. Do you have anything to say to the PWR roster?

Kyojin looks down in thought for a moment, pondering his next words.

Kyojin: Yes.

Kyojin turns to face the camera.

Kyojin: Count your stars ladies & gentlemen, I’m coming to PWR for one reason- to make history. And if you’re not ready, I will bulldoze my way through you on the way to the top.

Olivia Curtis: Okay, I think we have all that I need. Thank you for having me.

Kyojin stands up as Olivia does the same and they shake hands.

Kyojin: Thank you for the opportunity for this interview.

Olivia Curtis: We’ll see you soon.

Kyojin: You’re damn right you will.

Kyojin smiles as the camera pans away and fades out back to the commentary team.

Foster: Epic! You heard him PWR- He's coming to make history!

Pope: Oh he certainly is, Nikki. Everywhere he's gone, success has followed this man and I wouldn't put it past him continuing that success here!

Foster: Speaking of history, James. That's what tonight is all about, history is going to be made. Who's going to write themselves into the first ever PPv title match of this company's history? Who's going to enter the Chamber and compete for the World Heavyweight Title? Who's got what it takes?

Pope: I don't know, I really don't. We heard from each from man earlier, all of which want to be in that match. Some want the title, others want to feel and cause hurt in that Chamber. It's too close to call.

Foster: Well- We are about to find out folks! Our Main Event is coming up!


Main Event Match: Fatal Four Way (Winner enters the Chamber at No Escape.) - Graves vs Slayde vs KJ Punk vs Artemis Eclipse.

Olivia Curtis: Ladies and Gentleman, it's now time for the moment we have all been waiting for, our Main Event of the night! The Fatal Four Way match where the winner will advance and enter the Elimination Chamber Match at No Escape for the World Heavyweight Title!

Introducing first! Artemis Eclipse!

Among the boo's for Eclipse are as usual, the hardcore following that cheer and chant his name, among the various "Eclipse the Earth" signs that are being held up.

Artemis steps out onto the stage as the rainbow colored lights flash all around him. Eclipse then throws his head back, flipping off his hood and shouting "Eclipse the Earth" as the beat kicks in from his theme tune. Eclipse then begins making his way down to the ring.

Olivia Curtis: Introducing next.. The Insane one, Graves!

Boo's are instantly sounded out as the deranged Graves steps out onto the stage. However what's noticeable is that his presence alone brings fear among the younger members of the crowd while the others can't help but watch on, wondering what he will do next.

As the strobe lights go around the arena, the camera zooms in on the face of Graves, again bringing more boo's as he just turns his head and let's out a sick smile. The lights then go off once more and when they come back, Graves is stood behind Artemis in the ring. Eclipse then slightly startled jumps back a little before turning around and staring at his opponent.

Olivia Curtis: Andddd there opponent! K! J! Punk!

As soon as Punk's name is announced, the crowd are on there feet cheering.

KJ then steps out onto the stage, still applying his "War Paint" as he smears the make up across his face. Punk then looks out towards the crowd before letting out a roar and making his way down the ramp, headed to the ring.

Olivia Curtis: And there final opponent! Orion "the Shadow" Slayde!

Very much like KJ before him, the crowd remain on there feet and are now chanting the name of Orion Slayde as the veteran steps out onto the stage in front view of the crowd and his opponents in the ring.

Orion with focus etched across his face begins making his way down the ramp as he only stops now and then to slap hands with his fans reaching out towards him. Orion then enters the ring and takes his place in among his opponents.

With all four men in the ring, the match is ready to begin and the bell sounds. However there's no punches, kicks, or grapples. No, instead there's a moment of silence where each opponent begins staring at the other, clearly some sign of respect for the occasion and the match that's about to get underway.

Main Event - Fatal Four Way Match.
(Sheamus/Punk, Graves/Edge, Slayde/Orton, Cena/Eclipse)
Start at 6:40 stop at 13:38

As it stands, both Graves and Punk at battling outside of the ring while Eclipse and Slayde are trading strikes inside the Six sided ring as the crowd cheer along..


Slayde then begins getting the better of the punches, one after the other, all hitting Eclipse, knocking him back a little more. Then Slayde is able to duck one out of nowhere and fire back with an elbow to the temple. Artemis then spins Slayde around and nails him with a round house to the temple, knocking his opponent through the second rope and outside of the ring.

Artemis then takes a step back, resting up as he see's Graves and Punk begin to make there way around where Slayde was just knocked out of the ring. In a blink of an eye, Eclipse then runs across the ring, jumps onto the turnbuckle, on the second rope before leaping up to first and then launching himself of the top rope..

PWR.Com Show's Aj_spr11

...Getting caught in the lights before landing and knocking down all three opponents in a stunning move that wows the crowd to an applause of Eclipse's ability.

With all four men down and with no count out in tonight's rules so a winner is truly defined. All four men begin to stir, taking there time to stand back up. It's Eclipse us first and he takes the time to taunt with the crowd, shouting his famous "Eclipse the Earth" line as they cheer. From behind though, is the deranged one who strikes with a forearm to the back of the head of Eclipse.

Graves then grabs him by his trousers before throwing him over the crowd barrier as Eclipse goes crashing over, landing to the floor as the crowd quickly move out of the way. Graves then leaps over the barrier with him and begins beating down on Eclipse. Graves then drags him up before nailing him back down with a DDT on the concrete as the crowd "Ohh" at the collision of skull on the hard floor. Graves though feels the pain too, instead living up to his insane one nickname, begins laughing as he rolls around in pain.

Foster: He really is, Insane. Graves seems to thrive of pain, James.

Pope: He really does, It's like he channels the legendary Mick Foley or Terry Funk each match with his style of hurting himself, if it means hurting his opponent.

Foster: This match has been hard fought and non-stop. Each man want's this match, want's this win so badly.

Attention then turns back to the action as Punk and Slayde are both back up, battling away. KJ swings Orion into the turnbuckle and Slayde's back hits hard against the steel. He then bounces back off and KJ runs at him, looking to smash him in the face with his Rolling Elbow strike. Slayde moves though, causing KJ to hit the ring post and immediately there's a yell of agony and everyone in the crowd know's something has just happened. Slayde though on instinct alone runs back at Punk and nails him with a bicycle kick, knocking him down and seemingly out.

Slayde then enters the ring, taking a chance to catch his breath as there's real worry for KJ Punk on the outside, holding his elbow and still in clear pain and agony. Orion then notices the medical doctor coming down and checking on Punk as the crowd watch on, worried for Punk.

Foster: He's hurt, KJ is hurt folks.

Pope: It's his elbow, Nikki. It smashed against the ring post.

Foster: Slayde is now watching on, I think he knows this is serious. He too looks worried for KJ Punk.

As all attention is on KJ who is now being helped onto a stretcher and is about to be ruled out of this match. Orion like others is watching it all unfold. However there's one man who couldn't care less and he's about to strike..

Graves comes out of nowhere, sliding into the ring and when Slayde turns around..

PWR.Com Show's 3igx6Ty

..Smash! Nails him with Goodnight MotherF'er as Slayde looks clean out and the crowd are in shock, booing heavily.

Pope: Graves with that running knee strike! Slayde is out, he's out! It could be over!

Foster: No, not like this. He took advantage of Slayde's worry for the injured KJ Punk.

Graves then begins to laugh manically and drags himself over to a laid out Orion Slayde. Graves then drapes his arm over the chest of Slayde and the referee begins to count..




The match would have been over but it's Eclipse with the save. Dragging out Graves by his legs before the referee could count to three. Artemis then knocks down Graves with a forearm of his own before throwing him into the steel steps.

Artemis then enters the ring and looks to take advantage. He allows a groggy Slayde to stand back up. As he does, he runs at him and looks for his signature Dragonrana. As he's on the shoulders of Slayde, the 6 ft 4 veteran is able to throw him over him, countering the move. As Slayde is about to come straight back at him. Artemis is nailed with a kick to the stomach and then Orion follows up with..

PWR.Com Show's Double-hammerlock-piledriver-o

..Driving the head of Artemis into the canvas as the crowd cheer loudly, expecting the three count to follow.

Pope: Double hammerlock piledriver from the Shadow!

Nikki: Slayde is about to become one step closer to his dream, here comes the pin, must be over here!



Nikki: No! What the hell is Graves doing?!

Pope: He just dragged the referee out of the ring and saved this match from being over. Like it or not, for someone so insane, Graves proving he's clever right there.

Graves however is not done with just dragging the referee out of the ring, instead he nails him with a strike, dropping the referee down and out. Graves then reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair and holds it up laughing manically.

Graves is about to enter the ring with the chair when his eyes light up, like a kid at Christmas. It's KJ Punk being pushed up the ramp on a stretcher still squirming in pain. Graves then smiles and the crowd know something bad is about to happen. Graves begins charging up the ramp, drops the chair and then pushes the medical team out of the way before he does the unthinkable and tips over the stretcher to which Punk was tied down too.

Graves then picks back up the chair and goes crazy, hitting Punk with it repeatedly, three, four, five times before someone is able to grab him while another snatches the chair out of his hands. Graves then smiling see's the ring and remembers the aim of the match. He makes his way down and enters the ring. With Artemis still down, he attacks Slayde with strikes and kicks.

The deranged one then goes over to Artemis and clears him from the ring, kicking him out underneath the ropes. Graves then drags up Slayde and hits his new finisher, the Koji Clutch in the middle of the ring as he tighten's his finishing submission.

Pope: This is it.. the Insane one is going to No Escape and entering the Chamber match!

Foster: Graves calls this the Straight Jacket Strangle and that's exactly what's happening to Slayde- He's being chocked out.

Pope: He's fading! Wait... He's out! Slayde is out! This is over!

Foster: Thanks to Graves, there's no referee. Now tell me what he did earlier was smart, James?

Slayde is out, but Graves attack on the official earlier has back fired and he's furious as he releases the hold. He then walks over to the ropes and begins shouting for official Zak Castillo to get up. The ref does not move though. Graves then notices the steel chair once more on the ramp and smiles. Graves exits the ring and picks up the chair, he then re-enters the ring and begins lining up a strike.

Just when he's about swing at a now barely standing Slayde, up jumps Artemis back onto the side of the ring and he takes the bullet. Crash- Graves nails him in the head with a chair, knocking him back down.

Graves then turns and swings at Slayde. Orion though ducks underneath run's the ropes and lands a dropkick to the cheer, knocking it against the face of Graves as both men are now down. The crowd begin a count and they make it to ten with no official able to officiate the match.

Pope: Both are out, this match should have been over.

Foster: Again though, James. There's no official thanks to Graves.

Pope: Wait- look! Here comes official Brian Anderson!

The crowd cheer as a fresh official enters the ring. He checks on both men, urges them up and then begins a count. This time, both men are up by Seven and the crowd cheer as the match continues. At this point, both men are clearly exhausted having give everything in this match. They begin to exchange punches, but honestly, there's not much behind them at this point as fatigue has truly kicked in.


Graves look's for a fourth straight punch and throws it with real force, perhaps using everything left. Orion though is in, inspired form and ducks the punch. Orion then boots Graves into the stomach and then locks in the Shadows of Abyss. He then attempts to lift Graves but again, fatigue kicks in. Slayde though, does not give up and lifts him up.. letting out a huge roar as he does.

Foster: Awesome display of heart and strength from Slayde! He wants this so much!

Pope: This is bad for Graves, this is real bad.

The double hammerlock piledriver lands and Graves hit the canvas with sheer force. Slayde looks completely drained, he has nothing left. Orion then drapes his arm over his downed opponent and go for the cover..




Foster: He's done it! Orion Slayde has done it, he's won the last entrant Fatal Four Way Match!

Pope: Man, what a match. I've not been a big fan of this man, but even I.. Even I can't say nothing right now. Amazing heart and determination from Orion!

Slayde can't believe it. He's helped up by the referee and his arm has been raised in victory. The crowd are on the feet, cheering and chanting for the veteran, Orion Slayde.

PWR.Com Show's RandyOrtonWins5_crop_exact

Foster: There is it.. Orion Slayde will meet Darius, Shaz, Mike Hawk, the Hardcore King and Torture at No Escape, inside the Elimination Chamber.

Pope: It's going to be awesome! Don't forget the rest of the stacked card. Now made better with those huge Cage match announcements earlier tonight.

Foster: Ladies and Gentleman, we hope too see you at No Escape and we hope you enjoyed the show. Good night everyone!

PWR: News & Rumors:

Corporate Champion?
With the World Heavyweight Title deciding Elimination Chamber match drawing ever closer by each passing day. It's been speculated if it is indeed possible that someone like Torture, Graves (Should he qualify) or the Hardcore King could actually go on and win the World Championship, simply because of there mindset and look.

As all wrestling fans know, winning the title is only the start and with that target on your back, comes the extra PR work and interviews that will no doubt follow. According to sources, there are a few directors and board members that are flat out against seeing someone like Graves or those mentioned as Champion simply because they feel there look, does not suit them becoming of a Champion. Do you agree? With No Escape approaching- we will soon find out.

Who is Skylar Knox?!
That's the question many have been asking since it was announced that the first ever Women's match will be fought between Akira Tajiri and her opponent- Skylar Knox.

Skylar at 24 years of age, from Little Rock, Ark was said to have been "hugely impressive" during the tryout camps and was the stand out female. Skylar is known for her daredevil like approach to life, never more comfortable then when living life on the edge and that's sure to excite the PWR fans. That's not all though, Skylar is said to have an impressive technical base to her wrestling game and if what we are hearing is true, she could very well be one too watch in the immediate future!

Avenged Sevenfold at No Escape?
That's the latest rumor going around but can it be true? Well it certainly seems so. It's being speculated that the group known as A7X too there fan base will open No Escape with a live performance that will be sure to pump up the crowd.
Fans of the heavy metal band have flocked to there social media accounts to pose the question. The question to which has not been answered, fueling the notion that they will indeed perform at No Escape.

Sponsors on the horizon?
Various companies have approached PWR Owners Henry and Emily Rose to promote their products to the wrestling community. Companies like Mountain Dew, Twix and Nike are among those companies turned down by The Roses. They have stated that will only sponsor products when and if the time is right. With the resources The Roses have at their disposal that time may never come but they have promised to never close the door on sponsorship.

PWR Stars on the big screen?
Rumor has it movie studios such as Universal Studios have approached various PWR stars over the past weekend to possibly star in action films such as The Fast and Furious films and Pacific Rim 2. No word has been received from Universal Studios as to whether this rumor is true.

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4PWR.Com Show's Empty Re: PWR.Com Show's on Wed Mar 04, 2015 7:15 pm

PWR.Com-Episode #4

(Location - Grand Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)

The cameras are rolling.. The crowd are pumped and the show is live! The pyro's screech across the arena as the crowd are in full voice. Chanting "PWR!" as the camera circles the crowd before heading over the commentary table where Nikki Foster and James Pope are standing by.

Foster: PWR fans, Welcome! We are once again live and coming at you from the Manhattan Center in New York, New York! We welcome you to another addition of Pro Wrestling Rebellions exclusive show on PWR. Com! I'm Nikki Foster and off course alongside me, my partner, James Pope!

Pope: What's up everyone?! Welcome! I am James Pope and Nikki, this crowd are buzzing tonight and rightly so, there's so many things going on in PWR right now that it's hard not to be excited. Just take this past disORDER alone. N' defeated Tommy Thunder! That's history right there, another death on N's world class talent killed list.

Foster: While you are excited about N's fake win, James. I know our fans at home have been more interested in the actual stuff that is happening. I'm talking about the huge announcement of the Break Out title! I'm talking about the continued growth of the Women's division! I'm talking about Jack Phoenix beating Andre Lamar. I'm talking about the exchange between or World Heavyweight Champion Torture and the number one contender, Shaz! Most importantly, the feud the world has been talking about. Kyojin vs Darius!

Pope: It's big news and I'm not just talking about wrestling platforms, I know that it's been talked about in various news articles, even on the daily show! The world is talking about Kyojin and Darius and I'm just as excited as everyone else. We all heard the promo from Kyo, but the reply from Darius truly sent shock waves around the wrestling world and it's boiling nicely.

Forster: It sure is, James. However partner, that's disORDER and we are on PWR.Com! We have quite the show from you two folks. Our Main Event will feature two men, facing off in the "BO" title tournament. The Insane one, Graves, will face the Shadow, Orion Slayde!

Pope: I almost feel sorry for Orion. Graves has always been crazy but that guy is on the verge of unstable, his frustrations have been coming out in his words the last couple of weeks and they could further come out in actions, when he meets Orion tonight, one on one.

Foster: Don't forget though James. Orion has some frustrations of his own, this ongoing feud with Eclipse has got real personal and the question remains, can the veteran put that aside to focus on the Break Out title tournament match, tonight? Also tonight we will see the return of the man with the mic- Gavin Williams presenting disORDERS #TopTen. Also the lovely Olivia Curtis has promised us an exclusive interview with two new PWR additions that are yet to debut and the rumors are, one of them is the mystery man that Andre Lamar mentioned that Dave Ryan had signed for the "BO" tournament.

Pope: Awesome- but Nikki?! You left out the best part. N's homecoming to his show! That's right ladies and gentleman, fresh of his MVP performance at the NBA celebrity all star game and his win against Tommy Thunder, we will hear from the World Talent Killer, the Greatest of all time.. Tonight!

Foster: I wonder what fabricated story N' has for us tonight, James. Will he ever face Tommy like a real man? Either way folks, that's to come. Now, we are going to hand over to Gavin Williams!


disORDER #TopTen

Williams: Welcome all! I'm the man with the mic- Gavin Williams and it's time for another addition of disORDERS #TopTen. It's been a while and many things have changed, some people have impressed, others not so much. There's only one spot at the top though.. Who's going to be #1 on the list? Let's find out.

#10 - Andre Lamar

GW: Despite losing his match at "No Escape" and then losing his match this past week on disORDER to Jack Pheonix, some could argue that things have been going well for Andre Lamar lately. After all, he too recently defeated Jack Phoenix a disORDER episode prior to him losing and with Usain Kingston now gone and fired. Is it a case of losing a battle but winning the war for the Compton born? Add that to the fact that Andre has vowed to make up losing to GM and "friend" Dave Ryan and "Dre" is becoming must see, perhaps for all the wrong reasons.

#9 - Usain Kingston

GW: Usain's place on this list was certain, there's no denying just how big of a victory it was for the Jamaican at "No Escape" inside the six sides of steel cage match. Had it not been for what would happen next and Kingston could have been higher- excuse the pun on the placement list. However, honestly, who is going to remember the match when the outcome and firing was so shocking?

#8 - Hayden Coel

GW: Speaking of "No Escape", who could forget about the debut of the dark enigma, Hayden Coel? An event that would take everyone by surprise. Promised and speculated that PWR was about to get a fun loving, happy go lucky superstar and it got Hayden.. A dark. mysterious and bitterly twisted man. Hayden has aimed his frustrations at Vince Omega. Omega has fought many battles of his own growing up, in his life in general. Will Hayden Coel be too much for the kid? We will see.

#7 - Akira & Knox

GW: If you speak about the women's division, there's instantly two names that will come to mind. Akira and Knox- both Women were the kick start of the Women's division that is growing weekly and will continue to do so. There respectful series of matches earned plaudits for the attitude and desire shown that the women indeed can match the men. Despite what they have shown so far, there's certainly more to come and with the additions of Rain and now Sasha Panzer, the Women's division is looking bright and more importantly, competitive.

#6 - Vince Omega

GW: Vince has quickly risen as a huge fan favorite. A true role model and bright light in the world of dark and evil in Pro Wrestling Rebellion. Omega just wanted to live his dream and wrestle, that would soon become a problem. Firstly a bust up with Dave Ryan, would then lead to a match with the deranged one- Graves. Omega though would overcome all the odds, picking up a huge victory


N' Promo:

Pope: Who's going to be #1 Nikki? I can't look past N', I have to say. He's still undefeated and he's beating world class talents left, right and center. Just like his three point throws at the NBA celebrity game.

Foster: James, I'm starting to worry about you. I don't know what's more alarming- the fact you buy into what Swisher is saying or the fact you don't stop talking about him. Honestly, you like him, we get it James.

> Insert N' theme<

Pope: Here he is Nikki! Talk of greatness and it shall appear. This is the show that Swisher built- Welcome home!

Foster: The show he.. Wait? You are not serious are you?!

Pope: Look at the crowd, there going insane for Swisher and his team.

Foster: There booing him James. In fact, You might very well be his own fan.

Pope: No- There not boo's. There chanting Noooo! For Nooo-lan! You see, Noooo-lan! Or, they might be chanting Woo! Like, Woo! He's here, you know?

Foster: There booing him, James. With good reason too, N' continues trying to bait Tommy into his antics and when Tommy shows up, N' runs scared or like last week, sneak attacks Tommy from behind after his match.



Match One - N's Jobbers (Brandon & Nash) vs Extremely Lethal:

Foster: Well it appears we are going to see some tag team action, here on

Pope: I doubt it, Nikki. I don't see any team stupid enough to answer the call. I mean, these are Swishers boys, there talented.. World Class talented.

>Insert "EL Theme & Promo<

Foster: Woah! Extremely Lethal have answered the call. That's awesome, we heard from them on disORDER last week and we are going to see them back in action.. tonight!

Pope: I thought these two were smart? Aren't they now teachers? You see that's the problem, idiots like these two, are going to be teaching the new generation. There return is going to result in a loss.

Foster: We will see about that, James. Venomous and Carbon have been around the block, former IWA tag team champions. They beat the Infection- Carlos Alberto Ramon and Van Hooligan. That's no easy feat and I'm sure we are going to see the best of them, following this new change of direction.

Match One: Ken Brandon & Scott Nash vs Extremely Lethal.
The match starts strong for N's guys, Brandon and Nash being cheered on and supported by Mr. Swisher who's on the outside offering "coaching" with his vocal support. Nash currently has the smaller of the two, Venomous in his corner, nailing him with shoulders charges to the stomach, keeping him trapped. A series of quick tags are then made, all under the voice of Swisher who's really dictating what he's team do and at the moment, it's working for them.

Nash then tags and Brandon enters the ring. Quickly going on the offence with kicks to the gut, knocking down Venomous into a seated position. Brandon then uses his knee to drive into the face of Venomous and continues this until the referee begins to count. Carbon on the opposite is bursting to get in and help his partner but sticks to the rules and awaits the tag that's yet to come.

Ken Brandon then drags up Venomous and swings him into the ropes. As Venomous comes back off, Brandon again at the command of N', back body drops Venomous to the canvas and again from the call of N.. This time drops down and looks for the pin. Only a two is scored. Brandon then gets up and makes the tag, tagging in Nash. Scott Nash begins scaling the turnbuckle and N' begins asking "what you doing?" to which Nash slightly pauses, trying to explain. Eventually N' says "Get on with it.. Attack him!" and Nash throws himself from the top rope with an elbow drop but it misses- Venomous able to move. Nash crashes to the ground and N' is visibly annoyed, shouting "Tag! Tag in Brandon, come on!" However it's Venomous that gets up first and he kicks Brandon in the stomach before nailing him with a drop kick to the chin. Venomous then with the crowd behind him runs the ropes and leaps into the air with a shooting star press, hitting him with enough force to make both men grab there stomach in pain.

The race is then on, with who can make the tag first and it's shown. Venomous tags in the muscle of the group and there's a huge pop as Carbon steps over the ropes from the hot tag. N' then orders Nash to get in the ring and he does.. running into a huge clothesline from Carbon, same again as he tried to stand up. With the crowd behind him.. Carbon then steps back before charging at Nash with a bicycle kick, nailing the Carbon footprint and sending Nash falling down between the second rope.

Brandon is then up and he strikes, hitting Carbon with a round of punches but the big man takes them and fires back with a headbutt, knocking Brandon back a few steps in a daze. Carbon then grips up Brandon and brings him back down with sidewalk slam to the canvas. With the crowd cheering and chanting there names, both members of Extremely Lethal are up.. They wait for Brandon to stand up before tag teaming and hitting there finisher in the center of the ring..

...The Lethal Injection! Carbon picking up the opponent with the Samoan drop while Venomous hits him with the corkscrew neckbreaker as the crowd pop for the move. Carbon then drops down and to the horror of Swisher on the outside, scores with the pin. One! Two! Three!

Olivia Curtis: Your winners of the match! The team of Carbon and Venomous.. Extremely Lethal!

Foster: Big win for Extremely Lethal on there return to action, James. They started off with a little bit of trouble, but there quality shined through in the end and they got the job done with that Lethal Injection!

Pope: That Lethal Injection was impressive, I can't deny that. But, I feel bad for Mr Swisher, he was telling his team the game plan and they messed up. They lost this match by not listening and that's a big shame.

The referee raises the hands belonging to Carbon and Venomous as the crowd chant there names once again. The teachers then exit the ring and begin making there way up the ramp, slapping hands with the crowd on there way to the back. The focus however remains in the ring.. where the inquest has already started.


N' & Tommy Segment:

Foster: N' is not happy at all. Despite his pre-match words, his team have lost to a returning to action, Extremely Lethal.

Pope: N's a winner, Nikki. He can't be seen with losers and his letting them know, it's not acceptable, at all.

N' is in the ring and can be seen shouting and shaking his head in disappointment as he scolds his team for losing. Brandon and Nash shown no sign of arguing back, instead they have there heads down, listening to Swishers words like a child would to his parents.

N' continues getting irate and begins poking both men in the chest as she shows them money from his pocket. Almost saying they need to earn his money. However with N' continuing his words, it's soon broken up as the loudest pop perhaps ever on is about to be heard..

>Insert Tommy theme<

Pope: Wait.. that's? No.. No it can't be!

Foster: Oh my god! It is.. It's Tommy Thunder! He's here and here he comes! He's gunning for N and his job squad.

With the crowd cheering his name and still cheering. Tommy sprints down the ramp and enters the ramp like a house on fire. He goes straight for N' and nails him with a punch to the jaw, knocking him down, but rolling out of the ring. Tommy is then jumped by both Nash and Brandon who begin beating on him.

Pope: Yeah! Yeah! Get him, boys!

Foster: How about now, James? Tommy is fighting back!

N' was about to renter the ring until he see's Tommy fighting back- instead, he turns away and begins walking back up the ramp. Tommy in the ring has completely turned the tables. Striking with punches, each one knocking Nash and Brandon back. Tommy then runs at both, each knocking down them with a short but explosive clothesline.

Tommy then turns to find N and is furious when he sees him on the stage, looking back. N' then see's Nash coming back up and catches him with the Storm Effect as the crowd cheer and N watches on. Tommy then gets back up and see's Brandon starting to move. He then runs the ropes and nails him with the shining wizard as again the crowd pop.

Tommy Thunder is not done though, he then positions Nash in front of the stage in the ring and locks in the Anaconda Vice, right in front of N', who looks on worried while the crowd are cheering.

Pope: Damn it- that's enough!

Foster: Tommy Thunder is not playing games anymore, people. He's just sent a huge message to N and I think N has received it loud and clear, don't you, James?

Pope: Tommy shouldn't even be here! This is N's show, Nikki.

Thunder eventually releases the hold and then just stares at N who looks back, less confident then we have ever seen him. Both appear to exchange verbals as the show moves on to the second part of disORDERS #TopTen.


disORDER #TopTen - Part Two:

#5 - Israel Pamich

GW: When injury struck a couple of months ago, an injury that would keep Pamich out before he could wrestle one match, many might have speculated that the writing was on the wall and things wouldn't go well for Israel. However they could not have been more wrong. Since returning, Israel has to put together back to back impressive victories, one of which a "BO" tournament match, Main Event on last week's disORDER beating the Hardcore King. So Impressive that suddenly Israel is perhaps seen as the first ever possible Break Out Champion.

#4 - N' & Tommy Thunder

GW: You can't mention one, without the other and perhaps the biggest compliment anyone could say to the "World Class Killer" Nolan Swisher. Tommy's arrival and answer of the challenge at "No Escape" sent shock waves across the wrestling world and some could say has put PWR on the map, already at this early stage. However it's not all been plain sailing for the Storm.. Enter N', Tommy's thorn in his side and he's not going away. Both have been point scoring with verbal exchanges on social media and though it's been awesome too see.. Everyone is waiting for that moment N faces Tommy in a real match and we find out who really is the better?

#3 - Shaz

GW: The world is still talking about that Shooting Star Press off the Chamber pod and who can blame them? It was stunning. However, Shaz has been paying the price ever since and that's why he's likely only 3rd on the list. He was inches away from becoming the first ever PWR Champion and since then.. It's been Torture- Pun intended. Shaz has been fighting through the pain and he's going to need to do so.. He's the first in line to face the new champ at Retaliation.

#2 - Kyojin & Darius

GW: It's three years in the making! Just who is.. Mr IWA? Is it the reaper, Darius? Is it 2012's superstar of the year, Kyojin? Well the time has come to find out and the whole world is tuning in to find out. Mayweather vs the Pacman has been announced and the timing couldn't be any worse because anything that is not going to be Darius vs Kyojin.. Is likely going to be second best. There history speaks for itself and when both men are on form, magic happens. Who's going to come out on top? It's a close call and that makes it all the more exciting!

#1 - Torture

GW: It's Fifty Shades of Torture! Off course it is.. Despite everyone else on the list having there positives, there's one thing in favor of the man wearing the black latex. He's the first ever Pro Wrestling Rebellion World Heavyweight Champion and that quite frankly, put's everything else in the shade. Torture since stepping into PWR has been impressive from the get go and his rise has been clear for all too see. He beat Six other men at "No Escape" in an Elimination Chamber to be the Champ, Impressive. How long can Torture stay on top? I guess we will soon find out.


Commentary Segment:

Pope: Well.. If not N', I can't argue with Torture being #1. The champ has been the stand out guy since Episode One.

Foster: I've got to give credit where it's due, too James. Torture is beyond freaky, beyond creepy too me but his rise has been impressive. He won the title on his own merit.. I just hope that's the end of those live celebrations.

Pope: Speaking of celebrations, who will be celebrating tonight when our Main Event finishes? Will it be the veteran- Orion Slayde, or, will it be the deranged, Insane one- Graves. That's too come later and it will be under the Break Out title tournament banner, should be good.

Foster: Should be indeed, James. The last time we were here on PWR. Com, Orion won a fatal four way match that included KJ Punk, Eclipse and Graves.. Perhaps that's a good sign for Orion Slayde.

Pope: Perhaps, but that same time.. Graves took out KJ Punk and he's not been seen since. That's got to worry and unsettle Orion Slayde.

Foster: Again, that's too come folks and you are not going to want to miss that match. However up next.. It's the exclusive interview from Olivia Curtis. This should be good.


Alixx & Emma Gates Interview promo:

Olivia Curtis: Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me at this time, two individuals rumored to have signed to PWR; Alixx Gates and Emma Sage. Thank you for joining me, can you clarify your current status with PWR?

Alixx: Certainly. We have recently finished contract negotiations and as of earlier today we are both signed to PWR. I couldn't be happier to be in the fastest rising promotion today.

Olivia: Ok, well I am sure the fans would like to know about, how did you get you start? What makes you, you?

Alixx: Well, I was raises by a couple of hippie flower children, who honestly had other things on their minds. With that, I was given a lot of free will as a child, more than one should have. I was a reckless child, always getting into trouble, breaking the law. Just anything to get the attention I wanted from my family.

At 17 years of age I found a new outlet to use to get the attention I very desperately wanted. Wrestling. For me, it gave me a release I needed and the attention I craved. I wanted more, bigger stages, more fans. Wrestling became my drug. And to be honest, it's the best high in the world.. Right next to love that is.

Alixx turns to Emma and smiles as she blushes a bit

Olivia: The next question has to be, when should we expect Alixx Gates to debut in PWR?

Alixx: That is the million dollar question, isn't it? Well I guess you could say that I will be a Break Out for PWR rather soon.

Olivia: Is that you confirming that you are the mystery man Dave Ryan mentioned on disORDER? Are you in the Breakout tournament?

Alixx: Well... Yes. I am the individual set to debut in the tournament and I want to let everyone know that just because I am new to PWR, do not over look me or my drive to succeed. I want this more than any other man in this tournament and I will run through everyone to win.

Olivia: Well, I can see the desire is there, but let's be honest here; you are competing with guys like Orion Slayde, Israel Pamich, and Artemis Eclipse, just to name a few. Realistically speaking, what are your chances in this tournament?

Alixx smiles as he looks over to Emma before back to Olivia

Alixx: I'd say my chances are pretty damn good. See, all those guys just mentioned? Well I know what they can do in the ring, we all know what they can do. Me? Nobody knows what I bring to the table, they don't know my moves, what I do in the ring.. I'm a mystery and that is why I like my chances.

Olivia: Okay well I do wish you luck, but I think it's time we talked with your lovely wife. Emma Sage correct?

Emma: Yep, that's me! However there is much more to me than just being Alixx's wife.

Olivia: What is there to know about Emma Sage? How did you find your way to Alixx and PWR?

Emma: My up bringing was vastly different than my husbands. See, my parents divorced when I was young and I was sent to live with my father. He was anything but a dad though. To him, I was his slave, his punching bag, and his whore. The days he didn't pass out from the booze, I usually found him in my bed. When I was young, maybe 12 or 13, I started cutting and doing drugs as a way to escape it all. I fell in with the wrong crowd and it took a few years to find my way out..

Then I met Alixx. I was a Sophomore, he was a Senior. He changed my views on life. The day he met my father, my whole world changed. He punched the drunk bastard out, and from that point on.. I was in love.

Alixx smiles as he hugs his wife. Emma again blushes

Olivia: A touching and truly romantic story. How did this end with you entering the ring though?

Emma: I had been going down to the schools and shows Alixx did and I watched him, I saw how he became at peace when he was in there and I decided to give it a shot. Alixx was very supportive of my decision to enter the ring and he saw it as a way to unleash all my anger and rage in a safe way, and it was. Again he changed my life.

Olivia: With all this said, I have to ask; will you actually be an in ring wrestler? Or will you be a valet for Alixx?

Aixx is my husband, so of course I will be at ringside to support him, just as I know he will be a ringside to support me when I compete. See to answer your question I am not here just to be some pretty face out there cheering her man on. I cam to PWR to make an impact and with women like Akira, Skyler Know and the like making their names known here, I will have to do whatever I can to get recognized and that is what I will do I am putting the ladies of PWR on notice; I am coming and this is my house. I will not be overlooked. Alixx Gates and Emma Sage are the new power couple of PWR.

Olivia: Well,it was a please taking the time to speak to you two. Thank you for your time and good luck to you both.

Alixx and Emma: Thank you Olivia.

Alixx and Emma walk away arm and arm as Olivia sends it back.

Foster: Well there it is fans. A great interview from our very own, Olivia Curtis. A fascinating insight into the couple of Alixx and Emma Gates.

Pope: It's going to take more then a good, heartwarming story though, Nikki. The proof will be in there wrestling ability.

Foster: That's true but I just get the feeling that after everything both Alixx and Emma have been through, I think it's shaped them and have made them stronger. I feel that both will have great success in PWR.

Pope: We will see. Up next though fans, it's almost time for our Main Event of the night.

Foster: That's right, James. We are about to hear from one of the men in that match though.. It's over to Orion Slayde.


Orion Slayde Pre-Match promo:

Backstage Orion Slayde is seen sitting in a corner talking to himself in a low voice, almost a whisper. He looks up and rises, not long after with a calm tone of voice begins to speak.

Slayde: You keep hearing the same thing over thing again and again after a while. The whispers of doubt. The voices in your head deciding whether you had this coming or this is just an injustice for choosing a more noble path rather than be a ruthless, coward of man who attack people from behind like Eclipse.

At No Escape Eclipse sent a message he wanted revenge.

Revenge over petty motives such as losing a place he felt he deserved at the Elimination Chamber. Revenge over losing to a superior man like me. Revenge over being a better beacon that represent the great state Massachusetts better than he ever could.

Eclipse, all I have to say to you is that I'll be sure to exact my own revenge against you very soon, that's a promise. However my focus right now is on the Breakout Championship. I see my entry in this tournament as a sign of redemption for a poor performance at No Escape.

A chance to break out of the recent string of bad events that have come my way and become the next breakout star in PWR. Something I know I can definitely do better than my opponent, Graves.

I cannot doubt my place in PWR any longer and winning this tournament will go a long to proving I am the one to watch and that one day I will be among the Legends of this business.

Eclipse will be just another stepping stone as will Graves. My time is now. I will be the next Breakout Champion and then break out every single of Eclipse's bone from his body.

With that last statement Slayde finds his message has been delivered and is sen with a fierce look of determination as he get set to face Graves soon.


Main Event Match: Graves vs Orion Slayde.

Pope: Orion sounded confident, yet, I don't believe him. I don't see how he can stay focused on this match, when his rivalry with Eclipse has really become quite personal. If you ask me, I think Artemis Eclipse has got inside the head of Orion Slayde and has done since No Escape.

Foster: I had doubts that it could be the case, but, I've got to say, Orion Slayde has been around the block, he's known of his mind games and if he says he's focused on the match.. I believe he's focused on the match.

Pope: Well we will see about that.. Folks, our Main Event is up next!

Oliva Curtis: Ladies and Gentleman, PWR fans watching live on PWR.Com. It's time for our Main Event and 1st round match up of the Break Out Championship tournament! Introducing first..

Weighing 185 pounds, hailing from the Darkest corners of Insanity! Grraaveeesss!


The lights go out, while various strobe lights flicker around the arena as all the crowd's attention is on the stage. The lights then switch off before instantly flickering back on and Graves is stood in the middle of the ramp, staring down the camera. The lights then go out again and when they come back, Graves is in the middle of the ring, looking out torwards the crowd, cocking his head with a wide eye glare.

Pope: Man is this guy creepy.

Foster: He sure is, James. Not just creepy though.. Graves is the insane one for a reason, He really is isane and his promo's lately, the way he's been calling out Dave Ryan.. Even the Rose family, he truly is losing the plot, partner.

Pope: Ever since he snapped, interestingly it was the last time he was on PWR, ever since he snapped in that fatal four way match, took out KJ Punk and lost the match, he's not been the same. Then that loss to Vince Omega at No Escape.. He's like a wild animal. I don't think anyone can help or tame Graves.

Olivia Curtis: Anndddd his opponent! Weighing 253 pounds, hailing from Chelsea, Mass! He is Orion! The Shadow! Slayde!


The veteran steps onto the stage to a chorus of cheers, a real hardcore following for the known and respected wrestler. Orion stares out torwards the crowd, almost in appreciation for there support before making his way down the ramp, headed to the ring.

Foster: Nothing flashy, no smoke or mirrors with this man. Orion is here with one thing on his mind, to beat Graves and qualify for the next round of the Break Out tournament.

Pope: Easier said then done though, Nikki. One- Graves is dangerous. Two- Well.. Graves is dangerous!

Foster: Orion Slayde has never shyed away from anyone, James. If Graves would find himself in that Shadow of Abyss finishing move, it's over, simple as that.

Both Graves and Orion are now in the ring, they stand apart in there corners but there staring right at the other, Graves cocking his head looking to freak out Slayde who simply stares right back, unmoved as the bell sounds and the match begins.

Orion Slayde (Orton) vs Graves (Ambrose)
Start at 2:40 stop at 13:32

Foster: Here comes Orion!

Pope: Clever, very clever from Graves. Pulling down that top rope and sending the Shadow, tumbling over the top, to the outside.

Foster: What's Graves about to do, now?

With Orion looking to shake the cobwebs and catch his breath on the outside as he stands back up, Graves is already planning his next move in the ring. Graves begins scaling the turnbuckle and awaits for Orion to look in his direction, as he does, Graves leaps and comes down crashing on top of Orion as the crowd gasp at the height and daredevil antics from the deranged one.

Pope: Graves, risking it all here tonight!

With both men down, Graves scrambles and gets on top of Slayde, unleashing a flurry of punches, even at one point clawring and scratching away at the face of Orion as the crowd heavily boo and the referee orders the insane one to stop, or else.

Foster: Come on ref, break it up! Graves is scratching at the face of Orion here folks, those earlier comments of him being like a wild animal has proven true it seems.

Graves then gets up and begins to smile, looking down at Orion who is now seen with a small scratch across his cheek, a small amount of blood running down. Graves begins to smile and drags up Slayde. He then attempts to swing him into the ring post but Orion uses all his weight to push down, before then using his power advantage to reverse the attempt and send Graves smashing into the steel, as Graves bounces back... Boom! Orion steamed into him like a runaway train with a lariat clothesline. Orion then drops down to his knees, brushes away the blood from his face, using his fist before driving the same fist into the face of Graves, each punch cheered by the crowd.

Foster: Orion now taking it too Graves. Both men need to be weary of the referee's count here, the official is up to Eight!

Orion hearing the referee, gets up and rolls into the ring, before rolling back out as the official is forced to restart the count. Orion then drags up Graves and tells the crowd to move. He then launches Graves into the steel barricade as it bounced back from the force and Graves rolls out around in pain, holding his back. However, he's laughing.

Orion hears the laughs and it seems to annoy him more. Slayde then picks up Graves and looks to gorilla press him onto the steel barricade, face first, but Graves slips free like a snake, kicking Orion from behind in the back of the kneecap and as he fell down, drop kicking him into the back of the head as Orion's face bumps against the barricade.

Foster: This has been brutal, fans. There's not much wrestling here folks, it's a straight up fight between two frustrated wrestlers, no doubt.

Pope: Insane... Deranged.. Say what you will, how smart was Graves to target that surgically repaired left knee?

Foster: Now what's he doing?! Oh this is gross! I think he's trying to scratch at those scars on the face of Orion. Those scars are from the first ever Gates of Hell match.

Again the referee has to stop Graves. This time he shouts "It's the last time I'm telling you!" as Graves just smiles. He then begins laying into Orion with kicks, before dragging the bigger man up and rolling him into the ring, looking for the three count..



Foster: Slayde kicking out before the two! Great spirit shown by the veteran, here tonight.

Pope: Clocks ticking though, Nikki. Graves can sense the end and he's going right back to that left knee of Orion Slayde.

As James Pope announced, Graves begins kicking and targeting the left knee of Slayde. He seems intent on seeing just how repaired the knee is. Graves then latches in the half-boston crab and begins tugging and wrenching up the pain as Orion begins to feel the agony, it's told on his face. Slayde though, begins moving, dragging Graves with him. He then reaches out and is inches from the ropes when Graves pulls him back across the six sided ring. As he does though, Slayde is able wriggle out, rolloing forward and causing the hold to be released, Orion then kicks out, catching Graves in the stomach.. Orion then fires up with a huge uppercut, knocking Graves against the ropes and as he comes bouncing back, Slayde leaps up and levels him with a bicycle kick to the face, knocking Graves down and seemingly out. Orion then drops down, perhaps feeling the effects of the match and stretches an arm onto the chest of Graves.



Pope: Two! Graves just kicking out before the three- that was close!

Foster: That bicycle kick from Slayde came out of nowhere, I thought it was over, I thought Graves was done!

Orion and Graves after a little bit of time, both eventually stand on there feet, albeit groggy and feeling fatigued. Orion then strikes first, a European uppercut, followed by another. Slayde then kicks Graves in the gut and looks to place him in position for the Shadows of Abyss..

Foster: Here we go, it could be over here!

Before Orion can lock Graves in position, the Insane one fights, two punches to kidneys is followed by a touch of Mankind.. Graves rams his hand into the mouth of Orion and pulls down deep, looking to choke out Slayde..

Pope: The mandible claw, desperation move from Graves!

Foster: This is bad, this is really bad for the veteran, Slayde. Graves is trying to dig that in deep here!

Just when it looks like the claw could be working, Slayde pushes the arm of Graves with another force that the deranged one drops the attempt, Slayde then irish whips Graves into the ropes quickly and takes a deep breath.. However as he turns around.. He's hit with the..

Pope: Goodnight Mother'F'er! That running knee from Graves!

Foster: He's out! I think Orion is out!





Foster: No! No! HIS FOOT WAS ON THE ROPE! The referee has missed a huge call hear and it's cost Orion Slayde!

Pope: Graves has won! Graves has beat Orion Slayde!

Foster: Can we get a replay, please? His foot was on the rope, I'm telling you!

The replay is eventually shown and it's true. Right before the hand wen't down for the three, Slayde props his foot on top of the bottom rope, but it's missed by the referee who was focused on the shoulders. Graves though is smiling as he looks at the replay, sensing he's perhaps got away with that tonight.

Orion just exits the ring, he looks down at the floor before shaking his head, aware of the replay footage. He however looks like he got something else on his mind, perhaps Eclipse? Either way, he walks up the ramp, shaking his head as the crowd cheer him on. However back in the ring, Graves has stopped smiling and suddenly looks very, very serious as demands a microphone from Olivia Curtis.


Graves Post-Match promo:

Graves: Cut the music!

(Graves paces around the ring. He seems to be on edge.)

Graves: Henry & Emily Rose for the past few weeks I have been telling you that I will not be ignored. That the bodies in the ring will rot and decay and that you will see your kingdom fall to ashes.

You see I am not lying and the genocide is coming and whether you wanna believe it or not the hand on the clock is striking 12 and your greatest accomplishments are gonna become your worse fears.

Foster: Genocide? What's he talking about? He's lost it, James, he's completely lost it.

( Graves then walks out of the ring and tosses the steel steps. Refs come out and try to calm down Graves, but Graves grabs one of them and drives them straight into the ring post. He then walks in front of the announce table and begins to speak directly .)

Foster: Okay, enough is enough, Graves.

Pope: You want to tell him that, Nikki? I ain't going nowhere near this lunatic.

Graves: You ever here the saying its always darkest before the dawn?

( They go to speak but Graves cuts them off)

I wasnt finish yet and you cut me off again you will be leaving this arena in pieces.

Foster: James, he's actually scaring me. Can we get some security out here or something?

Pope: Just stay quiet, Nikki. He's staring at us.

Graves: All my life I have been told that through all my trails through all the triblations that one day I would find myself there and guess what!

Its a fairytale, and fairytales they dont come true.

Graves: I said to shut your god damn mouth!

( Graves grabs the near by cameraman, throwing down his camera as it breaks on the ground. Graves then wraps his arm around the throat of the cameraman)

Graves: One move from anyone backstage and this goes from a tv 14 show to R.

Foster: Okay, come on, this needs to stop, get some security out here! This man has a family.

Pope: I agree! Some help out here is needed, come on!

Graves: Now as I was sayin, fairytales dont come true that is why tonight, tonight, you should be careful because tonight you walk onto broken glass and one false move and the whole place comes down.

Did you really think, that putting me in this stupid Break Out tournament was really gonna occpy me that I would just say yes please and thank you sir? Do you not know who I am or do you just wish to wash the blood of the innocence forever because that blood doesnt ever come off it doesnt.

Titles are meaningless, they are given out on silver platters to men who bow down and kiss the ass of PWR management.

For instance, our champion who is a 50 shades of grey reject who loves to BDSM really that is the guy that forever will be known as your first champion...

This world that you have made is built on sin its built on lies it built on the blood of the monsters and the riches of the kings.

(Graves breaths very hard and is becoming more and more unstable)

Graves: I am a creature of habit a monster made by man . This is 22 years in a making.

YOU, know that very man that created the monster saw the monster ingest in a almost orgasmic way the last breath of its creator.

The first time in a long time my heart it started to beat and I just smiled from ear to ear.

So you probably wondering what that has anything to do with well PWR... thats because....

Its happening again!

Redrum!!!! Redrum!!!!

Because again you have killed me and I have risen... Omega beating me did one of two things it proves that against all odds the monster can be slained and it proved that the monster wasnt a monster but yet, a man amonst men and a myth amonst tales.

Henry and Emily Rose week after week I tell you I scream it to you that I will not be ignored and you wanna turn your backs against me. Do you really wish to become the king and queens of nothing but ash? There is a genocide coming and you can see that Hell is closer to earth then heaven and I am a monster of many names.

Graves: I am hero of the shadows and I am villain of the light. I am the whispers in the wind I envoke your fright, but do not even think for one second that the words I speak will not come true.

(Graves goes to speak again, but his microphone has been cut off. Graves just smiles, throwing the the mic out of the ring, he then releases the cameraman. He then runs the ropes and nails him with the Goodnight Mother'F'er as the crowd boo heavily.)

Foster: Security! Get some damn security out here!

Pope: Here they come, finally, get in there!

(Graves see's the security coming and exits the ring. He then drops down and begins going underneath the ring, trying to escape them. As they come, surround the ring and pull up the ring apron, the lights go out. When they come back on, Graves appears to have gone.)

Foster: What the?! Where did he go?!

Pope: He's vanished- he's gone!

The last shot of the security team looking around, as are the crowd is shown. The live footage then stops and episode four is finished.


PWR News & Rumors roundup:

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5PWR.Com Show's Empty Re: PWR.Com Show's on Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:49 pm

PWR.Com Episode #5

(Location - Grand Ballroom, Manhattan Center, NY)

The pyro's are shooting around the stage, the crowd are on there feet, chanting and cheering along and most importantly, the camera's are rolling! PWR.Com is once again live! The camera does one full circle around the arena, showcasing the six sided ring and the crowd in attendance before heading over to the commentary table.

Foster: PWR fans, welcome to PWR.Com Episode Five! My name is Nikki Foster and alongside me, my broadcast partner, James Pope. James, welcome.

Pope: Thanks Nikki. As always, great to be here and especially so tonight. Just listen to the crowd, Nikki. There's so much excitement surrounding Pro Wrestling Rebellion and with good reason.. Retaliation is hours away and it's going to be awesome!

Foster: It's going to be so good, James. So many potentially great matches to watch.. I'm talking about Kyojin vs Darius, I'm talking about the Champion Torture, defending his title against the challenger, Shaz. I'm talking about the recently announced Battle Royal that will take place for the Women's title! How awesome is that going to be?!

Pope: You know me, Miss Foster, I'm always pleased too see the ladies. However, you didn't even mention the Greatest of all time.. of all the times! N' vs Tommy Thunder. Finally, the time has come and N' is going to beat Tommy Thunder for like the.. What? the Million'th time? N' is going one on one with Tommy in a Texas Bull Rope match and It's going to be a victory that's going to rock the wrestling world when everyone see's, just truly how over the hill, Tommy is. N' is going to show why he is, the world class talent killer. You all just watch!

Foster: Urghh! You know James, I wonder what's going to happen when Tommy Thunder beats Norman at Retaliation. What then? What will come off N' and his goons when Tommy shows him for what he really is.. Average at best, with a big, big mouth.

Pope: You know young lady, I suggest you watch how you speak about Mr. Swisher. Do you know, he's got friends in very high places and I'd sure as hell hate too see you removed from your job here in PWR. I've gone quite fond of you... Oh.. and for the record. It's Nolan! Or, the Greatest of all time. Either one is fine.

Foster: Well thankfully, It's not all about N' tonight and in truth.. It's not about Retaliation either, because tonight we have a great show lined up and perhaps or biggest Main Event to date on That's right, the time has come to end the feud between the two Boston veterans. Orion Slayde will face Artemis Eclipse tonight in a New York Street Fight!

Pope: Oh that's going to be brutal, Nikki. So much hate and tension between these two men. Tonight the score is settled once and for all and I hope Slayde is ready, because I know Eclipse plans on finishing the shadow tonight, for good.

Foster: Also to come folks, following in the footsteps of the married Gates duo of Emma and Alixx. Olivia Curtis will sit down and speak with another couple here in PWR. Mike Muir and the recently announced signing for the Women's division- April Snow. Should be good.

Pope: Indeed Nikki. Right now though fans, As you can see, the ring is being set up because we are going to kick off the show with a Break Out Title live podium debate. It's now time to hand over to the man with the mic- Gavin Williams.


Break Out Title Podium Debate:

The camera then heads over to ringside where Gavin Williams is stood in the middle of the ring. Around him are three podiums, all set up and awaiting Phoenix, Lamar and Israel Pamich. Near Gavin Williams is another podium, only this one is not going to be used to speak from, it's being used to showcase something that's currently hid underneath a cloth. With the excitement building, Gavin begins to speak.

Williams: Thank you fans, thanks for the welcome. Ladies and Gentleman, Retaliation is a matter of hours away and despite the many great matches that are lined up, there's one match that has the potential to steal the show. That being the now decided Break Out Title Tournament, Tripled Threat Final Match.

Jack Phoenix!

Huge cheers.

Andre Lamar!

Loud boos.

And.. Israel Pamich!

Huge cheers again.

These three men will fight it out for the chance to become the first ever Break Out Champion of Pro Wrestling Rebellion. However this is not just another wrestling title. This belt will forever carry the Break Out name and that's exactly what the future holds for who ever holds this belt.. It Shows to everyone that you are indeed the future of this company!

However, the question remains. Who will be the first ever Break Out Champion? Who has the heart? Who wants it more then there opponents? We are about to find out. Andre Lamar, Israel Pamich, Jack Phoenix. Gentleman, if you could, the time has come for you to speak your claim and tell everyone just why you are going to be victorious at Retaliation!

Israel's theme is the first to sound out from the arena's and it's greeted by a nice pop from the New York crowd as he makes his way down the ramp. Pamich then takes his place in the ring and awaits his "BO" Title opponents.

Next it.. It's Andre Lamar! Unlike Israel before him, there's nothing but boo's from the crowd as the Compton born "Dre" steps out onto the stage. He stands there for a moment, mocking them as they chant the name of Usain Kingston at him repeatedly. Dre' then begins making his way down the ramp, crip walking as the crowd continue there jeers.

Lastly, it's Jack Phoenix! The crowd give perhaps the largest cheer of the night as the theme of "Day of the Dead" blares out from the speakers. The "Chicago Star" takes a moment to taunt with his fans before slapping hands with them as he makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring.

With all three men now in the ring and having taking there respective places behind there podiums. The debate is about to begin, starting with Israel Pamich.

Israel: Thanks Gav

So who is looking forward to this triple threat match for the crowning of the inaugural break out start at Retaliation?

Crowd gives a half decent cheer


Crowd gets off their feet and goes wild

Israel: Well you damn well should be and let me tell all of you and my two opponents at retaliation why the should be excited about this title match, Now I could simply say that the winner of this wins the Breakout title and therefore assures themselves a grand future but this is live Internet and I have 10 minutes to fill so let me explain to you all why each and everyone of you should invest heavily in this match.

Crowd is cheering once again and starts an Israel Chant

Israel: oooh your to kind, The reason why this match has the capabilities to steal a show that has Darius v Kyojin on it is the importan.....

Israel gets cut of by a chorus of chaniting which goes like


after about 30-45 seconds of this Israel begins to speak

Israel That right there is the reason we should all be going for that "Brass Ring", quite possibly the biggest and most anticipated match of all time and I am one of those that believes the hype of this grudge match and hopes for an absolute belter of a match, and if there is a single wrestler on this roster that does not want to reach the heights of a Darius or a Kyojin or hell even a Tommy Thunder then they should walk away now because all they are after is a paycheck, I on the other hand am after a dream and that dream is to be the most anticipated wrestler and to have all of you looking forward to an Israel Pamich match simply because Israel Pamich is it in and the road to that starts at retaliation.

Crowd breaks out into a We Love Israel Chant

Israel: And I love all of you.

Cheers reverberate around the arena

Israel: Anyone and I mean anyone who claims to respect this company that we do should be always striving to achieve the upper echelon of PWR and eager to become the man or woman that Main Events a show or PPV card and anything short of that should never be enough, now do not get me wrong I am very happy to be competing for the Break-Out title and winning that right now is my number one priority but eventually I want to be the Main Event, I want to be the PWR world champion, I want to be the guy that people will pay a measly total of just 9.99 a month just to see highlights of The European Enigma Israel Pamich.

Umm sorry I got a little carried away there this is not WWE this is PWR, and I am not facing super Cena I am facing Jack Phoenix and Andre Lamar and if any of my opponents are a quarter as hungry and eager as I am then this ladies and gentleman will be the proverbial Show Stealer. Without trying to show any disrespect to any of my opponents I do not think either of them is as hungry as I am and I can say this and be confident of that statement being the truth because for 15 years I have been chasing the brass ring and once or twice I reached it only to let it slip with my own complacency but I now know that this may be my last chance to become THE GUY in professional wrestling and for all the homework I have done, all the play books I have written, all the training I have done and all the experience I have gained in all the different companies has lead me to this moment, this opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime and that opportunity is the title belt better known as the Breakout title, and to have my name engraved in it I have three obstacles in my way of achieving that honor.

I will address Jack Phoenix first because the less time I have with a bad taste in my mouth by speaking about the third opponent in this match the better for this whole debate and PWR as a whole. Jack Phoenix I remember from when I first laid eyes on you that you would be a man to watch and I was eager for a time that you and I would go toe to toe in a ring and although it is not a 1 on 1 match the opportunity to put on a clinic with you is one I am salivating at. The fact that you made it to this match speaks volumes about your character and your ability and come retaliation win or lose I am sure the crowd and television watching audience will bare witness the rise of The Phoenix.

Israel: Jack Phoenix you are my first and main obstacle to winning that title and in a 1 v 1 match I would bank myself in and without sounding Ego driven Jack you are great, but I am greater then great. The issue here is the third competitor in Lamaryan.

Chants of Lamaryan start to reverberate and Israel smiles and giggles to himself, Israel looks at his phone and plays around with it for a second before saying

Israel: Hey, trending on the twitter right now, Lamaryan.

Lamar you know as well as Phoenix knows it and I know it that you do not deserve to be in this match and you certainly wouldnt win it without the backing of David Ryan but lets face reality, for all intensive purposes this is a triple threat match between Phoenix, myself and the team of Lamaryan

Am I concerned about the interference of David Ryan, absolutely I am but I have no concern over Lamar and the fact that this is a triple threat match and therefore the normal rules are out the window and as much as I love professional wrestling I also love a good ol' brawl and trust me David Ryan I can go with the best of then so heed this message and heed it well, interfere in this title match and not only will you get your head smashed to a pulp, but I will still be declared and the New PWR BreakOut Champion.

It is kind off Ironic that 15 years into my career that I now find myself on the verge of becoming the BreakOut star of Professional Wrestling and more specifically now PWR but please if any of you gentleman disagree then please feel free to enlighten me as to why you have the heart, the integrity, the charisma and the dedication of Israel Pamich

The crowd is going insane now with Phoenix chants. Having listened to all that Isreal had to say and even chuckling along with some of the remarks he had, mostly those directed toward Lamar, soon enough he took a hold of the mic from Isreal as he slowly analysed the two men in the ring, casting an obvious glare directed at Lamar before he began to speak his mind on the matter.

JP:"You know guys, some of what Isreal says here is right, every single man and women on this roster should be willing to go through anything to become the main event player, the very man that Ric Flair used to speak of" He stops and grins from a few WOOO! chants reverberating throughout the building before he continues on "But we dont just start there, sure some people are definately born into greatness, and take nothing away they still work to the bone every night to deliver the best possible matches and entertainment for the crowd like this, who pay there hard earne money each and every week to come and see us beat the hell out of each other, but thats just the business, what is unfortunate" He stoppe and turned to Lamar again making it obvious who he was directing some of his comments again "Whats unfortunate is when people like Andre here just do every last possible thing to cheat there way to the top, including blowing Dave Ryan"

He steps back and laughs alongside the crowd a bit "Oh did i reveal a secret or something Dre? you look a little annoyed, theres no need to be defensive or anything over it, were all open minded people, i mean hell its the 21st century, people can do anything they want personally when it comes to matters like that, but thats another matter all together, the important thing is, at the next ppv me, you" He points to Isreal "and you" he points to Andre "Will be fighting to become the first ever PWR BreakOut champion, the chance to do something no one else will ever be able to claim, and that is to say that one of us is the very first, there can be hundreds of guys after us, hell maybe even thousands if this lasts long enough, but not a single one would be able to say that they were number 1, and thats what its all about for me, I am here to be the very best there is, and becoming the first ever BreakOut champion will prove that."

JP:"I mean sure all of us want to be the Heavyweight champion, no one is even doubting that, but sometimes you gotta stop, look around and realise that being the best can be a number of things, and a championship doesnt change that when it comes down to it, so when I win that title Dre, Isreal, I will be the very best, because i will have proved to every last onlooker that anyone can become the best, it merely takes work and dedication to the cause, ive spent many a year honing my craft, beating the lowest of the low for less then 5 dollars a night, ive fought the biggest baddest guys just to say that i never backed down, when that match comes around it will be me that proves myself as the best, it will be me, I dont have any doubt in my mind anymore that it will be me that has his hand raised at the end of the match and is given that BreakOut title, and i mean that in no disrespect to either of you 2 standing before me, even you Andre"

JP:"Because as much as i dont like you, and beleive me Dre i really really dont, i still undrstand that behind all your backhanded tactics and ass kissing theres a competitor, an athlete, you have proven that you belong in PWR, you have shown that you can hang with the very best there is, so dont think im sleeping on you, dont think that for some ungodly reason ill happen to underestimate you, because when that bell is rung ill be at the very top of my game for that entire match, but one thing is still playing on my mind honestly, Isreal even pressed upon it a few moments ago"

He keeps his eyes locked on Lamar once more.

JP:"We are expecting to go into this match as a triple threat, just Jack Pheonix, Isreal Pamich and Andre Lamar, thats exactly as its billed, but we all need to know exactly who is shadowing you Andre, time and time again someone or something seems to fall into place for you, they seem to just happen somehow, it doesnt matter to me personally, ill beat up anyone if it means that title is mine, so whoever you decide to bring to this match Andre, you better tell them what there in for, because i doubt even you will have seen the wrath im capable of inflicting, none of us want this match to be anything other than a showstopper, a barn burner if you will, but I, Isreal and the entire crowd we have in attendance right now knows that you dont really care, all you care about is winning the match at any mean necesarry, so let me tell you, bring anyone, bring a freaking army! ill kick every last one in the face and then pin you or the brute next to you for the title, thats just how it is now"

JP:"So Dre, Isreal, i emplore you both to prepare yourselves and bring the very best you got to the match, because youre both going to need it if you want to survive longer than a mere five minutes."

He stops and quickly steps away from the podium as the crowd cheer his name. Andre then steps forward and the crowd go nuts with boo's and jeer's. "Dre" begins to smile, almost enjoying the hate as he tries to speak over the noise.

Lamar: Awww, how cute are you guys? Talkin' all big and telling everyone how much you want this.. telling people about your passion, hunger and desire and how you gon' bring your A game and shit. Yo', I'm telling you bitches now, ya'll gon' need to bring your A game, and ya'll gon' need to bring your B game, C game and D game because that's what it gon' take to stop me, ya hear? I'm Andre Lamar.. There ain't know stoppin' me! Unlike you guys doe', I ain't doing this for prestige.. I ain't doing this for passion or desire.. I certainly ain't doing this for these dumb ass New Yorkers! Hell Naw'!

I'm doing this for me. I'm doing this for the rewards that a champion can reap. Ya'll can all hate on me.. I'm the only bruva stood here telling the truth though! You two, how ya' gon' tell me people you gonna win this Break Out title when I'm stood toe to toe with yall in the same ring, in the same damn match. Tell me, why you lying to them, huh? It's funny, Dre' is the bad guy, yet Dre' the only real mofo' up in this place! You two fools ain't in da' real world. I mean, yo, check it. You telling me, you two, are good enough to beat me?

Dre laughs as the crowd boo.

Lamar: Come on now, shit, we all know that ain't true. I mean, look at ya'll. Israel.. Dis' the break out title man. Dis' ain't the the washed up, never was, title, bro.. You shouldn't even be in this tournament. It took you 15 years of failure to reach this point?! Damn son.. It took me five minutes and I ain't failed a damn thing! I heard you were looking for a new nickname too? Well you know, your boy Dre' gon' help you out.. Here's one that suits you. How about.. THE failure? Israel THE failure Pamich! Man, that's a cool name for you dawg.

The crowd boo the words of Lamar before chanting the name of Israel Pamich. Israel too his credit, keeps his cool and continues listening as does Phoenix.

Lamar: Now, you. *Points to Phoenix* Yo' see, you different too me. Difference being, with Israel.. It's just business, but with you.. Man, when I laid your ass out, stomping your head into the ground with my 310 COMPTON STOMP! Oh it felt good, so, so good. I'm mad doe', I'm mad because I didn't finish the job.. I don't know how you dragged your AJ Lee, looking, skinny ass back to this point but you did.. Some people would give you credit for that.. Not me! I think you are stupid boy, You could have just gon' away and yet you keep coming back for more. Well.. Retaliation is gon' be Christmas for you because I got more for you. I hope you hungry because at the PPv, it's gon' be all you can eat on my Straight Outta' Compton clothesline from hell and your the VIP Guest.

Phoenix, you talk the big talk and you got these fans cheering for you, you got people on a hype train. Good for you man. You remember the last person on the hype train though? He was your buddy, good ole' smokey, Usain Kingston. Now tell me? Where he at doe'? You gon' go down the same path because you guys touched on it earlier, I am someone to fear because I'm me.. I'm 6'4, built like a wall.. Who gon' test me, you all gon' fall. Then to match.. I have my.. Connections. However, you know what, I ain't even stressing.. I got dis' without anyone's help.

I'm going to Retaliation and I'm going to become the first ever Break Out champion and as much as I'm going to love the extra bonus money.. It will be the fact that I stopped you two fools winning that makes it all the more sweeter. Now, Gavin, this has been fun homie, but Dre' got other things to do. So, I'm out.. Peace! See you bitches at Retaliation.. Oh and best believe I'm stompin', when you see me next, I'm one step away from being the Champion, Straight Outta' Compton!

With the crowd booing the final words of Andre Lamar. "Dre" steps away from his podium and as he does, all three men draw closer, trading words and looks as the crowd feel the tension building up. Gavin then speaks once more.

Williams: Thanks, Gentleman. Well there we go folks, we have heard from all three men about there Break Out title aspirations. All that's now left to do is show the title that all three men will be competing for.. "Gavin pulls away the cloth from the middle stand" The Break Out Championship!

PWR.Com Show's 11011605_1117370958290054_491604697320551880_n

There's one last of all three men facing off before turning there attention to the title as the crowd chant and cheer along. The show is then handed back to the commentary team as it rolls on to the next segment.


N' Promo & "match" vs Lenny Lightening:

Foster: Wow, how sweet is that title, James?

Pope: Yeah that's nice, Nikki. Nothing sweet about there words though.. All three men brought up some great points. Who is going to be the first ever Break Out Champion? I think Andre has the edge, I really do.

Foster: Why am I not surprised you think that. Would the edge be David Ryan by any chance? I think Andre knows that he's up against it, passion can be the difference in matches like this and both Israel and Jack Phoenix are loaded with Passion, hunger and desire. I would be stunned too see Lamar leave with the title and even more shocked if he sticks too his word and does it without the need of any help.

Pope: Well, that was a cool segment, a real heated debate for the highly anticipated Break Out Title match. However, what's everyone really looking forward too at Retaliation?! Seeing the Greatest of all time! The World Class talent killer of course.. Nolan Swisher, I'm hearing we don't have too wait till the PPv too see him, he's here and he's on his way out, right now!

Foster: Oh dear.. Here we go again. You know, I've-

Before Foster can finish what she was going to say, a voice speaks over her, coming from the stage.

N: ahem. , ahem. *only N's voice is heard* play myy muusic!!!

N: I would apologize for rudely interrupting but let's be real with each other , nothing good is going on and nothing great has happened yet. Yet, till now.

*raises arm for approval *

You see me and the boys were in the back and I thought to myself hey why not give the people there money's worth and who better to do that than me. The highest paid athlete today. The biggest contract in this company, the primary reason to buy a pro wrestling rebellion ticket. My gift to you, my presence.

*we all hate you chant breaks out*

Now that I have the undivided attention of the masses let me steer you to the task at hand. I can talk about Thomas Thunder and I can talk about the bull rope stipulation both as a challenge. But why do that if it isn't a challenge.

*loud tone of boos*

How many times have I beaten Thunda , countless times now, so many I've lost count already , the name Tommy Thunder means Nothing!

Tommy can't handle the fact that he isn't the man anymore, he isn't ranked in the Top 10 anymore. Remember back in the day , yeah those days are over and he knows it. He can't hang with the new crop of guys , he can't see the best of best have there glory day's without showing up to do his same tired shtick on the mic and end it with a ....I'm the best in the world , the best in the world at what I do , blahzay,blahzay bullshit.

Im over him and I'm over all of you that cheer that crap. No offense.

*cheesy smiles at the fans*

Seriously tho, Thats why I couldn't care less if you believe it or not when I say I will beat Tammy Thunder .....again. Because I will beat that bitch up from post to post , rope to rope ,and stomp him till he is splat on the mat. In a Texas Bullrope match , the viciousness that I bring will give him nothing but pain for days , every Mark I leave on his body will make it that much better to remind him who took him out . So it's not a if I will, it's a when I do. When I beat Tammy...


....I Nolan "N"Swisher vow to....


well damn it , if your not going to let me talk, I might as well walk the walk and back up my talk because my word is golden and my time is money. Let's cash in on this moment.

I've had enough , enough is enough and despite Retaliation being only hours away , I'm going to upgrade this show episode 5 and grace it with a main event caliber match.
Tonight is the Night , so Thunder bring that ass here to receive the beloved kicking it deserves.

*crowd is hyping up , cheers*

I'm ready as always , the Bullrope is ready and all that is missing is the washed up has-been to attach this to. Tonight N versus TT , Swisher vs Thunder . Let's get it! Come on , it's on !!! Texas Bullrope Match live!!! Let's Go!!

Pope: No way?! Where going to have the match... NOW?! How awesome is Nolan Swisher? He's calling Tommy out. Will Tommy be brave and accept? I doubt it.

Foster: WELL HERE HE COMES JAMES! Tommy Thunder is he- Wait? Now wait a damn minute!

Pope: What?! Tommy's here, you should be excited, Nikki. Why ain't this crowd cheering?!

The crowd are red hot with boos. That's Tommy's music, but it's not Tommy Thunder that comes out. Instead, it's a look-a-like and not a very convincing one.

Foster: You knew about this, didn't you? You and N' are quite the double act. Don't let the ring gear and entrance fool your fans, that's not Tommy. In fact, that looks like that damn wannabe, Lenny Lightening! This is going too far, from N.

Pope: No, it's Tommy. I know it's Thunder because I can smell fear and Tommy stinks of fear and doubt. He's going to get his ass beat tonight by N, again!

The crowd are heavily booing and N just remains smiling in the ring, holding the Texas Bull Rope in hand. The clone then enters ring and before he can even blink, N is on him, attacking him instantly with the rope, whipping it across his back as he falls through the second rope to the ring canvas. N' then begins laying into him with kicks before then ordering him up. As Lightening stands up, N' runs at him, drilling him with the cowbell, knocking him instantly back down, having cut him open. N' then wraps the rope around his throat, chocking him out in a fit of rage. N' is treating this guy like he's Tommy and appears to have real hate in his eyes.

Foster: Stop this, stop this now! This is wrong! That guy is a damn rip off and he didn't stand a chance! The bell has not even rung and N' has assaulted him with the rope.

Pope: Tommy deserves this Nikki, he's getting what he asked for, get him Mr Swisher!

Foster: Would you stop with this James, we both know that's not Tommy Thunder, we both know it.

Eventually the referee has enough and is able to pull N' off the Thunder clone and begins to warn him, signalling enough is enough. N' then has a major smile on his face as the crowd boo heavily. N' then stands over the clone, the Texas Bull Rope being held in the air and mouths the words.. "I'm the greatest of all time".

Pope: Once again, Tommy Thunder has had his ass handed too him by Mr. Swisher! It's another victory for N'

Foster: What the hell are you talking about?! That's not Tommy Thunder, that's some damn clone.. A poor clone at that too. This was no match, this was a damn disgrace, another attempt from N' to get into the head of Tommy Thunder. Well the games are going to stop because N' is going to be tied to Thunder at Retaliation in a Texas Bull Rope match. There will be no running away, N' will finally have to shut up and fight!

Pope: Oh don't worry about N', Nikki. It's Tommy you should be worried about. N' is coming for him, he's going to finish Tommy once and for all, you wait and see!

Foster: I can't wait too see your face when the Storm- Tommy Thunder beats N' in the middle of the ring.. One, Two, Three. Fans, I've had enough talking about N' and I'm sure you have all heard enough. It's my pleasure to announce that our very own, Olivia Curtis is standing by with another exclusive interview.


Olivia Interview with Mike Muir & April Snow:

Cameras cuts to the room of the PWR Interview Spot as interviewee Olivia Curtis is sitting across from Mike Muir and April Snow. They are both wearing motorcycle clothing as they look set for this interview, with Curtis looking intrigued.

Olivia: Allow me to welcome you both to PWR, my name is Olivia Curtis. I would like our viewers to get to know more about you both here on Mr Muir, I kn…

Mike Muir: Please call me Mike, Michael or Muir

Olivia: Noted. Michael, I know you have wrestled some in the big leagues, talking about EWNCW and JBW, but where did you get your start?

Muir: I wrestled in the indies for awhile before signing up with EWA. It was a small company but there are a lot of big stars here that came from there or did some time there- Mike Hawk, Shaz, Daruis, Two of a Kind, Rob Rage, Van Hooligan and many others- I met April there, and Sasha. While I was wrestling for that company, I also wrestled for TWE and EWNCW for a bit- I wrestled for BITW for the one or two shows they had. When EWA shut down, I wrestled for JBW- staying until the end

Olivia: I noticed you haven’t named IWA as a place you wrestled. Any reason why?

Muir: Not really, I just wanted to spend more time with April rather than wrestle pretty much every day

April Snow gives Muir a kiss of the cheek and takes one of his hands in hers

Olivia: Well that’s very understandable. JBW has been shut down for quite awhile now, other than you two getting married after that, what have you been up to? And what led you here?

Muir: After a very long honeymoon we wrestled in Japan for almost a year. I am always wanting to learn new styles, and Japan is the place everybody should do some time in wrestling rings. Mike Hawk and Kyo are prime examples of elite Japanese wrestlers. As for what brought me here- that’s easy- I want to work with the best- people like Tommy Thunder, Torture, Shaz. I want to work with new comers like Graves, Alixx Gates. And I know my place here, I know I have to start at the bottom and work my way up in the ranks. I’m ok with that as I wouldn’t want it any other way. I didn’t have the luxury of coming in on a Legends contract nor have I ever had to work for Dave Ryan- but I am glad about that. Like I said, I want to work my way up the ranks. I want to earn title shots, not be handed them. Everything I did before I came here, any titles I held before coming here shouldn’t mean anything here once I signed my PWR contract. Its something I believe should apply to everyone here. Anyways, I look forward to finally getting into the ring here

Olivia: Any dream opponent?

Muir: Really anybody here- but if I had to pick just one- Tommy Thunder

April: Sasha would be cheering for both of you- she’s a big Tommy Thunder fan

Muir: Another reason I’m here, as well as April- we are here for Sasha

April: Sasha is someone we would do anything for. She is a dear friend who had a tough few years lately

Olivia: Well April, you made your official TV debut last week and your in ring debut is at Retaliation in a battle royal- Sasha Panzer is in the match too. Are you afraid it will ruin your friendship?

April: Nope, we have wrestled many times in the past. Anything that goes on in the ring, we both learned from it, no matter who won or lost. I’ll be happy if she wins the battle royal and becomes the first womans champion here, that’s of course if I don’t win. But really, any of the ladies could win. I’ve studied as many matches of each woman I could find- though I haven’t found anything about Lilith. And as for the other, who knows who it can be. I have an idea and she would be an awesome addition here- Juno Mercury, be it really could be anybody. I just know, with all that talent in the ring, we will tear the house down

Olivia: You got your start in EWA too as Michael said- was that your first wrestling job?

April: No, I had wrestled in Japan and Mexico before going to EWA. And when I first got there Mike was actually dating Sasha’s sister Barbie. While I made quick friends with Sasha, I always hated Barbie. Soon after, Barbie crushed Mikes heart- then Mike, Sasha, another friend Faith and I all starting hanging out, traveling everywhere with each other. It was on the road where Michael and I fell in love.

Olivia: Did you wrestle in all the different feds with Michael?

April: All but in EWNCW, but I did travel with him the whole time. I can't remember if I wrestled a match for BITW- there were only two shows before they closed down

Olivia: Any plans on starting a family?

April: In the future yes, but we are both still in our twenties- we both plan on wrestling for years to come

Olivia: You two aren’t the only married couple wrestling for this company- Alixx and Emma Gates started here recently too. Are you both, April and Michael, wanting to be the dominant power couple here?

Both April and Mike laugh

Muir: Power couple? Yeah. Nah, there is room for them to thrive here too. Hopefully we get to work with them in the near future

April: Sasha has worked against and with Emma already and was very impressed with her ring work, so I know they have a bright future here

Olivia: Well, I wish you both luck here

The camera fades to black as we head over to the commentary team once more.

Foster: As always, great insight from another good interview from Olivia, this time with the couple of April Snow and Mike Muir.

Pope: Yeah, another enjoyable addition into the series. I have to say, I don't buy the niceness. I think there will be a lot of envy and jealousy between the Gates couple and these two in the future.

Foster: I think you are just looking to stir the pot, James. I know one thing James, I'm excited too see April and all our Women in action at Retaliation. A Battle Royal to determine the first ever PWR Women's Champion! Exciting.

Pope: Indeed, partner. I can't help but wonder who the Women is that Mrs Rose said was going to debut?

Foster: Well I know there was a little confusion when our latest newcomer, Lileth who very little is known about, debuted on the last disORDER. We can confirm that was planned and is not the women that Emily Rose was talking about for the PPv. Who's going to debut? I have no idea. It could be any female wrestler from around the world, past or present.


TOAK & EL Promo:

The camera then once more leaves ringside and this time, heads backstage. Kid Wonder and Paul Conrad can be seen discussing The Big Bang Theory and which character would be most missed when Wonder stops Paul in his tracks

Wonder: Look who is coming our way Mad Dog?

Extremely Lethal can be seen quickly heading towards Two of a Kind as Mad Dog stops then in their tracks.

Conrad: Congratulations guys on your Main Event win on Reballion

Venom and Carbon look at each other a bit cautious but decent to give them the time of Day

Venom: Thanks Mad Dog

Conrad: Please call me Paul, that match had everything and it was great to see that the superior team beat that gay Nut Job and his partner Hayden Coel

Wonder: Actually the crowd was really into your match and it was great to see not just for you guys but the tag team scene in general which lets face it was dying a slow death before Extremely Lethal and Two Of A Kind signed contracts to wrestle on PWR and after our little chat a couple of weeks ago and your big ME win, its got the world Twittering and FBing and talking about Extremely Lethal and Two Of A Kind being the faces of this company and the Directors of PWR would be ill informed not to invest into the Tag Team scene moving forward.

Conrad: So just who is the face of Tag Team Wrestling today, some would argue that Extremely Lethal were the most dominate team last year and deserve that honor, other might say that Two Of A Kind are the most Successful Tag Team Champions in EWN history, What do I say? I say we have a match to decide who gets bestowed that honor.

Wonder: Now as much as we would love to bring the house down at Retaliation I say lets carry on the fall out of Retaliation and have Extremely Lethal verse Two Of A Kind at the next disORDER.

What do you say guys?

*Extremely Lethal, in their traditional lab coats, protective gloves and goggles resting atop their heads, talk it over quickly.*

Carbon: What do we say?

Venomous: You’re on!

Carbon: We told you guys a couple weeks back we are ready and willing to prove ourselves against all comers, including you two. After our big main event win on disORDER, people have finally started to buy into the fact that our graduation was a turning point for us, we evolved.

Venomous: Much like the process when inorganic and organic chemistry coming together to define the theory of evolution from a chemical perspective, after our graduation we came together again with more experienced minds, more knowledge both inside and outside the ring, and look how it has worked out thus far… we are undefeated since our graduation!

Carbon: In fact we have only suffered one loss here in our time in PWR, and do you know who our partners were that night? You two. Now we’re not implying anything, but just as a tag team alone we have yet to lose, in fact in our match together it was you Wonder who actually took the pinfall. But we digress…

*This seems to ruffle the feathers of Two of a Kind a little bit*

Venomous: Easy there fellas we didn’t mean to rile you up or try to get under your skin, you guys should know how much we respect you, we told you this two weeks ago.

Carbon: And we know all our past wins and accomplishments mean nothing, especially if we lose to you guys next week on disORDER, and we aren’t going to rest on that. We are going to come out next week, like we do each and every week ready to prove ourselves to the nonbelievers, kind of like the nonbelievers in the theory of evolution, and look to turn them all into believers.

Venomous: We look to teach a lesson to everyone every week in the art of Tag Team Wrestling, and we look forward to teaching that lesson with you two next week on disORDER, because you guys are right one of our teams is the face of PWR’s Tag Team Division, and we look forward to determining exactly which team that is next week.

Carbon: But just like you have to read warnings in chemistry, we have a warning for you. You are going to see our absolute best, so what you saw from us last week on disORDER, you’re going to see again and more. This match is important, a match to determine who is the face of PWR’s Tag Team Division, and more than likely the future PWR Tag Team Champions, because once the company sees the type of match we are going to put on next week they are going to have no choice but to invest in the Tag Team Division, meaning that there will finally be a pair of Tag Team Titles to fight for, and we aren’t taking the challenge lightly.

Venomous: Next week on disORDER be prepared for a lesson from Extremely Lethal’s school of hard knocks, make sure you arrive on time to class, because we are your professors, and you’re going to be taken to school!

*The two teams have a stare down for a bit before finally both members of Extremely Lethal extend their hands towards both members of Two of a Kind. After a brief period of time, the two teams shake hands while remaining focused on each other as the screen fades to black.*

Foster: A real respectful yet competitive exchange from Two of a Kind and Extremely Lethal. That's exactly what we want too see from two experienced and well liked teams such as these two. I'm excited for there match, I hope both give it there all and really put tag team wrestling on the map, here in PWR.

Pope: I can't knock these teams at the moment, Nikki. Both have done really well, when giving the chance. I just get the feeling that words like these two, announcing there the best that's too offer and wanting to find out who's the face of the division.. Well.. It could lead to some other teams wanting to test that theory and I hope that's the case.

Foster: I hope so too. Competition is healthy, it's a good thing and I have no doubt both teams will put on a great display next week on disORDER. Speaking of competition, James, that leads me on too our Main Event tonight. The competition of who's the best Boston has to offer? Is it Eclipse, is it Slayde? We are going to find out!

Pope: We sure are Nikki! This is not going to be a normal wrestling match folks, you are not going to see many arm bars or locks in this one.. This is going to be a fight! A New York Street fight and it's up next!


Eclipse vs Slayde - NY Street Fight Match:

Olivia Curtis: This match is a New York Street Fight! There will be no count outs or disqualifications and it is set for one fall! Introducing first, this superstar weighs in at 228 pounds. He is from Boston, Massachusetts... Artemis Eclipse!


The music hits as the lights flash in a rainbow colour. Eclipse comes out to the stage to a huge chorus of boos from the crowd wearing his hood and his mask. Eclipse puts up his left arm as he has a kendo stick- and he raises his arm high in the air and screams "ECLIPSE THE EARTH!" as he makes his way to the ring before jumping over the top rope- and putting his hood down as he awaits for his opponent.

Curtis: And his opponent, weighing in at 253 pounds...,from Chelsea, Mass. he is Orion "The Shadow" Slayde!


The crowd go crazy with cheers as the arena erupts! Slayde comes out looking very intimidating as he makes his way down the ramp. He slaps the hands of the fans cheering for him before heading into the ring getting right in the face of Eclipse before the ef pushes them apart and tells them to get ready to compete as our referee Brian Anderson calls for the bell- as this match is on!

Main Event; New York Street Fight: Artemis Eclipse vs Orion Slayde.

Finish: The match began with a bang as Orion Slayde pummels Eclipse near Eclipse before backing up and clotheslining Eclipse, going right over the top ropes with him as both crash onto the outside floor. The to soon rise and a huge beatdown ensues as both deliver very fast paced punches. Orion's lip clearly busted as Eclipse's head is rocked from the force of Slayde's punches.

Slayde now has Eclipse set up for a DDT- but as he goes nail it, Eclipse twists out of Slayde's hold and delivers a low blow that brings Slayde to his knees in front of the fan barricade before Eclipse drives his knee to Slayde's face busting his nose and slamming the back of his head against the barricade.

Orion is reeled after being hit with such an attack from Artemis Eclipse who spits in the face of Slayde! The crowd boos Eclipse mercilessly as he pulls Slayde up to his feet and slams Orion's head against the nearest ring post and Slayde looks to be knocked out as he's forced into the ring and Eclipse rushes for the quick cover but only get a 2 count. Eclipse stand s as Orion tries to do the same and....


Slayde (Cena) vs Eclipse (Rollins)

Start at 2:22 - Stop at 19:16

....the match continues on after the broken table is used and Slayde only gets a 2 count. Eclipse recovers from the pin attempt with a thumb to the eye of Slayde as he tries to pick him up before dominating Slayde with a great series of kicks but the tide turns as Slayde turns momentum to his side with a desperation move after a missed dropkick from Eclipse by connecting a Bicycle Kick that has Eclipse seeing stars but Slayde collapses next to Eclipse soon after unable to make the count. The referee cannot count these men out and the crowd is eager to see them rise and continue to beat the hit out of the other.

Eclipse is the first to stir and stand before he sees Slayde still down and out and decides to get up on the top rope- and goes for The Fade to Black (Dragonrana) Slayde played possum well enough to hit Eclipse with an amazing  European uppercut on his way down driving the crowd wild. Slayde continues his assault with a leaping knee drop and goes for the cover, but Eclipse places his foot the ropes before the count of of 3.

Slayde picks up Eclipse, who slams his elbow into Slayde's head and sets him up for the great Rubix Cube finisher- but Slayde rolls through as though he'll make a pin but lets go of Eclipse upon hitting the canvas to hit Eclipse with a vicious boot to the face. Slayde picks up Eclipse by the head and drags him to the outside. Slayde remove the protective mat on the floor to reveal the bare concrete floor and the crowd is loving it as Slayde kicks Eclipse in the gut and connects The Shadows of the Abyss! Slayde goes for the cover... and he gets the win as the crowd erupt!

Curtis: And your winner is... Orion Slayde!

However the victory fails to be celebrated as the impact from the move has Orion screaming in pain as it it seems he has re-injured his left knee. Paramedics rush down to the scene to take both Eclipse and Slayde to the nearest medical facility. Fans loved the match but worry the cost for such a match was too high in losing two great stars in one. Only time will tell if one if not both stars will return in the future.


News & Rumors:

End of the Eclipse?
The word backstage is that after the brutal Street Fight between Artemis Eclipse & Orion Slayde, it seemed that the way the match ended was to write off one of PWR's stars. Slayde connected with a vicious Shadows of the Abyss to Eclipse onto bare concrete floor in what was a devastating finish to one of our heated rivalries.

It appears that there are rumours about Artemis Eclipse's contract, and the fact that he only ever signed for a short term deal- with the option to renew it whenever he felt like it. However, reports speculate that Eclipse chose not to continue his contract. The reasonings remain personal, but tonight might have just been Artemis Eclipse's final night in PWR.

Usain Kingston Sighting!
The firing of Usain Kingston created media backlash on social sites such as Twitter, Instagram & Facebook- as Usainiacs have been clamouring for Usain to be brought back into PWR. However, following Usain's firing- he didn't respond to any tweets from his Usainiacs who were clearly intrigued about his whereabouts- but he did remain in contact with his fans in a cryptic style, as he would hashtag words such as #Soon which would trend for a brief time.

Well we can now confirm that Usain was spotted in London at a place called Hyde Park on the 4th April! For those who aren't aware, 4/20 is the day where a large majority of the public celebrate Weed Day! Photos were uploaded on social media, showing Usain smoking joints and enjoying himself- whilst wearing a #BringBackUsain t-shirt.

Mysterious Women?
There has been a huge sense of mystery lingering backstage in PWR as one question has been on everybody's mind. Who exactly is targetting Akira Tajiri? The mystery began on disORDER a couple of weeks ago- when Tajiri was left on her own in the ring, only for the line 'I'm coming for you' to appear on the TitanTron.

It could be anyone right now.. but it seems that the bets have all been placed on PWR's newest women, Lillith. She seems to be the favorite as she herself is a mystery, just like this whole situation. And for what it's worth- don't forget that during her debut, the first women she put her hands on, was indeed Akira Tajiri!

disORDER on tour?
It's the news that broke earlier today on PWR.Com that following the "Retaliation" PPv in Las Vegas this weekend, disORDER will go on it's first mini tour. Tickets went on sale this morning and the tour will start in Philly where "No Escape" was held before returning to Vegas and then ending respectively in Chicago and California. The tour will then finish in time for PWR's major show, Scars and Stripes.

If you are on social media, you would have no doubt seen #Where'sHawk? trending among the wrestling community and with good reason. Mike Hawk has not been seen since "No Escape" Pro Wrestling Rebellion's first PPv a month ago. It's believed that what started as Hawk being allowed time off to heal and recover from burn out, has turned into a worrying situation that one of PWR's top performers, may never return. People within the company have confirmed they have tried to reach out and contact Hawk but have yet to speak with him or have any of there calls returned. It's also been said that close friends of the Japanese superstar have too tried to reach out but have had no joy either, Hawk clearly does not want to be contacted and there's a real worry from people within the company that Hawk wanted more time away and rather then returning unhappy has decided to a pull a CM Punk like exit strategy and risk receiving his release.

It's worth noting that Hawk is said to be known to be very professional and always respectful to anyone within the promotion he works. This would certainly be out of character if it's indeed true. However as "Retaliation" is this weekend, others have been quick to brush this off as a work and have said they would not be surprised too see Hawk return on the show in a big segment, perhaps involving Darius & Kyojin regarding there feud and battle for the "IWA'S Best" tag.

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